Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Travelling with toddler (Amirul)

June is coming, me and family are going to Bandung. I had made reservation a year ago and quite excited as many people give a 5star feedback on this place. The foods, shopping spree, people,and the place itself really give me excitement. However few items and things that i should take into consideration because traveling with Amirul sometimes really challenging me and hubby.

Things that i need to consider :

Health and safety should be my priority;
No experience and not familiar with the country, no guidance (we loves to travel by our own, no schedule trip - main redah jer), no idea how the country look like (a lots people talking about Bandung but still blur) anything could happen.If anything happen to Amirul, aku boleh jd giler or die and due to current situation, everywhere is not safe, need to put extra careful. Better be careful then regret later and i cannot afford to lose Amirul. Alamak sensitive lak..

Before departure to one country which u are unfamiliar with, please also consider about your children health. Yes of course, since currently there is unfamiliar diseases widely spread like swine flu case. Doctor injected Amirul with influenza vaccination. Hopefully Amirul wont get sick, kl tak xbest la jejalan.

Safety first everybody..

Travel gear;
What i need is stroller/buggy. Buggy is the right choice because it lightweight, hand carry and easy to fold and i had bought new buggy from Mudah. This 2nd buggy is in good condition and i really satisfied with the item. To me, buggy is the must item. yela maner tau Amirul ngantuk, penat jln2, at least he can rest inside the buggy. Tak kan me and hubby and dukung dier memanjang, berat dier 12kg tau..

Baby Stuffs;
Baby stuff if not well planning and prepared, sure we will bring along unnecessary. Thing like diapers, wipes, milk & foods (snack), milk bottle & dispenser, toys to entertain him when he get bored, flask, water, clothes, medicine. etc (which i cannot think at this moment). When come to packing time,sure unnecessary things will go into the bag.. :P

Beside above mention points to consider, you can find few other tips here, here, here and here. The websites may give some ideas and info's regarding traveling with toddlers. Above is my point of view which i think should be everybody priority before departure, either abroad or domestic.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vote for me at MyEG Syoknya Raya 2012

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Telekung Kanak –Kanak for Sale [ Batch 3 ]

Note:Suitable for kids age from 1 –7  years old. Measurement  are provided

Should for further inquiry,do email me at kambing.huda@gmail.com or visit our FB Page
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