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Working without Weaning - Part 3

Last few chapters from Working without weaning book.

All Kinds of work Arrangements

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Pumping for teachers
Are you a teacher ??? You want to breastfeed your baby, BUT, there is no privacy place to pump, packed with teaching schedules,rushing here and there with school activities. Here are some tips for teachers in order to pump the breastmilk for their babies :
  • Planning ahead before the baby is coming - find the place to pump, re-adjust the schedules to fix the pump session,
  • Talk to school principal about your plan to breastfeed your baby before maternity leave so that she could understand your situation.
  • Tendem pump - Pump one side of the breast while your baby feed to another breast in the morning where prolactin level is high.
  • Pump after the baby goes to bed at night
  • Pump during weeknd to store up more milk
  • Encourage more nursing at night

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Pump when travel
Your work required you to travel, however you want to breastfeed your baby. You now in dilemma either to continue breastfeed or give formula milk to your baby. Your good intetntion wont stop and give you much problem if you follow below tips;
  • Find the proper/suitable/ private place to pump;
  • Freeze all the pump breast milk, You can to use the hotel freezer
  • You need to stock up a bunch of milk before you go travelling.
  • Do pump your milk as your normal routine so that you milk supply wont drop drastically.
Concerns Outside of Work
Besides, common problem regarding supplying breast milk to the baby, some doctor do recommends weaning or supplementing with formula. But why???? Common issue when doctor recommends weaning or supplementing with formula :
  • Poor baby's weight gain.
  • Falling off the growth curve; click for more detail on growth curve via WHO &
Exercise, weight loss and milk supply
  • Plan a proper weight loss regime which won't distrub your milk supply . Here is few tips from the book: [1] Express out your milk before started the work out, [2] drink plenty of water, [3] wear a good sport bra and [4] start your work out slowly, 1 pound per week is good enough.
  • Eat healhty foods; eat the right food rather than less food, just follow foods pyramid, 
Common Concerns the 2nd 6months
Troubleshooting later breastfeeding problems - part 2, the later months
You will also facing similar breastfeeding problem for 2nd 6months besides thrush problem during 2nd 6months. You can read here for 1st 6months problems.
  • Thrush - dreaded fungal infection at nipple area, the ducts of your breast, baby's mouth. Breast nipple become red, sore, itchy, and pain during or after feeding 
  • Thrush treatment - [1] Doctor prescription of anti-fungal liquid  to baby. [2] Regular sterile bottle nipple or pacifier. [3] Put few drops of breast milk on nipple after breastfeeding 
Normal developmental issues in the 1st year
Below is list of developmental issues in the 1st year which effected breastfeeding:
  • Staring solids : When your baby started to eat solid foods, they would less drink milk and your milk production will drop
  • Growth spurts : During baby growth spurt (first few days at home and around 7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months (more or less)), they nurse more often than usual (sometimes as often as every hour) and often act fussier than usual
  • Biting - Baby started teething and bite mummy's nipple and you yell at your baby also affect breastfeeding.
  • Nursing strikes - Baby refuses to drink milk due to teething, ear infection, over bottle feeding, etc
  • Sleep pattern - 

The end of the line
Breastfeeding you baby is the most enjoyment moment for mothers and babies. To breastfeed or not is all you choice. 

Note : Hope informative info that I've shared here would benefit me and mummies. 

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