Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unhide The True Potential of Your Kids

Amirul is good at hiding things, but can't hide himself. He's just too fat. 

I came across the article about the theory of Multiple Intelligences, and it got my attention. Our child's brain is not a straight line like a Komuter railway station (I wish Komuter service gets better soon, I hate to see my attendance card being red). It's more like you resumed your punches on Double Cheeseburger and the chili sauce spread all across dining table. Your child intelligences spread in randoms rather than a straight line.   

The Theory of Multiple Intelligence
These are the important point, including my opinions on the article Multiple Intelligences
  • Howard Gardner suggested that I.Q test is far too limited.  
  • There's many intelligence should we look. The least intelligences that people in Malaysia prefer are naturalist, dancers, and designers. 
  • Most of the current syllabuses in Sekolah Rendah are focused on mathematical and logical. Not all our kids can excel in our limited standard of educations. 
  • Some of our kids tend to love doing art and music. Some of them are good in interpersonal skill. Thus, these unique kids are labeled as underachievers, non-performers, and learning disabled. 
  • Howard also suggest we should revolutionize the way we teach our younger generations. No more boring structured lectures from teachers and get rid of dull textbook and worksheet.
  • We should apply the 8 intelligences into the process of learning valuable lessons from a teacher to students. That's when creativity comes into play. 
  • The theory of multiple intelligences broaden our horizon of available teachings/learnings tools

Let see what are the potential intelligences in children:
1} Words (Linguistic Intelligence)

2} Number or Logic  (Logical-Mathematical Intelligence)

3} Picture Smart (Spatial Intelligence)

4} A Physical Experience (Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence)

5} Music (Musical Intelligence) 

6} Self-Reflection (Intrapersonal Intelligence)

7} A Social Experience (Interpersonal Intelligence)

8} An Experience In The Natural World (Naturalist Intelligence)

Identify the potential in Amirul
Amirul is unable to speak except for 'Ma'. It worries me. But through experiences of my mother, my little brother was unable to speak until he reached the age of three. Now he is the most successful sibling among us. He successfully completed his studies in Medical. Everyone in our family is proud of his achievement. From my point of view, Amirul will be the next best thing. 

Amirul able to drawing round shape, and not many children at the same age can do that. Maybe his potential is tendency to spatial intelligence. It's hard to identify the naturalist intelligence inside him because it's too early for that. 

Amirul is good at entertaining himself, he just doing his thing alone. He unfold a large white sheet (kertas putih mahjong) and do the drawings all by himself. He can play fishing using his DIY fishing rod while I'm doing writing this blog post. He play sorting the blocks without disturbing his mummy preparing the lunch. 

At his age (2++ years), I have identified that he doesn't want to share his things including toys with his beloved friends and cousins. At first, I was angry at him and I thought he deserved a punishment of his behavior. But then I was wrong, it's silly to punish him. Not sharing things is the way the children are at this age

It's rather unfair to make a justification on Amirul at this very early age. He may or may not show his potential because he has yet to establish his true skill. His brain and physical form are still finding a fundamental. All I have to do is wait until he reaches 3.5 years, identify the potentials of intelligence, and what should I do to nurture them.  

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