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Breastfeeding Lesson : Working without Weaning Part 2

Continuation from Working without weaning Part 1, Part 2 emphasising on common concern for 1st 6 months of you baby's life. This chapter basically on the difficulties breastfeed mummy would face during 1st 6 months being a nursing mother.

Finding Support
Supports from family especially husband, relatives, friends and colleagues is really make working and pumping much easier. Internet also can be source of information about breastfeeding beside support group.

This book gave list of lactation counselor and support group outside Malaysia. Below is the list of support group or lactation counselor that you can contact if you having / facing problem in Malaysia:

Pn Farah from Sara Kids
Pn Suraya from Lunatots
Pn Rita Rahayu from Nurturing Concepts SB
Pn Vivian Foo from Fabulous Mom
Pn Zatul Hijanah from Baby&Me

Persatuan Penasihat dan Pakar Laktasi Malaysia
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action

Common Concerns in the 1st 6 months

Troubleshooting supply issue
You pump your milk, not only once, but twice and for 30 minutes, however, only few drop of milk come out. You feel stress and lost confident in nursing your baby exclusively??? That the normal problem facing by breastfeed mummy and you are not alone. There are few factors contribute to this problems such as : stress, illness, decongestants/cold, return of menstrual cycles, birth control pills consuming. Read below tips to fix the supply problem and try which one is the best for you

Take a nursing holiday
Take yourself and baby to bed and set up a nursing station. Spend a few days nursing entirely on demand, let our body rest from stresses of work and sleep when your baby is sleeping. Just imagine yourself during confinement period. Stress-free and relax !!!!!

Nurse More
The more you nurse your baby, the more your milk will be produces. Remember Demand Vs Supply Concept

Don't overfeed at day care centre
Talk to your care provider to feed your baby when they hungry; depend on feeding cues. Yes, in real world care providers are very busy people and underpaid, however be gracious, buy gifts, and be friend with them to show that you really appreciate their hard works. And in return, they would take care our baby nicely.

Pacifiers can help overfeeding your baby
You baby loves to suck and your care provider thought that they hungry. To avoid this wrong assumption, maybe you can introduce pacifier to your baby. If after giving pacifier, your baby stop crying, meaning they just need to suck instead of hungry. However only used pacifier at day care centre not when your baby with you. To keep your milk supply, you should nurse as much as possible when both of you are together.

Reduce bottle need at the beginning and end of the day
Nurse your baby when you drop-off and fetch them. So that, less bottle feeding session and more direct feeding session would occur. When more direct feeding session happen, your milk supply will boost up.

Pump more often
You either add a morning pump session or before bed. Prolactin level are higher in the morning and many mummy reported their pumping output is the best if they pump in the morning. Or you can choose to pump before bed or during the night.

Tandem Pump
Nurse your baby on one side and pump on the other side of breasts.

Power Pumping
A power pumping session simulates a baby lolling at the breast for a long time and should result in a boost in supply within few days.

Milk booster Diet/ supplements
Galactogogues & herbs - Substances that cause an increase in milk production and supply. Eg: Oatmeal, B vitamins, Fenugreek; side effects : increase anti-coagulant effect of warfarin, exacerbate asthma. Alfalfa : high in Vits B & K

Overfeeding at daycare
How to avoid overfeeding
  • Find out how your care provider is soothing your baby. Crying doesn't mean baby is hungry. Just remind them about feeding cues.
  • Use the slowest flow nipples teat.
  • Never let your care provider to encourage to finish a bottle once baby stopped sucking. Un-finished bottle can be re-use.
  • Send slightly smaller amounts in bottles.
Help.. I'm so forgetful about my...
You can substitutes with any bottle that can fix with your pump flanges. eg: Mineral water bottle

Ice packs
If you forgotten to bring your ice pack, store the breast milk in the office's fridge or just buy ice and put into your cooler bag

Use your hand as a pump or keep one manual pump at your office as back up.

The 6 months slump
Your baby now 6 months old and started to eat solid foods. At the same time, your milk production decrease and your freezer stash is your option instead of fresh milk. It's common enough and here is among the factor contributing to a supply drop :
  • Baby's 6 months growth spurt - crawling, rolling, etc
  • Return of menstrual cycles
  • Baby is learning to move - they actively move here and there
  • Mummy's schedule - you started to be full speed at work just like before you had a baby
  • Less taking care of yourself - lack of protein and water for milk production
  • The Supermummy syndrome - you juggling between house works and office works
  • Dieting - started to get back pre-pregnancy weight
  • Supplementing from freezer stash
How to overcome above problem????
  • Try not supplement more from your freezer stash
  • Take care of yourself - Eat healthy diet, stress- free, relax
  • Start solid food
  • Add pumping session
  • Nurse as much as possible in the evenings and nights.
Smart Supplementing
Choosing a formula milk
Do not buy in bulk or in big packing. Maybe you can have few sample and try to your baby, so that you know which milk your baby prefer.

Note : I need to continue this book for Part 3, keep reading mummy !!!

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