Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bolt & Amirul new ride

Penny & Bolt; Photo by : Zap2it.com

Amirul & his new ride

Amirul is a good imitator aka parrot who loves to imitate whatever he think can be imitate. Tv play important factor besides us where he watched and imitate some of the actions in the scene. That why, to avoid bad influential from the Tv, only cartoon are allowed and me & Mr Hubby become a role model to Amirul. Both of us really need to watch out and be careful with our words and acts.

Recently, we bought him blue scooter for his 2nd birthday present, tue pun after we gave him an option between, tricycle and scooter, then he choose scooter which i think not suitable for his age. I refused to buy him that scooter, however, Mr Hubby said followed as what he want, he want Amirul to do his own decision. To me, bukan senang pun nak main benda tue, have to balance and be very carefully or else, jatuh tergolek la. But, its ok, see how things goes.

However, Amirul seem to enjoy his new ride and everyday he will practising riding it. Comel lak tgk dier main scooter tue. Lagi comel bler tgk dier main scooter sambil watching 'Bolt'. Siap ngn gaya lagi.. Berangan la kunon nya naik scooter hebat.. Alahai kecik2 dah pandai berangan.. tak per la.. its a good sign if toddler suka berangan ni. High imagination, creative thinking.. huhuh


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