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The Attack of The Notorious Varicella Zoster Virus

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I remembered when Amirul had a nightmare fever, his body ached after 10-minute playing with his toys and he was physically tired in unusual way. He wasn't smile a lot, and frowning all day only made me worry. I have done all preliminary steps to cool down his body such as bathing him, gave him water to drink, and sticked Kool Fever. Yet, his temperature was very high and unacceptable. In an instant, my wife and I rushed to private clinic to get advice from a doctor.

On the way to the clinic, I had noticed there were red spots on every inch of Amirul skin. It had been simply noticed by me because Amirul wore a sleeveless t-shirt, the same kind of t-shirt that Amirul wears everyday because he tends to getting sweat easily. We're not preferred any short sleeves or long sleeves t-shirt during the days, Amirul only wears it by night.

So I have suspected Amirul was experiencing Chickenpox fever at that time. His temperature became high again as his cries were getting longer when we neared the clinic. After thorough diagnose and inspection, we were told that Amirul had Chickenpox infection.

The next day, the red spot had turned to angry rashes, all over his body. His sneeze and cough were getting worse, and he drank a lot water. He was so tired, laying on the bed with tears raining from his eyes.

I always make sure that Amirul gets what he deserves, like:
1} Proper Hygiene
It's so easy to love Amirul. Bathing him is the thing that he loves. I find it no trouble to bath him three time a day, if he's with me, on Saturdays and Sundays. And I wish I could take care of him every day. Only I have to quit my day job and become a full-time dad. And mummy will be the sole breadwinner.

He washes his hand, without being asked, before and after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It really amazes me. I train him to wash his hand before he enters our house, every time he finish playing outdoor.

2} Love and Laughter
To make him laugh is such an easy job, sufficient sedative of love and laughters have been injected into Amirul's body, to keep his strength from going down . I have given him all the love he needs (He needs more, and he deserves it) and he can have me to share his laughter.

3} Exercise and Relaxation
Routine exercise makes Amirul less risk of potential and harmful disease attack, and more contribution to his growth and development. Relaxation such as playing Wii is really gives me a relief when I'm dealing with stress from office, and put Amirul in happy state of mind.

4) Mental Stimulation
Amirul loves organizing blocks, and I think it's good for baby stimulation. Puzzle is really good for development of mental stimulation but he isn't ready for it yet. There are more things that excellent in developing mental stimulation such as music, creative DIY Project, and educational games, as well as iPod games.

5} Good Nutritious Diet
Not to forget Amirul needs carbohydrate; rice and bread, protein; meat, egg, and milk, fibre; vegetables, and fruit. Sometimes I feel Amirul is eating less vegetable and fruit. Could Vitagen be the replacement for it?

6} Immunization
I've just read an article released by Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia regarding children health. So I have to make sure Amirul get this vaccines;
  • BCG (Tuberculosis Vaccine)
  • DTap (Diptheria, tentanus and pertussis combination vaccines)
  • Polio
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hib (Haemophilius influenza b vaccine)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox Vaccine)
Click here for Amirul's immunization booklet.

Amirul was getting better 3 days after we gave him medicine prescribed from our last visit.
I have never expected Amirul will get the infection as early as 8-month old. It really scared me though the infection is rarely fatal in children as it can be in adult. Although the infection had worried me, but I'm glad that the infection will develop permanent immunity from Amirul to get infected from the decease, ever again. I hope.

Amirul 10months on chickenpox

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