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9 Steps To Keep Your Child Healthy

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Amirul had recovered from ulcer illness. Now he's at full energy and no one can pursues him because he's too fast. His healthiness really gives me a great relief. Five days earlier, Amirul complaint a lot, often crying out of nothing. His tantrum grew more than ever. It was weird because Amirul had never acting strange like this. It's not like i was not experienced of his tantrum. His previous tantrum was worse than this. But this time, he was screaming on top of his voice when I was trying to calm him down. I decided to seek assistance from the nearest clinic and found out that Amirul was having an ulcer illness. After Amirul resumed his condition, I always take extra careful by following this 9 steps that my mother had taught me:

1} Check Growth & Development Regularly 
I regularly check his temperature, height, and weight. Proper records is important because it can monitor the growth and development. For now Amirul is still on track and no sign of sluggish development. He's grown up like other normal kids did.

2} Eat Well  
Every food that went into Amirul's stomach must be enriched with carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, and high fiber. There's no such things as Twistys, Pringles, and  jajan. To protect him, avoid jeruk and junk food from Amirul. Prevent from buying it. Treat it like a poisonous food. If you have addicted to the junk food like me, hide yourself at the back of the door or under the bed and eat it until your mouth swelling.   

3} Drink Well
Milk: This is the kind of drinks that Amirul refuse to let go off his mouth all the time, which is good for healthy child like Amirul consuming many bottles of milk per day. But ugly side is the act of anchoring the bottle of milk inside his mouth all day makes the teeth rottens. Now his teeth looks like an unfinished bridge. 
Water: Amirul needs a lot of plain water especially after he sweats his body out with running and kicking the ball. 
Cultured Milk Drink: Every morning, Amirul grabs my hand vigorously, leading me to our refrigerator. With his smile, he stands in front of opened refrigerator and his index finger is pointing to where the Vitagens have been placed.  

4} Taking Bath
This activity makes him laughing a lot. I've never seen he's so happy like this when he does other activities. Every time I announce "Let take a bath" or "Jom mandi", he will be jumping and running while lift off his right foot an inch above the floor and followed by his left foot. Just like this. On Saturdays and Sundays, I let him decide on how long he want to take a bath. Just drop him into the ocean of baby tub bath and wait until he gets bored. 

5} Brush Your Teeth
Thank God, Amirul loves to brush his teeth; and loves to imitates what people are doing. So when it comes to brush teeth, he just imitates what I'm doing. 

6} Wash Your Hand.
If I didn't stop him, he will wash his hand for a hundred times. A minute after he washed his hands clean, he rushes back to kitchen sink and washes again. Then, he forgot to turn the piper down. He loves to wash and I am the one who have to stop him from getting our house in flood. 

7} Keep on Playing 
Since we bought his birthday present, he just couldn't stop playing. His energy is 15 times more than me. While I was getting exhausted and try to catch my breath, he just keep on playing his scooter, ignoring everyone else.

8} Go To Sleep Please!
Every night, 8.30 sharp, we go inside the bedroom and tuck him in. We are very concern about Amirul's sleeping schedule. We have to make sure that Amirul gets his 10-hour sleep at night to stay healthy and full of energy during the day. But lately, Amirul finds falling asleep is slightly hard. He hardly close his eyes for two hours, just stares at the ceiling and waiting for sleepy feeling to come. Until 11 o'clock, Amirul has yet to close his eyes. Because of that, we have to change the sleeping schedule; Get him to sleep a little late at night, but make sure that he will get 12-hour sleep in 24 hours/day circle, including a day nap.

9} Let the sunlight brightens your world.
Do we really need the sunlight to give us Vitamin D? My answer is yes. Why not? It sounds intelligently logical. But after reading this, we really only need 5 - 30 minutes, twice a week. More than that, being exposed to the sunlight develops risk of getting skin cancer, even in a hazy day. But my Amirul needs Vitamin D for his own healthy bones. Besides, he loves to play with his scooter. And I think the brilliant sunlight on Sunday morning won't do any harm to him. It's good to see his balancing on the scooter gets better.  

Bonus Point
10} Arms wide open and pray to Allah
I believe in 80:20 concept. To make anything possible, I believe that 80 percent is our effort and the rest of it is our prayer to the creator. 

I wish amirul could immune to any gems attacks, bacteria rebels, and virus invasions. But I have to accept that he will get sick anytime soon. It's just a matter of time. To prevent it, I will push all my efforts to the top so that he will be always be a heathy boy. 


  1. kat Msia the risk of skin cancer is not so high compared to other countries like NZ and Australia sbb kat NZ and Australia, u can get the sub burnt in just 5 minutes under the direct sunlight!

  2. Just in case you are not able to get your Vitamin D from the Sun and if you like mushrooms – I found Monterey Mushrooms. Their mushrooms provide 100% of the Recommended Daily Amount of Vitamin D in one 3 ounce Serving.
    Through research with the Department of Agriculture, Monterey Mushrooms found that mushrooms can respond to light very similar to humans by converting the sun’s rays into Vitamin D. With this knowledge they were able expose their mushrooms to ultraviolet light in order to create a mushroom that offers 100% of the recommended daily Vitamin D in one 3 ounce serving. Also in addition, this extra Vitamin D doesn’t include any additives, supplements or chemicals.

    Hopefully you can continue to get it through the sun but just in case you can’t you can make a tasty mushroom dish for dinner!

    Thanks again for the great post.

  3. temp. housewife: skrang ni Msia ssgt la panas. kul 730am, dh panas giler. average suhu kat Msia lani 34 degree. pagi petang siang malam mmg asyik bpeluh je la..

    bodyhacker : TQ for the info

  4. Thanks for sharing those steps! I'm sure parents will find it useful for keeping the health of their child.


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