Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Submit Your Stories

We are inviting all mommies and daddies out there to be part of KambingBujang, who are willing to share interesting stories about your family life especially couples who just become new parent.

KambingBujang is a personal blog about parenting story of a new family, where we are eager to share, in gung ho mode, about our experience with parenting a son. So we start documenting the highlights of our life, our opinion about certain topics, taking notes and share to our readers.

Looking back the trails of our feets, our blog is lack of communication between the writers and the followers. We don't want it continues to be like that and we want to develop relationship with our readers. To make a twist on our weakness, the two-way communication must be, bouncing back and forth between us.
To value our readers, again we would like to open the sea of opportunity for you, sharing your story to other mommies about:
 /.funny and silly experience so we can lift up a lesson, 
 /.sad and heavyhearted stories so other people could feel gratitude of what they have and; 
 /.truly brave and inspiring story that could highlights encouragement to others.

We would love to hear about truly-exciting, in-depth, original, inspiring, heroic, sad, and funny stories of parenting. If you don't have any idea in mind, we hope our suggested titles below could turn your creativity into a writing.   
# 10 things I love about parenting.
# The story of the new father.
# How I teach my children about finance
# How to make your children listen to you?  
# The story in the labor room.
# My feelings toward my newborn baby.

Your story can be in English or BAHASA MALAYSIA, it's your choice.  

We hope that this effort, with the power of your parenting stories, will put a spice in KambingBujang blogosphere. Do email us your story: [1]  kambing.huda@gmail.com [2] filtuse@gmail.com.  


  1. lom ade anak lagi, camne? so x lehlah antau citer kan?

  2. cikLilyPutih : tak der anak lg pun boleh contribute citer. as long as related to kekeluargaan. cter pasal finance or cter psl childhood ker.. aper2 yg berkaitan ngn family

  3. http://www.1-amazon.co.cc/strategy-guides/TANQUEBOI.htm


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Dear Readers, welcome to my personal blog. This blog is about the story of my little family and its members. You can find my posts are mostly about parenting and family matters. Some of my posts are not concerning parenthood at all like cooking and shopping because I would like some diversify in my parenthood blog. Sharing information to my fellow friends and loyal reader is the main reason to build this parenthood blog.

Parenting is not something we have to keep it to ourselves, but to share.

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My name is kambingbujang. I am 27-year old mum with Amirul beside me. Now I'm carrying around his future younger brother/sister in my tummy.

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