Sunday, March 21, 2010

My pregnancy diary : 31 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 31 weeks pregnant
  • Pre-pregnancy shoes may no longer fit you well - Still wearing my current shoes.
  • Less food go in, but frequency is increasing.. How much would be my weight this week??
  • Doing your Kegels - Yes, plus breathing technique
  • Back pain is my BEST friend at this moment
  • Easily to get tired - Lucky Mr hubby so kind to help me to do housework. You are the best la Yayang
  • Started segregating my office work to another colleague. - filing up all the documents, tidy up my messy table, finished up never ending work.(Office workload is increasing) - preparation to maternity leave
  • Uncomfortable and pain when baby strecthing, baby actively move here and there eventho the space in womb getting limited
  • Already bought breast pump. Busy reading and digging more about handling EBM.
Read more on 31 weeks of pregnant via BabyCentre and
How you baby developed this weeks?? read more here
Breathing technique is very vital during delivery a baby (based on my experience), do read here more.

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