Monday, March 8, 2010

My pregnancy diary : 29 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 29 weeks pregnant
  • I got new hobby. New addiction to Wii Fit. Deep breathing, tree position, and half moon position in yoga, steps for light aerobic, short distant in basic running, balancing my posture, stretching.. I like !!!
  • Leg cramp surge. After no leg cramp nightmare for past few weeks, suddenly they strike me again few times this week. To overcome this, I add my calcium intake by taking 1 tablet of calcium.
  • Back pain. How much i hate this. I need to put hot ointment to relief my pain. Guna la pati mustajab pasti mujarab.. huhuhuh
  • No more scrubbing on my stretch mark area. Its a relief.. Alhamdulillah
  • My hair looked shinier and healthier.
  • Baby moving a lot. Geli la sometimes.. huhu
  • I'd started unpacked Amirul's things for coming soon baby and I found unused and brand new clothes. Napkin clothes, towel, blanket and handmade swaddle clothes which I had pre-washed it and if not mistaken used only once. Yuhuuuu. Save more money for breast pump gadgets
  • Already bought few of breast pump gadgets - Bumble Bee bottles
  • Asked my colleague to sew nursing cover and baby sling. Can't wait to have them. Its custom made and cheap.. I like !!!!
  • Hubby wifey relationship still ok and smooth.. uhuksss
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  1. alhamdulillah everything is good.

  2. long way to go.... me anytime but no sign except kepenatan jer
    btw can u update the sawanila link to

  3. isabelle : alhamdulillah sume ok. tp bler bdn dh makin berat ni.. alahai tak syok la

    Yatie : patut la kt google reader asyik tak update jer post..rupernya dh tkr feature.. cantik..


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