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27 iPhone & iPod Touch apps for kids and toddler: Exploring The True Potential of the Gadget

The iPhone is not only to making call to your love ones, it can be used as a learning tool as well. Many iPhone application can stimulate your child's development. The babies to toddlers can master the power of touch, skills of hand movement, color recognition, alphabetical lesson, improvement of visual and hear, music enjoyment, and other great stimulation games.

Are mummies and daddies out there already aware of this revolutionary phone? If it's near impossible to buy iPhone, don't try to beam your child's piggy bank. It is recommended to buy iPod touch which is reasonably cheap, if compared with the true potential of the device,  you can see the value of RM779 is so affordable, where can get at the nearest apple outlets. iPod operates exactly like the iPhone which is running iPhone 3.0 Operating System, but with less phone, camera, microphone and 3G connection. 

I am the iPod man. My wife gave it to me on my 25th birthday and really appreciated it. Though I sensed that there must be something she wanted in return. (Yes it was, she demanded Wii Nintendo on her birthday, I couldn't help myself but to wrap it into gift.) Well, I'm fully utilizing it for enjoy music, play games, read books. And recently, I also use it as one of the educational device for Amirul brain development. Roaming inside iTunes Store, I found out there's plenty of.. wait a minute! there're thousands of application for kids and toddlers learnings.  

I have downloaded the applications that could help Amirul: 
[1]. To recognize animals by visual and sound, like elephant, tiger, giraffe, cow, monkey, and Koi fish.
[2]. To develop finger skill such as drawing and coloring with finger touch, right and left movement on screen..
[3]. To Learn ABC: an introduction.   
[4]. To Have fun with music and games.   

Here's the list of iPhone/iPod Touch games and applications that can stimulate my child's learnings (aged 2 years and above) :

#1. Toddler flash cards - this app stimulates baby early learning of language plus memorization.  [via]
#2. Iflipr 1.11 - it is the same as above, the different is you can edit each flashcard and customize with our creativity  [via]

#3. Flash 4 kids- this app stimulates baby early learning of language plus memorization. [via]

#4. Words for kids - kindergarden: this app focuses on merely words and no picture within, it is good for pre-school and kindergarten kids. It's kinda boring with no picture/photo interactivity but the app has meet the purpose; word learning.  [via]

#5. Wheels on the bus - This is Amirul's favorite song. The app simply stunned Amirul with its bright and colorful cartoon characters. Now I can't read e-book, Amirul is occupying the iPod all the time.    [via]


#6. Minipiano - This is the first step for your children to learn music. Let his finger touch around the key and listen to the melody [via]
#7. Doodle buddy -  this free app lets your son improves the drawing skill with simple finger-touch on various colors and it enriched with iconic stamps.  [via]

#8. Peekaboo barn - The app imitates our traditional peekaboo game, though it's not as affective as a real daddy-and-son peekabo. If I got tired and Amirul still on the aggressive mode to play peekabo more, I let the Peekaboo Barn took place. [via]
#9. Peekaboo wild - It is the same as the above. But it takes peekaboo in the wild  

[via apple]

#10. Dex abc animals - Encourage our toddler to learn animals alphabetically [via apple]
#11. Animal Fun - Simple and easy-to-learn app for kids. Memorizing animals is no more difficult to Amirul.  

#12. AnimalsSays -  It's a simple memory game for toddler, where he have to touch the picture of the animal when he listen to the sound [via]
#13. Animatch - Match the 2 animal icons. Memorizing it. Let's have fun.  [via]
#14. Abc animals - Learn Animal alphabetically for toddler. [via]
#15. Scoops - stack your ice cream to form the endless vertical of ice cream scoops. Tilting the iPhone left and right to top your ice cream. 

#16. Ballonimals - The app let your kid blow into the microphone to inflate balloon animals. Shaking the iPhone make the ballonimal better shape and the kids can play with it. And burst it.
[via apple]
#17. Colorama -  It replaces Amirul's coloring book whenever he feels like he don't want to hold colored pencil physically. [via]
#18. Where's gumbo - it's more like hide-and-seek game, with lazy & ugly cartoon drawings. But I think from the eye of a kid, it looks like the greatest CGI ever.  [via]
#19. Scribble light - Another drawing app that can develops the drawing skill of a kid. [via]

#20. Koi pond - Amirul really loves this app, he claps his hand when he opens up the app. Having koi pond virtually can distract Amirul from doing things that annoys me. [via]
#21. Abc's free - Learning ABC made easy. [via]
#22. I hear ewe.- Touch the picture and followed by the animal sound. [via]
#23. Toddler teasers 
  • [a] kids learning colors by touching it ; [via],
  • [b] kids learning shapes by touching it [via];
  • [c] Kids learning ABC by touching it [via]
#24. TappyTunes - Kid can enjoy the music they 'composed' from tappy tunes. This app introduce music to kids at early stage [via]
#25. Bubblesnap -  Bubblesnap is a bubble wrap simulation whre you can pop the bubble. Good for Amirul when he's got nothing to do other than pinch my nose. [via]

#26. Hippo hooray shapes - The app that make your kid eager to learn shape. By touching it, kid can memorize shape as easy as ABC.  [via]
#27. Toddler time - One app covers Colors, Numbers, Shapes, and Animals. It worth a value and kids brain development [via]

There's more interactive applications can be found in iTunes Store, much more better than the list above, but I had enough clicking and searching. 

It's more than the iPod itself. I shall say it is the way of life; a future trend of our children's education, where iPod materialize as a valuable medium of interactive learning. Our children nowadays living in the competitive society where most children at 3 years old are able to read a full newspaper article (thanks Smart Reader!, you just turned the simple world into tough one). To contribute an additional value, we should apply this device as the new and alternative method for our children learnings.   


  1. yayang all those apps not suitable for me.. how about my spa sally apps.. :C

  2. You need to start making app reviews for teens and pre-teens.


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