Friday, March 19, 2010

Get Ready For The Battle: 10 Things to prepare before delivering your baby

My wife has reached week 31 and ask me what are the things that she should organize. We should not repeat the same mistake.

I remember that I brought a lot of unnecessary items when she was delivering Amirul, hence I had to go back and forth several times from hospital to our house. In desperate hours, forgetting something only made me angry and stressful. I grew tired doing that back-and-forth things, I ended up buying the needed items at hospital convenience stall with its overcharged price.  

It was a mistake for not preparing a checklist.

After I've done reading many websites regarding childbirth, I learned that you have to keep your bag in your car or vehicle to take a precaution step; you may forget something when you're in rush and fast-paced mode. If you're entering the double doors of week 34, you should be ready with the checklist, to be prepared so you will not missing anything when you step into the war-zone of a labor room.    

11 Essential Things to Pack Up before and  after the battle:
For Mommies
  1. Cotton-made T-Shirt that size about three times of your size, to make sure mommy gets smooth air circulation, keeping the body at good condition.
  2. Thick socks, keeping the your body from shivering. Usually the warrior feels very cold before they slash their path into the battlefield. Mommy is also a warrior. So let's wear socks   
  3. Personal Hygiene Items; Deodorant, Talcum Powder, Hairbrush, Toothbrush, and Body Soap.
  4. Thermos for preserving hot water.
  5. Book or Magazine, in case you get bored. The only thing you see in a hospital, that will get your more depressed, is the nurse's face. Believe me, just bring a book!
  6. Complete contact number of your family, relatives, and closest friends. Make sure your handphone don't get barred because of the overdue bill. Handphone is a very critical item at this moment. 
  7. Breast pump and Breast pad. Keep your milk factory working overtime, and unleaking 
  8. Maternity Pad after childbirth. 
  9. Nursing Bra ('Coli' in Bahasa Malaysia Pasar), the one that is milk-filled breast friendly. You can breastfeeding the baby without taking off your bra, just poke out your nipple then, Haiyah, Shoot!!
  10. Camera and Video Camera, you don't want to miss a thing when your newborn baby coming the world. (someone will argue with me that this is not essential, but I let it stays on the list)  
With the checklist and the items that you have prepared, you can now sit back and relax, waiting for the baby to come out. Again, it is a big mistake if you don't prepare the list. Mommy will deliver the baby without getting concern about essential things. My wife has delivered Amirul at Week 37 and we advice you to get prepared for everything when reached Week 33. 

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