Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Choosing The Right Hospital

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After doing a budget list upon Amirul's needs and wants; clothes, milk, stroller, toys, and medical, we have to accept that, we couldn't afford to have Amirul at private hospital. It could consume all our money, forcing us to take loan if we couldn't settle the bill. We turned our head to public hospital, specifically Hospital Putrajaya. My wife got hook by her elder sister's testimony about the hospital, that the nurses are friendly, the wardroom is spacious, and the food is practically acceptable.    

We like to share about Our Tips For Choosing The Right Hospital For You;
[1] The nearest hospital.
We registered at the nearest hospital to our house. In  early 2008, We were planning to have a Amirul at private hospital. After all, Amirul is our first baby we should enjoy by celebrating at the private one, despite our money jar is getting empty. But we reconsidered it, after recalculating our money (not enough to pay private hospital!!) and the reliable private hospital was 20 km away from our house. We saved that money into Amirul's savings instead. 

[2] Well-equipped facilities and well-experienced experts. 
Maybe private hospital have some fancy gadgets with advanced technology, that everyone should not ignore. And there's no reason that they cannot setting the price high, equals with their services, and their doctors. But for me, it is sufficient enough for hospital that armed with moderate facilities and well-experienced experts. There's no need for Superexperts to cater my needs.  

[3] Moral Support for Wife.
What I like about hospital putrajaya is that they invite the husband or a relative inside the labor room, so that wife can outperform during pushing and screaming. I was inside the labor room when Amirul came out, but I did only a little part in moral supporting  because I felt numb and frozen like a stone at that time. I hope for this upcoming baby, I can give a full force of screaming, "Push, Honey! Our baby's coming, Pushh!" 

[4] A hospital that recommends immediate breastfeed.
My wife has wielded her loyalty to breastfeeding. I as her partner, support her in every ways. There are some hospitals that support breastfeeding after laboring, but some aren't. We have to ask first whether they recommend immediate breastfeeding after laboring, or not.

For our upcoming baby, we have planned to have ours at the same hospital Amirul was delivered. We have a good memory with Amirul there. And we, without hesitation, put our trust on the hospital for our second baby.
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  1. oh yes...we went to putrajaya, though it's a bit far as compared to other hospitals.
    but we wanted a govt hospital that allows the hubbies to go in.
    lagi 1, sbb putrajaya is the place of our love at 1st sight.hehehe.

  2. huda lak sbb terpengaruh ngn my sister. uhukssss. bilik best, makan sedap.. cam nk dok kt hotel lak..


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