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Breastfeeding Vs Formula Feeding

What is your choice

Interesting topic which i think every individual have their own thought on this matter. Which one is my option??? Off course if you give me an option, i'll choose breastfeeding instead of formula feeding. However, I just managed to breastfeed Amirul for 5 months berselang seli with formula feeding during day time at baby sitter's house.

Reading at Little Mama post on cloth diapering and breasfeeding post. Its gave me an idea of elaborating more on pros and cons on Breastfeeding Vs Formula Milk feeding. I know some of the mummies out there is really obsess with breastfeeding, sampaikan bler pandang org yg kasik formula milk, cam mak tue buat salah jer. Can i use this word, despicable because formula milk is milk originated from animal or plant (cow/soy). Maybe, there is reasons behind it which we do not know; mak di sakit ker, mak dier ader penyakit ke. We do know that , so please jgn cepat buat andaian tanpa usul periksa.

Here is my thought on Breastfeeding Vs Formula feeding.

  • Breast Milk is the BEST - Everybody know about the nutrition of breast milk which you cannot find elsewhere. The ingredients inside the breast milk contains everything that baby need and the change according to baby need.
  • The benefit of breast milk itself is undeniable - Enhances brain development, lowers the risk of diseases (asthma and overweight among toddlers)
  • Burn calories (500/day) - You can shred away the pregnancy fat faster
  • Lessen risk of diseases - breast cancer and osteoporosis
  • Money concern - Save a lot, You only need to buy breast pump and assessories for once and can be usable to others kids.
  • Convenience - No hassle of bottles, flask, formula milk packing for outing
  • Mother & baby emotional bonding
  • Healthy - When you breastfeed your kids, indirectly you will eat well-balanced foods and avoid junk foods. Mummy & baby both getting healthy and can prevent illnesses
  • You are on call all the time - Your are the milk feeder, so need to be there everytime you baby want to drink, unless you need to express your milk.
  • Nipples crack, then bleeding after that blister.. ochhhhh. painful
  • Breast engorgement which sometimes leading to fever and mastitis problem
  • Positioning of breastfeeding - Which position is most comfortable and convenience to both of you. You need to try and error
  • Latching technique - Wrong latching technique, your baby will 'shout' for milk and give impression to others that you baby had not enough milk
  • Troublesome - Pumping sessions need to be consistent and without failed if not you may run out of milk supplies,
  • Good Communication between you and baby sitter - Need to train them how to handle milk, store it.
  • Stressful
  • Share responsibility - You and your husband would take turn to feed your baby.
  • Mother & baby bonding but in different way to breastfeeding. Like Amirul, he will drink milk on my lap or on my shoulder. I'm still have skin-to-skin contact like breastfeeding mom
  • Convenience - Easy to prepare, handle
  • No training needed for milk preparation and handling
  • Formula milk cannot provide same nutritional benefits as breastmilk. (especially antibody)
  • Costing - The high price of formula milk for month basis.
  • Constipation and colic problem


  1. selagi mampu, to date...dah 2tahun lebih, i BF lil adam. alhamdulillah ...byk rezeki dia.
    so, i fully sokong BF!

  2. i pon sokong BF

  3. I had to mixed between BF and FM for my eldest daughter too bcs I was not really sure abt using EBM at that time. (5 years ago mana ada sgt info. & kempen2 mcm skrg!) Then I had to stop BF when she was 14 mnths old bcs I suffered from mastitis.
    ALhamdulillah I managed to fully BF my younger daugther until she was 26 mnths old. (berhenti pun sbb dia dah tak nak dan dia mkn banyak nasi dah).

  4. to BF or not to Bf is mother's choice
    tiada siapa boleh paksa atau halang..besarkan bidang kuasa ibu..hehehehhehehe


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