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Breastfeeding Lesson : Working without Weaning - Part 1

Working without Weaning

Info about this book :

Title : Working without Weaning - A working mother's guide to breastfeeding
Author : Kirsten Berggrren
ISBN # : 978 -0- 9772268 -6 - 3

After finished reading this is book, the thought of sharing about its contents with the mummy is a MUST. This book is very useful and informative for every single things that mummy should know about the challenges of combining breastfeeding and a full-time job. This book gives you tips, advice from experienced mothers who had being through all the breastfeeding processes and work full-time. This book contained 12 chapters which I will concise into 2 blog posts.

Before Baby is Born
Breastfeeding is like battling. You need to do preparation and get ready. Its come naturally, nevertheless, lack of information, supports, etc may lead to unsuccessful journey of breastfeeding; just like me. So get ready for the battle by; taking a breastfeeding class, find a lactation consultant, choose a breastfeeding friendly pediatrician that support breastfeeding, be around with breastfeeding before your baby is born by making friends with successful breastfeed mummy, get the support from relatives or closest friends, make a 'birth plan' - breastfeed your baby clearly to your nurses, gynea and family, lastly choosing a day care centre that can handle or have experience with breastfeed baby.

Breastfeeding Basics
Breastfeed should come naturally, that what most people claim. However, to make it smooth without facing problems is impossible if we lack of knowledge. What is the breastfeeding basics that we should know? :
  • Latching technique (the way how baby attaches to our nipple) :

Photo by :
  • Feeding frequency
Depend on feeding cues and you just do it when it's time.
  • Problems rise to breastfeed mummy
  1. Sore spots/breast lumps - Cause by plug/clog duct; Treatment - Compress with hot towel and massage gently over the sore spot until the pain is relief
  2. Mastitis - Sore spot begins to turn red followed by flu-like symptoms.; Treatment - Prescriptions from doctor, nurse the baby more often
  3. Sore nipples - Incorrect latching technique; Treatment - Learn correct latching technique
  4. Nipple crack & bleeding - Faulty latch is cause of crack. Treatment : Continues feeding, put a little express milk on nipple after each feeding session and dry them.
Demand & Supply Concept
The more the baby sucks(demand) at your breast, the more milk will be produce by our body(supplier). Easy concept to understand plus key and vital point to remember about breastfeeding.

Setting Goals
How long you want to breastfeed your baby? [1] Make a plan that realistic for you after considering your nature of work, pumping sessions, etc. [2] Start your goal with exclusively breastfeed your baby for 2 months (confinement period). Within the time, [3]do pump your breast milk for next 2 months after you return to work. If seem your goal is working, then continue to another 2 months and you are finally & exclusively breastfeed your baby without any formula supplement. Achieving the targeted goals is a lot more satisfying than striving for a goal that's way off from horizon.

Starting Pumping & bottles
Breast pump is a devices to help us expressing the breast milk. It can either be manual or electric, single pump or double pump, expensive or cheap and its all depend on you which breast pump you'd preferred. Read my post on how to choose a breast pump.

Pumping basics
Start to express you breast milk during confinement period. It can be as early as 2 weeks after delivery where you breast start to engorge and you have oversupply milk and the latest is 2 weeks before you return back to work.

When to pump and how often???
Pump for every missed nursing session. Stocking up your express breast milk is good but its not all necessary. Fresh breast milk is the best compare to freezer stash. For day-to-day pumping, its recommended to pump directly into the bottles and send those bottles to daycare the next day. If you have extra from the pumping session after putting aside for next day use, you can pour it into storage bags for freezer stash.

Expressed Breast milk(EBM) storage.
EBM @ room temperature - up to 8hours
EBM @ refrigerator - 3 days
EBM @ freezer compartment - 3 months

Combining milk pumped is allow with term and conditions.
Fresh milk + refrigerated milk = YES
Refrigerated + frozen = YES
Warm milk + frozen = NO

Heating EBM
Heat EBM under running warm water, in a dish or warm water or in bottle warmer. Don't shake it hard, as this will break down the living immune cells and proteins. DO NOT microwaving the EBM. Its OK to reheat and reuse unfinished bottle - but just once.

Frozen EBM
Frozen EBM should be thaw 1st and use it within 24hours. Thaw EBM should only be heated once. If power failure happened to you, don't get panic; your milk still safe by keep the freezer door shut and don't be tempted to open it. The milk will stay frozen much longer if it's close.

When to use freezer stash??
Fresh milk is far preferable compare to frozen milk due to immune properties. However, freezer stash is needed in certain circumstances; after 6months where your milk supply started to reduce, when you are away from baby for days. How to rotate the freezer stash with fresh milk?If your baby drink 6 bottles daily at day care centre, combine 1 bottle of freezer stash with 5 bottles of fresh milk.

You 1st days Back at Work
Baby's feeding schedule
What is your baby's feeding schedule once you return back to office?? 6 times??? 8 times?? Do maximize your breastfeeding session by feed your baby in the morning once they wake up, feed your baby when you drop him off, ask your care provider to feed baby on cue only and feed baby once you pick him. When your bottle-feeding is less, your body will produce more milk (demand & supply concept) and less your pumping session. What a big relief..

Pumping sessions
Below is the recommendation pumping session:
1st pump session - once you arrived at office or 10 am
2nd pump session - 12 noon (lunchtime)
3rd pump session - 4 pm

Pumping Technique at work
RELAX, Do not peeking at the bottles and counting how much you get from your pumping session, look at the photo of you baby and pump directly into the bottles.

NOTE : There is another 6 chapters to go. Do keep reading as the 2nd part of this chapter is more deal with breastfeeding arrangement after your started working.

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