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Breastfeeding Lesson : Kempen Penyusuan Susu Ibu "Bonding You and Baby"

Remember that I'd attended breastfeeding campaign last 2 weeks at AU3, Ulu Klang. After sharing all the photos taken during the event, now i would like to share what I'd gained during the event. Besides meeting with Wardina Safiyyah, the talks content really gave me inspiration to breastfeed for my 2nd baby.

# 1 Talk - Penyusuan Susu Ibu serta demonstrasi latihan Antenatal by Pn Ros Samad

During this session, Pn Ros emphasis on the benefits of breastfeeding in general. It countless as she claimed and the researcher still doing R&D about the benefits of breast milk. The ingredients inside the formula milk are not comparable to breast milk. Milk production company keep imitating the compositions of the breast milk and put in their products. However how its work within baby's body is still cannot be confirmed.

She explained all the benefits of breast milk to baby and the benefits of breastfeeding to mother which we can find in www or articles or blogs or books. She explained all those points in details and full on confident. She has long experienced in lactation counseling and you can contact her if you have breastfeeding problem.

After the talk, she demonstrate antenatal exercises. There were 8 exercises including stretching and breathing technique.

Hand Stretching

Stretching upper body

Luper aper nama exercise ni.. huhuh

Leg stretching

#2 Talk - Kepentingan Susu Ibu dan Kaitannya dari Perspecktif Psikologi by Pn Jamilah Hanum

Pn Jamilah stressed on relationship between the benefit of breastfeeding with children psychology. Among the important points she focused here were the natural bonding that created between mom and baby, cognitive development of the baby when they drink breast milk, mental health of the baby and the benefit of breastfeeding vs suckling of formula milk.

Natural Bonding between Mom & Baby
  • Prolactin hormone which secreted from the body give calming effect to the mother. While Oxytocin hormone known as hormone of love strengthen mom and baby bonding.
  • Skin-to-skin contact
Cognitive development when baby drink breast milk
  • Enhance cognitive development of the children
  • If they exclusive breastfeed, their IQ much better than formula feeding children
Mental Health
  • Good mental health
  • Behave and not hyperactive sangat.
Breastfeeding Vs Suckling
  • Mengurangkan stress
  • Increase milk production
  • Comforting baby
#1 Dialogue Session - Mirwana


This dialogue is about father's role and thought on breastfeeding. They are new father and both wife's breastfeed their children. One thing that they really really agreed and support about breastfeeding was - can save a lot of MONEY. Husband always counting every cent that need to spend. Calculative poker.. uhuksss.

#2 Dialogue Session - Wardina Safiyyah
Saya jatuh cinta sama Wardina Safiyyah. When she talked about breastfeeding, no questions needed as she will explain everything. Eventho, she is not lactation counsellor, yet she managed to give a good infos and talk with confident about breastfeeding. She really do research and breastfeeding is one of her passion. She is a breastfeeding mom icon to me. She managed to breastfeed her children for 2 years.

The conclusion from Wardina

Me & Wardina Safiyyah - She told me that I'm looked young. uhukss.. Bangga jap

Note : If there is Breastfeeding Awareness among the mummies - Practice would be much easier - Breastfeeding would be Malaysian Culture


  1. gmbr last yg mahal tuh.
    go hud, u2 can bfeed long enough like we do.

  2. salam singgah...
    menyokong penyusuan sepenuhnya...


  3. isabelle : Q panjang tau nk amik gmbr tue.. tapi sbb dah suka sgt, rela ku redah Q yg panjang..huhuh

    Sumi: thanks for the support

  4. Salam..huda..adila ni (ex-biomed upm) if u still can recall..hihi..nk masuk 2nd bb ye..congrats! Semoga dpt fully bf for second bb. kite pon fully bf 2nd son..dan setahun 7 bulan. dah merasa ups and downs in breastfeeding. critical first 12 months, in maintaining milk supply dgn jadual pumping yg tak menentu..tp Alhamdulillah..those days have gone. skarang dh dok rumah..so ngempeng je la..hihi..InsyaALLAH. u can do it too!! take care babe..

  5. ooo dila.. igt2.. aah 2nd pregnancy and due insya Allah may nanti. mmg semangat sgt nk breastfeed ni dila.. nmpk pun tau susah, ni kan pula bler dah experience sdn kan... 1st son dulu jap jer breastfeed.. maybe ssb kurang knowledges that y tergendala tgh2 jln2..erhmmm

    doakan Huda berjaya breastfeed nanti. Amin

  6. InsyaALLAH..dila pon first one sampai 6 bulan jer..pastu bile stok dah x cukup, stress, susu pon jd sikit. yg second ni, dah prepare awal2..dlm pantang mmg every hour pam susu. tak rehat langsung, smpai penuh deep freezer. pastu confidence level dh tinggi sikit, stress pasal susu pon dah kurang. supply pon maintain. Alhamdulillah..yg penting semangat !!


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