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Breastfeeding Lesson : Breastfeeding Preparation Class @ SusuIbu.com

Between antenatal and breastfeeding class, which one do you prefer??? In antenatal class, you learned many lessons about the process of labour and childbirth, advice on relaxation techniques, and a guide to pain relief choices. In breastfeeding class, you learn latching technique, feeding position, mother-baby bonding etc.

However, you only apply your antenatal knowledge for 2 or 3 hours of pushing part, breathing technique, and I don't think you can remember what you've learnt in the class during the delivery time. huhuh. All the lessons gone when you are in pain. Contrary to the breastfeeding knowledge, which you can, at least, use them for 6 months or more and that knowledge plus your successful experience are very worthy to share with others.

That why, I had enthusiastically attended breastfeeding class organized by SusuIbu.com on Mar 7, 10. It was a 3 hours class including latching technique demonstration, Q& A sessions and meet up with new friends with same interest was really informative and useful to mummy like me; have breastfeeding experiences but wrong perception (i thought breastfeeding come naturally and no extra knowledge required, but in fact it doesn't come naturally), concept (baby need to latch on my nipple but it supposedly latch on the whole areoala area), naive, less determination. Wrong perception and concept may cause to failure of exclusive breastfeeding to my thought.

Lesson learnt from this preparation class:
Infant feeding and cultural expectation
  • Formula milk Vs Human Milk - Again the benefits of breast milk were being emphasis here. Do i need to write here again .But, of course, to refresh and remind ourselves especially myself all those kelebihan breast milk so that, I won't think twice about breastfeeding of my little one.
  1. The ingredients inside breast milk are the BEST for babies especially antibodies that would protect baby from germ invasion
  2. Help eyes and brain grows faster
  3. Avoid obesity
  4. etc
How were we fed the baby?
What is feeding cues ?? Its a signal/clue/hint/idea from baby to us on what they want. Feeding cues is also one of the method how our babies communicating with us. There were 4 feeding cues that give different meanings and its very important for us to alert so that we won't misinterpret their need. "I'm hungry" cue, "I need a break" cue, "I'm full" cue and " I want to play" cue. One thing I learnt here; when your baby is crying meaning he/she in the state of damn hungry. So do not wait until they crying then you nurse he/she.
Lesson learnt - Baby cry doesn't mean he is hungry, do observe and check his/her feeding cues.

Our Babies
1st of all, we need to know how big is our baby's tummy. By knowing and realizing this fact, we wont overfeed he/she with milk and keeping saying that our baby do not drink sufficiently. Because our breast is not transparent and do not have measurement scale, some of the mummy felt unsatisfied not seeing exactly how much milk the baby receives.
Lesson learnt - Do check your baby's poops colour and frequency plus how much you change your diaper; then you can justify either your baby have enough milk or not

Breastfeeding basics
What is the basic thing that we should know about breastfeeding. From what I've learnt from this class, i think latching technique is the fundamental of breastfeeding. From latching technique, then goes feeding position for the 2nd place and followed by breast milk handling method for 3rd place. Improper latching technique might cause nipple crack, bleeding nipple, sore nipple and frustration. I had experienced this before and hope won't repeat the same mistake again; Mastered in feeding position also an advantages and it very helpful in breastfeeding process. Lastly, handling express breast milk including storing, expressing, warming, freezing is really important to maintain the breast milk nutrients.
Lesson learnt - Understanding the basic concept of breastfeeding will contribute to successful of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Myth you may hear
  • Breastfeeding leads to saggy breasts
  • You won't produce enough milk if your breasts didn't get big during pregnancy.
  • You should not breastfeed you baby when you sick
  • Your baby crying mean your baby is hungry
  • Stop breastfeeding if you baby has diarrhea
Lesson learnt - Do not believe all those taboo without scientific explanation.

There a lot of new knowledge's I got from this class. I will elaborate in another post as i think there would be super duper long written post if i write it here.

Beside the informative class, i got this :
  • An eco shopping bag worth RM 5
  • Panduan Penyusuan Susu Ibu booklet worth RM10
  • BabyBook (which contains everything you need to know about Pregnancy, Birthing, Breastfeeding and Beyond!) worth RM18
  • Breastfeeding Articles

Amirul and his bottle

6 couples made class more comfortable and convenience

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