Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Amirul 24 months old milestones aka He's 2

Most children can do
  • Can name at least six parts on a doll - Since Amirul talk less, so this capability is overlapping with his pointing skills. He knows finger, hand, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, leg, face. Thanks to Baby Genius CD. A good CD for toddlers to start their early learning class and for parent to start homeschooling.
  • Half of speech is understandable - No, but not to worry, pead claim boy is normal if he has speech delay
  • Can make short sentences - No
Half of children can do
  • Start talking about self (what he's doing, what he likes, and what he doesn't like) - How do i elaborate this since Amirul not in the stage of talking yet.
  • Can arrange things in category (form images in his mind, organize categories and arrange things in order) - Yes, can place each shape in its appropriate spot in a shape-sorter when asked.
  • Can walk down the stairs - Yes
A few children can do
  • Begins to understand abstract concept like sooner or later ( he won't be able to point out all the "nice" or "heavy" things, because these are abstract concepts) -
  • Becomes attuned to gender differences (aware of gender differences) - He knows 'banana' is for boy
  • Learns to jump - He can jump, approximately sejengkal
Amirul's other skills and developments
  • His tantrum really give me headache. Is this 'nak dapat adik' syndrome or what

Amirul's merajuk face.. Geram
  • Independent and more sensitive to my need. I love this, i can see an grown up toddler who want to help his mummy in Amirul.
  • I do not know what make him dont want to talk. Try so hard day and nite to teach him talking. (daddy, ma)
  • Understand more instructions.
  • I can see Amirul ni tak byk ckp, tp dier nya skill increasing. If tgk milestone chart, mostly dlm category few children can do, dier bleh buat. more on skills capability
  • Kena marah trus peluk me or daddy tanda minta maaf without disuruh
  • Dah pandai melawan, protest,
  • Figuring out cause and effect
  • He loves sports, loves to watch football and tennis. Thanks to Wii

Gaya seorang champion.

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Eyang & Atok claim that I am future Maradona.. :P

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