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Compilation of My Pregnancy Diary

I love being pregnancy lady, even tho my tummy rounded like soccer ball, my face having acne problem and look chubbier,my body getting heavier now, somehow, Mr Hubby do say i look sexy..Which part yang sexy pun, I'm not sure.. huhuhu. What a nice compliment I think. Of coz, i do really appreciate and demand for compliment as i think myself looked so comot and disorganize at this moment.

This is my Pregnancy Journey for my 2nd Baby.

My Pregnancy Diary : 32 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 31 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 30 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 29 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 28 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 27 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 26 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 25 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 24 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 23 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 22 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 21 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 20 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 19 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 18 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 17 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 16 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 15 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 14 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 13 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 12 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 11 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 10 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 9 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 8 weeks pregnant

Lets read my craving madness, breastfeeding wishlist, tips and practices during pregnancy, diet & supplementation and any pregnancy related things here.

Note : I will update this blog post on weekly basis, do catch it up

Amirul Milestones Compilation

Watching Amirul grow up in front of me the most precious moment in my life. 9 hours working, juggling with house chaos, part time student, bla.. bla.. bla.. thus yet I managed to cope with the hectic schedules with the help from my SUPER Hubby. Thanks Yayang, you are such a lovely Hubby to me and super daddy to Amirul.

This is Amirul Milestones since I build up this blog (14months) until now . I will update this compilation in monthly as this is one of my personal diary for Amirul's development. I may forget when he can do this and when he can do that, with this blog, everything I wrote here will remain here

Amirul 24 months Milestones aka 2 years old

Beside Amirul monthly milestones, do read all of Amirul's skills and development under Milestones tag.

Breastfeeding Lesson : Working without Weaning - Part 1

Working without Weaning

Info about this book :

Title : Working without Weaning - A working mother's guide to breastfeeding
Author : Kirsten Berggrren
ISBN # : 978 -0- 9772268 -6 - 3

After finished reading this is book, the thought of sharing about its contents with the mummy is a MUST. This book is very useful and informative for every single things that mummy should know about the challenges of combining breastfeeding and a full-time job. This book gives you tips, advice from experienced mothers who had being through all the breastfeeding processes and work full-time. This book contained 12 chapters which I will concise into 2 blog posts.

Before Baby is Born
Breastfeeding is like battling. You need to do preparation and get ready. Its come naturally, nevertheless, lack of information, supports, etc may lead to unsuccessful journey of breastfeeding; just like me. So get ready for the battle by; taking a breastfeeding class, find a lactation consultant, choose a breastfeeding friendly pediatrician that support breastfeeding, be around with breastfeeding before your baby is born by making friends with successful breastfeed mummy, get the support from relatives or closest friends, make a 'birth plan' - breastfeed your baby clearly to your nurses, gynea and family, lastly choosing a day care centre that can handle or have experience with breastfeed baby.

Breastfeeding Basics
Breastfeed should come naturally, that what most people claim. However, to make it smooth without facing problems is impossible if we lack of knowledge. What is the breastfeeding basics that we should know? :
  • Latching technique (the way how baby attaches to our nipple) :

Photo by :
  • Feeding frequency
Depend on feeding cues and you just do it when it's time.
  • Problems rise to breastfeed mummy
  1. Sore spots/breast lumps - Cause by plug/clog duct; Treatment - Compress with hot towel and massage gently over the sore spot until the pain is relief
  2. Mastitis - Sore spot begins to turn red followed by flu-like symptoms.; Treatment - Prescriptions from doctor, nurse the baby more often
  3. Sore nipples - Incorrect latching technique; Treatment - Learn correct latching technique
  4. Nipple crack & bleeding - Faulty latch is cause of crack. Treatment : Continues feeding, put a little express milk on nipple after each feeding session and dry them.
Demand & Supply Concept
The more the baby sucks(demand) at your breast, the more milk will be produce by our body(supplier). Easy concept to understand plus key and vital point to remember about breastfeeding.

Setting Goals
How long you want to breastfeed your baby? [1] Make a plan that realistic for you after considering your nature of work, pumping sessions, etc. [2] Start your goal with exclusively breastfeed your baby for 2 months (confinement period). Within the time, [3]do pump your breast milk for next 2 months after you return to work. If seem your goal is working, then continue to another 2 months and you are finally & exclusively breastfeed your baby without any formula supplement. Achieving the targeted goals is a lot more satisfying than striving for a goal that's way off from horizon.

Starting Pumping & bottles
Breast pump is a devices to help us expressing the breast milk. It can either be manual or electric, single pump or double pump, expensive or cheap and its all depend on you which breast pump you'd preferred. Read my post on how to choose a breast pump.

Pumping basics
Start to express you breast milk during confinement period. It can be as early as 2 weeks after delivery where you breast start to engorge and you have oversupply milk and the latest is 2 weeks before you return back to work.

When to pump and how often???
Pump for every missed nursing session. Stocking up your express breast milk is good but its not all necessary. Fresh breast milk is the best compare to freezer stash. For day-to-day pumping, its recommended to pump directly into the bottles and send those bottles to daycare the next day. If you have extra from the pumping session after putting aside for next day use, you can pour it into storage bags for freezer stash.

Expressed Breast milk(EBM) storage.
EBM @ room temperature - up to 8hours
EBM @ refrigerator - 3 days
EBM @ freezer compartment - 3 months

Combining milk pumped is allow with term and conditions.
Fresh milk + refrigerated milk = YES
Refrigerated + frozen = YES
Warm milk + frozen = NO

Heating EBM
Heat EBM under running warm water, in a dish or warm water or in bottle warmer. Don't shake it hard, as this will break down the living immune cells and proteins. DO NOT microwaving the EBM. Its OK to reheat and reuse unfinished bottle - but just once.

Frozen EBM
Frozen EBM should be thaw 1st and use it within 24hours. Thaw EBM should only be heated once. If power failure happened to you, don't get panic; your milk still safe by keep the freezer door shut and don't be tempted to open it. The milk will stay frozen much longer if it's close.

When to use freezer stash??
Fresh milk is far preferable compare to frozen milk due to immune properties. However, freezer stash is needed in certain circumstances; after 6months where your milk supply started to reduce, when you are away from baby for days. How to rotate the freezer stash with fresh milk?If your baby drink 6 bottles daily at day care centre, combine 1 bottle of freezer stash with 5 bottles of fresh milk.

You 1st days Back at Work
Baby's feeding schedule
What is your baby's feeding schedule once you return back to office?? 6 times??? 8 times?? Do maximize your breastfeeding session by feed your baby in the morning once they wake up, feed your baby when you drop him off, ask your care provider to feed baby on cue only and feed baby once you pick him. When your bottle-feeding is less, your body will produce more milk (demand & supply concept) and less your pumping session. What a big relief..

Pumping sessions
Below is the recommendation pumping session:
1st pump session - once you arrived at office or 10 am
2nd pump session - 12 noon (lunchtime)
3rd pump session - 4 pm

Pumping Technique at work
RELAX, Do not peeking at the bottles and counting how much you get from your pumping session, look at the photo of you baby and pump directly into the bottles.

NOTE : There is another 6 chapters to go. Do keep reading as the 2nd part of this chapter is more deal with breastfeeding arrangement after your started working.

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Amirul 25 months Milestones

Most children can do
  • Takes off clothes - Yes with my assistant
  • Names several body parts - Speaks - no, Pointing - yes. Point to most of part of bodies. (eyes, ears, finger, toes, hand, mouth, teeth, when come to nose he will say auchumm (sneezing).. cute)
  • Builds a tower out of three or four building bricks - Yes
Half children can do
  • Washes and dries hands - Yes. Indeed we already trained him since last 3months
  • Brushes teeth with help - Yes.
  • Puts on clothes - Yes with mummy assistant.
  • Speaks clearly most of the time - Mumbling stage
A few children can do
  • Speaks clearly all the time - No
  • Draws vertical line - He loves drawing, but most of the time circle line and more to scribble.
Amirul others skills and development
  • Started to mumbling. Me and Mr Hubby so excited with this improvement
  • Loves to watch sport. Atuk's best buddy to watch Sport channel on Astro
  • Behave in the crowd, however his separation anxiety still there. He may turn to incredible hulk and run to his tantrum wildly.. argggg
  • Helpful - help daddy clean up the toys, massage mummy in his way, put dirty clothes in washing machine
  • High curiousity - Loves to explore things.; end up some of this toys broken into parts. That why i prefer to buy him cheap toys, if broken into pieces xder la terasa sgt..
  • Already established some of family routine ; no TV during meals time, after dinner is sleeping time, switch of TV plug when bler nak kuar
  • He can wear his sandal in correct way; left sandal to left foot and vice versa. However he still need my assistant.
  • Self-grooming. uhukksss. He will take olive oil put on his hair, comb it and smile after finish his grooming session.
  • Amirul have new scooter.
1st trial, stil takut2

Monday, March 29, 2010


Name : Amirul Arshad Mohd Mujahid
Age : 10 months old

Contest Title : AKSi TePuNG GOMAK Si MaNJA by FanTaGHiROLyNN
Contest Last Date : 17 Mac hingga 14 April 2010 jam 1.00 pm
Term & Conditions :
  1. Contest ini terbuka kpd Bloggers sahaja. - DONE
  2. Wajib menjadi follower fantaghirolynn - DONE
  3. Add kan blog ini dalam bloglist masing2. - DONE
  4. Add LINK contest ini di entry blog masing2. - DONE
  5. Add kan banner contest di side bar blog masing2. - DONE
For those interested to join this contest, click here

My pregnancy diary : 32 weeks pregnant

How your life's changing at 32 weeks pregnant
  • Weight - maintain at 69kg. Alhamdulillah..
  • Belly measurement - Wuhuuuuu, increase another inches. But i feel sexy..wakakkaka
  • Shortness of breath - Just looke at my rounded belly.
  • Fatigue - Do i need to eat extra vitamins or supplements.
  • Constipation - No bowel movement problem.
  • My Wii Fit Time - From 50mins exercise, i just can go up to 30mins.. that the max I can do. really exhausted.
  • Back pain.
  • Sex??? I think we should stop for the time being. My heavy & rounded belly is the the main constraint now. Sorry yayang wait until baby come out plus another 120 days.. muahhh I LOVE YOU
  • Now is my shopping and packing time. Another 4 weeks to go, early preparation is good and can avoid any panic situation. Still few baby items and mine need to buy..
Read more about pregnancy diary via BabyCentre here and via here
If you want to know about your baby development at 32 weeks, click here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Listing of items for Newborn Baby

Daily Use
  • Baby Napkins - I'll using Amirul's one
  • Thermometer - Amirul have 2. No need to buy
  • Pacifiers - Important, baby might want to hang on your breast every seconds and you can't do anything besides feeding your baby. Its tiring, so just buy one; be prepared
  • Bottle Cleaner - Pureen orange flavour, my choice
  • Sterilizer - Had this one. Read my review on Little Bean Sterilizer here.
  • Bottle/ Food warmer - Had this one. I bought combo package with sterilizer
  • Feeding Bottles - I want to breastfeeding, however, maybe I'll need this one in emergency case. (I had experience this where, i'm having constipation and in the toilet almost 1hours then suddenly Amirul shouting for milk..)
  • Teats - I'll use orthodontic type teat, so need to buy new one.
  • Bottle Brush - Sharing with Abg Amirul, can or not????
  • Diaper - Newborn size
  • Wipes / Wet Tissue
  • Blanket
Baby Care / Bathing
  • Baby Bath Foam
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Baby Towel
  • Baby Bath Mat - Use Amirul's one
  • Baby Bath Tub - Use Amirul's one
  • Baby Cloth Detergent - Nappy Kleen is my choice
  • Cotton Buds
  • Baby Lotion
  • Baby Nail Clipper - Use Amirul's one
  • Cotton balls
  • Baby hot oil / Yu Yee Oil
  • Swaddle Clothes
Baby Clothing
  • Long Sleeve + Long Pants
  • Short Sleeve + Short Pants
  • Sleeve-less
  • Romper
  • Baby Abdominal Binder (Barut)
  • Hats
  • Handkerchief/Burp clothes
  • Mittens & Botties
  • Bibs
Cot/ Beddings (If you choose to co-sleep with you baby, all these stuff if optional)
  • Baby Cot
  • Mattress - Use Amirul's one
  • Playpen/Travel Cot
  • Pillow & Bolster
  • Bedding Sets
  • Changing Table
  • Rocking Chair / Bouncer - Lend from SIL
  • Baby Swing - optional
  • Mosquito Net
  • Spring Cot/ Net
  • Cot Bumper
Breastfeeding Gadgets
  • Breastpump
  • Cooler bag
  • Ice pack
  • Milk storage bottles
  • Do refer at my breastfeeding wishlist
  • Diaper Bag
  • Baby Sling / Stroller
Mom Care
  • Sock
  • Nursing Bra
  • Maternity Pad
  • Jamu
  • Bengkung
Note : Anything left?? Mummy, kindly add the listing if I had left something important. TQ

25 Things Every New Dad Should Know

Info about this book
Title: Father's First Steps: 25 Things Every New Dad Should Know 
Author: Robert W. Sears and James M. Sears

ISBN No: 9-0781558-323353

This book is very handful for new father, it's an advice to new father, who have to training at all to prepare for any unexpected disasters that will happen in the future. It's a surprise to me because all the things that had been said, had happened to me. There are issues and problems a new father will face and it also provides simple solutions and prompt initiatives for several common situations. 

The book can be used as a guide for a new father in discharging his new responsibilities, help him to understanding the problems and what is the next course of actions should be taken. Here I list down the things every dad should know:

1. Real dads change diapers
Father take part in helping mommy, work as a team. Changing diapers is an early step of father-baby bonding relationship. Statistics shows that your child will need 5000 diaper changes over the next few years. 

2. You're key player on the birth team
"Helping Woman labor is much more than coaching her through breathing and pushing. She needs to feel you are connected to her 100 percent, both emotionally and physically."

Be there for her so she can be emotionally controlled. Give your wife all courage she needs, maybe your hand will empower her to put strength in pushing a baby out. 

3. You and your baby will need some Super Glue
The writer introduce the basic concept of fatherhood - bonding and put the term 'Super Glue'. The concept is to play with your baby, pay attention, and assist the baby to stimulate his brain and growth. Hold the baby to create 'Super Glue' mode. 

4. Your baby needs your little finger.
Baby needs skin-to-skin to make them comfortable. The warm of your touch can make the baby to relax

5. Your baby needs your help throughout the hospital stay
What you can do during hospital stay;
.During the night, seek nurse to check the condition of the baby, and her mother as well.
.Seek moral support to build bonding relationship with baby.

6. You'll have to make a decision about circumcision
Writer showed the advantages and the disadvantages of circumcision; The act of cutting off foreskin of males. The decision is in your hand whether to circumcise or cutting off the prepuce of your children. In Islam, men and women are compulsory to circumcise because we believe that the uncircumcised is exposed to infections and other bad things.

7. You are part of the breastfeeding team
What you have to do when you're in the team, [1] give a hand in helping mommy to find good positing to nursing baby [2] Give your wife a lot of water and snacks [3] Get ready to adapt with night shift routine. 

8. You can ace Baby 101.
Put all the baby thing on mommy's head is unnecessary. After all, A father should wax his skill of handling a baby such as changing diapers, feeding food, bathing baby, and playing with kids. As a team, we should have a tolerance between each other so that the baby grows in happy environment.

9. You can raise your baby (almost) for free
Writer said that raising a baby was not that pricey; from a bottle of milk to baby clothes.  Well, I don't agree with that. The cost of having a baby is quite substantial nowadays, which is contrary to his point right now.

10. You can learn to speak Baby 
It argues that if you assume the baby's cry as a language, and take a prompt respond to every cry he makes, he will be better in communicating with you. 

11. Some babies need more
Some Babies need more attention than any other babies. It is because the baby feels bonded every time he touches the finger of his father. Some babies need to be hugged more, play more, and eat more. That is high maintenance baby, and the writer call it "high-need baby"

12. Grandma can be your best friend
Your grandmother knows everything about baby, so she's more expert of the baby's need and she knows to handle with the crying baby. So when your grandmother teaches you that the baby needs to hugged and held a little longer, you should listen to her. 

13. You can keep a wireless connection to your baby from work 
Actually, you can do this by communicating regularly through phone. Even though your baby can't speak, just get him on the phone to get feeling connected with him. Another idea from this point is that you can setup a digital webcam so you can remotely monitor the baby from office.  

14. You have to help keep the nest clean
A father should know how to clean a house, just like a mother does. 

15. You can have a rewarding career as Mr. Mom
This point suggested that stay-at-home dad is a promising career. If there's opportunity to become one, don't hesitate to take it.

16. Dual Careers are a dual challenge.
Yes, double the effort, double the trouble, double the tiredness, and double almost everything in our life. 

17. You can have all the free time you want.
You can watch your favorite movies, Lost Season 6 perhaps, with the baby in your arms; sleeping soundly. It's an excuse not to run an errand when your wife asks you to do, such as cleaning the dishes, emptying the trash, and wash the clothes. Tell your wife, "How can I help you when I'm holding our sleeping baby?", and go on watch the TV.

18. You have a new playmate
A father must help the baby in developing the growth stimulation especially in motoring skill. Assist him in balancing, hand-eye coordination, finger movements, body rotation, and head muscles.

19. You can help Mom beat postpartum depression
Postpartum Depression is normally happened to new mother. Scientifically explanation agrees that Prolactin brings imbalance to brain hormones that control mood, and mommy feels like to cry, misery, anxiety after giving birth. Father should be beside mother for moral support.

20. You, too, can sleep like a baby
Bringing your baby to your own bed and sleep beside you, will make baby sleeps more deeply without interrupting both father and mother.

21. Oh, Yeah--Mom needs sleep, too
Be prepared to take in charge with the baby thing because mom needs sleep; a vacation.

22. Sex Will Happen again someday 
You have to wait up to 45 days to mommy recovers from her wound of giving birth. Then sex will happen. 

23. A good dad remembers he's a husband, too
Giving too much attention to the baby? Without realizing it, you neglected your job as a husband. Arrange your time to have some free time with your wife.

24. You can ace Doctoring 101
Every father should know the basic symptom of early sickness. Most of the baby shows uneasiness and crying a lot when he fell sick.

25. You'll want to play with grandchildren someday.
A father is essential to stay fit for as long as 30 years later. So that you can play with your grandchildren. How nice is that. 
A Glimpse into the Future: Here I quote some daddy simple rules from the book so you can follow;
  • Give the gift of your time
  • Say "I love You" every day
  • Try not lose temper with your child
  • Generous with praise
  • Don't focus too much on winning

This book should be on every father's bookshelf instead of fishing magazine because it contains practical guides and solutions so that new fathers like me can understand easily Why this things happened? What I should do next? and How to breakthrough this problems? 

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Breastfeeding Wishlist : Medela Freestyle was here !!!!

All the way fly from US to my office door step at Sri Kembangan. It was safely arrived yesterday afternoon. I'm so excited and can't wait to use the pump.. uhukkksss. Wait Huda.. Be patient. another 4 weeks to go. Insya Allah I'll use the pump wisely and my coming soon baby will be exclusively breastfeed with my breastmilk. Other than that, my FS was in good condition. New and sealed.

There was tear on the right hand side of the box. Maybe Immigration Officer wanna check / curious what's inside the box.. uhkkssss

Inside the box
  • Medela Booklet (Instructions & Quick start card, Breastfeeding Infomation Guide);
  • 1 set of tubing,
  • 2 SoftFit breastshields,
  • Breastshield Spare Parts Kit( 2 Breastshield bodies; 2 Membranes; 2 Back Caps)
  • Hands Free Kits (Support belt & extension, 2 Replacement adapters; 2 Small (yellow) straps ), 2 Large (gray) straps,2 Replacement bra adapters - universal,2 Replacement bra adapters - hook & eye,
  • 4 - 5 oz. Containers, 4 solids lids & travel cap
  • Wide base slow flow teat
  • Power cord & charger,
  • 1 Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Cooling element,
  • Removable cooler carrier
  • Tote bag which I forgot to snap the photo.
Lets Zoom In each of the items inside the box.. huhuhu.. (please dont get bored with the photo, this is familiarization session)

Power motor - Light weight motor , just size of your palm

1 set of tubing. - have 3 connector

Power cord & charger - need to buy adapter for Malaysia plug

Breastshield Spare Parts Kit( 2 Breastshield bodies; 2 Membranes; 2 Back Caps)

Hands Free Kits (Support belt & extension, 2 Replacement adapters; 2 Small (yellow) straps ), 2 Large (gray) straps,2 Replacement bra adapters - universal,2 Replacement bra adapters - hook & eye,

Support belt & extension

Cooling element and Removable cooler carrier

Note : How to use the handfree?? lecehnya.. Anybody can teach me the easiest way to use all those that.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Motherhood Expo @ Mid Valley

Event :Motherhood Expo
Date: 19 - 21 mar 2010
Venue: Hall 1 , Level 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC),
Activities: Click below photo to see the list of activities

photo :

Parent holding their children, mom-2-be like me, daddy pushing the stroller while mummy busy strolling each booth to see what interest them. What a crowd !!!! Fuhh. I lost Mr Hubby and Amirul when I stopped at one booth and both of them just walked straight without waiting for me.. erhmm. Actually, this kind of expo is not recommeded to bring babies or toddlers as the crowd was so hectic. So this is what happened to Mr Hubby and Amirul while I'm having my own time strolling each booth peacefully.. huhuh

Mr Hubby with his Ipod; Amirul with is tractor

Plenty of booth provided various services participated in this expo, however, not much caught my attention. There were Combi, Neslac, Yakult, Maybank Etika, StemCell, Karangkraf, Buds YouHaveABaby/Autumnz's and etc. Various of booth, nevertheless, only KarangKraf & YouHave ABaby/Autumnz booth caught my attention. I've spent about 1hours at YouHaveABaby/Autumnz booth. They were selling nursing bra, cloth diaper, breastmilk storage bag (ziplock style) , etc. You can go to their website for more details.

Participant's booth

Participant's booth

We finished here.. lets go another place.. huhuh

Caught of the day

Choosing The Right Hospital

Photo by: Igorlando

After doing a budget list upon Amirul's needs and wants; clothes, milk, stroller, toys, and medical, we have to accept that, we couldn't afford to have Amirul at private hospital. It could consume all our money, forcing us to take loan if we couldn't settle the bill. We turned our head to public hospital, specifically Hospital Putrajaya. My wife got hook by her elder sister's testimony about the hospital, that the nurses are friendly, the wardroom is spacious, and the food is practically acceptable.    

We like to share about Our Tips For Choosing The Right Hospital For You;
[1] The nearest hospital.
We registered at the nearest hospital to our house. In  early 2008, We were planning to have a Amirul at private hospital. After all, Amirul is our first baby we should enjoy by celebrating at the private one, despite our money jar is getting empty. But we reconsidered it, after recalculating our money (not enough to pay private hospital!!) and the reliable private hospital was 20 km away from our house. We saved that money into Amirul's savings instead. 

[2] Well-equipped facilities and well-experienced experts. 
Maybe private hospital have some fancy gadgets with advanced technology, that everyone should not ignore. And there's no reason that they cannot setting the price high, equals with their services, and their doctors. But for me, it is sufficient enough for hospital that armed with moderate facilities and well-experienced experts. There's no need for Superexperts to cater my needs.  

[3] Moral Support for Wife.
What I like about hospital putrajaya is that they invite the husband or a relative inside the labor room, so that wife can outperform during pushing and screaming. I was inside the labor room when Amirul came out, but I did only a little part in moral supporting  because I felt numb and frozen like a stone at that time. I hope for this upcoming baby, I can give a full force of screaming, "Push, Honey! Our baby's coming, Pushh!" 

[4] A hospital that recommends immediate breastfeed.
My wife has wielded her loyalty to breastfeeding. I as her partner, support her in every ways. There are some hospitals that support breastfeeding after laboring, but some aren't. We have to ask first whether they recommend immediate breastfeeding after laboring, or not.

For our upcoming baby, we have planned to have ours at the same hospital Amirul was delivered. We have a good memory with Amirul there. And we, without hesitation, put our trust on the hospital for our second baby.
Further reading: [1] [2] [3] [4]

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And the Winner is......

Sorry for the delay annoucement. Watch the video to see who is the winner..


Congratulations to the winner. Do contact us to redeem the prize. Contact us at /

Note: For those yg tak berjaya, wait for another contest..

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My pregnancy diary : 31 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 31 weeks pregnant
  • Pre-pregnancy shoes may no longer fit you well - Still wearing my current shoes.
  • Less food go in, but frequency is increasing.. How much would be my weight this week??
  • Doing your Kegels - Yes, plus breathing technique
  • Back pain is my BEST friend at this moment
  • Easily to get tired - Lucky Mr hubby so kind to help me to do housework. You are the best la Yayang
  • Started segregating my office work to another colleague. - filing up all the documents, tidy up my messy table, finished up never ending work.(Office workload is increasing) - preparation to maternity leave
  • Uncomfortable and pain when baby strecthing, baby actively move here and there eventho the space in womb getting limited
  • Already bought breast pump. Busy reading and digging more about handling EBM.
Read more on 31 weeks of pregnant via BabyCentre and
How you baby developed this weeks?? read more here
Breathing technique is very vital during delivery a baby (based on my experience), do read here more.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Breastfeeding Wishlist : Choosing A Breast pump

Remember my breastfeeding wishlist?? I need to jot down every time I want to buy something, so that I wont forget. According to my breastfeeding's wishlist, the 1st item in the list is BREAST PUMP. After 6months of surveying and reviewing the available breast pumps in the market, I had made the decision to buy Medela Freestyle Hand free breast pump. Fuhh, its not an easy decision to make as the breast pump is quite pricey, though the good review have been given by users. After considering all the good sides and the drawbacks of this pump, I had bidding session on eBay US and managed to grab Medela Fresstyle breast pump; USD 349.99 including postage approximate RM1159.03

Talking about surveying and review of breast pump in the market, it's really made me feel confuse and hesitate, which breast pump is the best and worth every cent that i would spend. Of course everyone of us want the best because the price of the breastpump is not cheap. Mencecah ratusan ringgit and some ribuan ringgit.huhuh

According to my breast feeding wishlist, I'm looking for Spectra 3 or Medela Harmony. However after reviewing and surveying process, I had short listed to Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump and Medela Freestyle Hand-free Breast pump.Both pumps have their own competitive advantage. I don't want to do comparative debate of each pump, and claimed this breast pump is good, and that breast pump is better. Instead of doing that, I think it's better that I'm sharing about things that we should consider when buying a breast pump.

Before buying a breast pump, what things that we should consider :
Your Nature of Work
  • Is your work required you travel frequently ?? - If yes, you need light weight pump or pump that have car adapter where you can pump while driving ; eg : Medela, Spectra 3
  • Are you most of the time busy at work and no 'take 5' rest - If yes, you need double breastpump to save your time. eg : Medela Freestyle, Spectra 3, Ameda Purely Yours,
  • Does your bos give 1/2hrs break for pumping ?? If yes, you can choose to use manual pump or single electric pump. eg: Avent ISIS, SafetyPlus, Medela Harmony & Swing
Type of breast pump prefer
  • Manual - Use the strength of the hand or arm muscles for single pumping. Not recommended for heavy duty pumper.
  • Electric pump - Operated using electricity or batteries or plug in your car; Medela, Ameda, Spectra, Mamivac
  • Single pump - Having a cup to collect milk that sits on one breast at a time; Medela Swing, Safety Plus
  • Double pump - Have double pump extracts milk from both breasts simultaneously; Spectra 3, Ameda Purely Yours, Medela PISA & Freestyle, Mamivac
New / Used Pump
  • Used Pump - You have to considered about health issues that may rise after using the pump, how long the pump had being used in the past, maybe if you still insist on used pump, you shall consider changing few of spare parts,
  • New Pump - Compare the price, buy in-store or online, warranty, after-sales-service

After considered above tips, then check your budget. If you have enough budget, you should go for reliable and good quality breast pump like Medela, Spectra, Ameda and Mamivac. If you have limited budget, you can choose to buy manual pump like Avent . The choice is at your hand.

You can read here, where mummies sharing about their breast pump.
Read on tips on picking the right breast pump for you by Dr Sears

Note : provides sample unit of breast pump that most available in the market. Beside seeing it in real, you can try it yourself. Try it, touch it, feel it and pump it using your desire breast pump. This is good service for me as you can feel yourself how the pump is work on you. You dont have to worry about the hygiene concern as they will sterilize the breast pump after being used.

Multiple choice of breastpump to try

Medela Freestyle demo session
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