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Your Money And Family: Private Vs Public Hospital

The options are at my hand to choose between private hospital and public hospital, to choose where to put my wife whether at 'hell' or 'heaven'. I still shocked when some people simply called it hell as for public hospital and heaven for private hospital. Whether it's appropriate or not to put such names to both hospitals, it's depends on individual perspective view. I know many readers had a bad experience with the public hospital, so they swore not to let their own wife to take even one step inside the public hospital and they turned to private hospital for better treatment of their new baby. On a contrary, some of us felt that they are being cheated when they saw enormous hospital bill, so they paid regretfully and then registered at public hospital which is economically logical for upcoming second baby

Ok, let's compare between both of hospitals which are suitable for our wife and unborn child.   

#1. Private vs. Public, Round 1: Money
A father with the money issues would have certainly make a long thought before engaging with the chosen hospital. It is in every husband's soul to watch his wife be treated like the queen of Egypt; get spoiled every minute with nurse's friendliness, the warmth of the bed, and the spacious and air-conditioned room with Astro TV to watch. Beside, the wife had just excite her every cell of energy to make push for baby ("Teran!!! Bukan hembus!!!" that's what I'd heard from a bold nurse during Amirul's delivery), we should reward her with something like --private hospital. Yes, it is in every husband's soul, but it's just the wallet of the husband shows the limit. 

For me, choosing the public hospital is worth for our money and our children. My wife and I share the same thought that we should spend thousand Ringgit buying toys for development of our children, rather than to spend our money to private hospital. 

The total cost of delivery for public hospital in 2008 for Amirul; under RM500. While the cost of expenses at private hospital may vary between RM1200 to RM7000, depends on either normal or ceasarean delivery. We all aware that ceasarean costs you dearly, for instance, my friend has yet to settle his loan to cover the ceasarean expenses of his first baby when his wife delivered a second baby. It's really give him a headache. 

Result: Public Hospital Wins.

#2. Private vs. Public, Round 2: Hospitality 
Your nurse treats you with the combo of continuous smiling and always lends a helping hand like loyal servant. The food is absolutely delicious that you resist to left any single food's component on your plate. You room is always big and comfortable. The doctor is always the same doctor you saw this morning who knows your actual condition. All you can get if you have enough money to bear the cost of private hospital.

I remember my wife told me that the nurse was being a little unfriendly to her. When she asked the nurse to help her with our new baby (Amirul), the nurse answered, "If you delivered your baby in ceasarean way, then I will help you. Since you delivered your baby normally, I suggest you do it on your own," and then she left. Not only that, my wife often get consulted with different doctors before and after the delivery, which they refer the condition of my wife merely on papers. So, the less money you spend, the less hospitality you'll get. 

ResultPrivate Hospital Wins.

#3. Private vs Public, Round 3: Facilities
We already well-known that public is sardined with older people and patients. What we don't know, the public hospital is also full with staff who working on shift around the clock especially anesthetists and surgery. Moreover, my wife had easy access to physiotherapy, paediatrician, and obstetrician during delivery time. 

I'm not going to comment or suggest anything about the facilities of the private hospital because my wife has never been and will not be delivering a baby at a private hospital. But I could speculate that the private hospital is as good as the public hospital. If any readers had an experience using the facilities, please do share with us.    

Result: Tie

As for conclusion, I still stick with the public hospital because what matters the most for my children are their health and growth development, education savings, and adequate emotional support from us. Maybe we should deserve more good hospitality and treatment from public hospital and I believe that the public hospital is improving their quality right now for the sake of Malaysian people. 


  1. May be you should try Hosp Serdang or HUKM. I had good experience with these 2 hospitals. They allow husband to accompany the wife during delivery. Plus, in HUKM, it's the doctor who deliver the baby, not the mid-wife!

    People with small 'pocket' like us, public hospital is the best option. But, must also be alert. If you sense something wrong, please immediately inform the doctor. Insist to see the doctor, don't keep quiet. If the doctor also keep quiet, lodge a complaint.

    Any how, don't worry, we have our brother doctor, don't we? Keep sure he's there when the time comes!

  2. i vote Hosp Serdang..!! sgt puas hati services dorang.. me, myself b'salin apr. 2007.. nurse kt situ pun baik2..ade sorang nurse tu tlg buat milo panas & sapu mnyak panas kt kaki i gara2 i kesejukan sblm tnggu nk msuk labour room.. doc. yg smbut my bby Dr. Jamali (Pakar O&G)..dia gak yg jadi tukang jahit..hehe..sgt friendly & baik doc. nie..i b'salin normal + vakum sbb dh sejam lbh meneran kepala bby kuar msuk jer.. t'sngkut kt bahu..bile heart beat dropped, then doc decided buat vakum (nie klu kt private dh lame kena C-section)

    then, hsbnd blh msuk dlm labour room.. siap my hsbnd tido lg sama2 kt my room (1st class blh..2nd & 3rd class x blh rsnye), i kena admitted 3 ari kt hosp lps b'salin gara2 demam panas akibat tumpah drh..huhu..kluar hosp. free jer x kena byr sbb i gomen servant.. ekeke.. cube bygkn klu i b'salin kt private konpem bribu-riban lar kena byr..

    ape2 pun..1 bnda yg my mom slalu ckp.. byk2 doa & buat solat hajat ms ngandung minta dipermudahkn kite b'salin & dpt rezeki yg baik ms b'salin (rezeki means dpt doc. baik, nurse baik, wad x penuh etc.)..alhamdulillah i peroleh smua tu ms b'salinkn Eiymann..

    for me lbh baik b'salin gomen hosp...baik labur duit yg byk ribu-riban tuk beli clothes, toys, breastpump etc.

  3. @Ulfa Nur @e-caR NazRin aka ibuEiymann, thanks for the good explanation. Appreciate that.

  4. Salam,

    I delivered my doter in public hospital too due to my hubby's "small pocket".

    I agreed in saving our money for the children's need compare than to spend thousands for hospital bill.

    However, my experiences in Hospital Besar Ipoh was not that good. Not be able to get the 2nd class even the 1st class. They told us all were already full which they give a priority to the government staffs. So I stuck at 3rd class for 6days. And the list of the nightmares goes on...

    At the end the most imprortant things are both the mommy n baby are in good condition.

  5. Apash : agreed with you,the most important thing is, mummy and baby in good condition. plus we wont spent our confinement period in the hosp that required 5star treatment. huhu

  6. for more comment, do read here


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