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Your Money And Family: Hiring A Maid

There are two core tasks that functioning the jobs of housewives; (a) Daily Chorus: House cleaning and cooking and; (b) Look after the children such as babysitting the children as well as nurturing them a proper education while they at baby and toddler stage. 

Both (a) and (b) are important to maintain at satisfaction level, my opinion is tendency to task (b) especially on education needs because good kids come from the good care of their parent or their guardians

A trash compactor robot. A good candidate for housemaid

For instance, my friend who has 3 children, hired a housemaid to do only house cleaning, cooking, and clothes chores. Therefore, my friend's wife responsibility is to focus on the children; give full attention to them, feed them with love and affections, and nurture them with education and learning. In other way, you can save tadika or kinder garden school fees and other supplementary lesson such as Little Caliph and Q-Dees

That's what every mum should do and we all wish to do that for our children, what becomes a barrier is our money. 

Some of us can afford their daily expenses and manage to get some money for savings at the end of the month solely by husband's or wife's salary. But most of us cannot, so both spouse are forced to work to get more money and better savings.

Cost of Hiring a Maid
Initial or One-off payment: RM5000. (The cost may deductible from housemaid wages) 
A Maid Wages plus renewal of permit and medical fitness for one year: RM 8000 (assuming that a maid wages is RM500/month) 

Looking at Maid; from the perspective of money. 
Hiring a maid reduces a lot of daily chores responsibility especially for working mother or mummy like my wife, because that tasks are delegated to maid. A lot of advantages for a big family who has 3 - 4 toddlers need to be taking care of, because the cost of Taska or daycare service is ranging from RM200 to RM300 per month for one child. My wife and I are planning to have maximum of four kids in our family. So the cost may occurs about RM1200 per per month. That's RM 14,400 per year. Comparing between maid and Taska, there is difference amounting of RM6400 per year. Wow, what an advantage having a maid! that's what I said,  when I did the math.

Looking at Maid; from the perspective of productivity. 
Mummy can do the relaxation activity after battling the boss or colleague at work and let the stress fly away. Because the maid will do the dinner. Mummy can watch her favorite TV Show Desperate Housewives while monitoring the maid bathing for Amirul. Mummy can concentrate on her favorite activity such as blogging because the maid do the housekeeping and drying clothes.

So mummy's productivity is zero. All mummy has to do is sit back and relax. Let's maid do all the work. That is great because mummy will not having a headache anymore to do a lot of things. She can concentrate on her work, so that her productivity at office will relatively increase.

Hiring a maid is sucks, we don't believe in it. Regardless the advantages and goodness of hiring a maid, my wife and I don't buy the idea. My wife will never say yes if I suggest to hire a maid. 

"not even a thousand light years" or "you want to amirul to be like this" or "are you questioning about my competency as a good wife? Hey listen, I'm a supermum!!". These are the answers every time I bring the subject to our conversation.  

For good reasons, I agreed with her.

Reason#1 : We can do exercise. 
And burn our calories by housekeeping, drying clothes, cooking and other housekeeping. I realized it makes sense because we don't enough time for ourselves to exercise. By the time we reach home, it already 7.00 o'clock. Housekeeping and cooking are only activities we have.  

Reason#2 : Maid don't have ability to take of our children. 
Fair enough and totally agree with that. My wife don't have a confidence in maid to look after our offspring. If we have to bear the cost of daycare (Taska) or babysitter, then we have do to it. Our beliefs is beyond our money. 

Reason#3: Another human living in our house. 
My wife didn't like the idea of a stranger living under one roof with us. Because she works for us, we have to give one room for her and share our utilities. She knew where our valuable items, keys to every door, and our routines. My wife just don't trust someone who connected to us on that basis and live in our house. 

With bad news about maid's child abuse (amah/orang gaji) spreading all over Malaysia,  To reduce my wife's burden, I offered myself to assist her in doing daily chores. Tasks were delegated and I have to washing the dishes, cooking every Thursdays and Fridays, drying some of the clothes, cleaning the outside, do the groceries and other tasks which I can't remember right now. But someday I guess, we will desperately need a help from a maid if things weren't work well, which was agreed by my wife. But we will try as hard as we can to seek a part-time maid without her to live in our house, more like a domestic helper.  


  1. i love the idea of domestic helper instead of maid.. we'll think about it when the time comes.

  2. Must get a good one. Don't get one from hell.


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