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Why I like it longer and Why You Should Not Get Jealous of Her?

My Beloved Readers, This blog post is Out Of Topic. There's no parenting element in this content. But don't worry, I promise will give you my hand phone HTC Touch if win this contest.

My temptation was burning the first time I saw LG chocolate BL40. In exhilaration, I almost dropped my tear because this time, LG phone is really making a stand out. The shinning light of the innovation illuminating every darkness corner. Consequently, the other handphones started to fade out.

LG Chocolate BL40. Yes, We talk about a handphone which is longer than usual. If we take the ratio of 11.74: 4.67: 1 (128mm x 51mm x 10.9mm), do some critical analysis, and turn the measurement into human figures, we should get our lovely Malaysia's sweetheart's Amber Chia or Nasha Aziz figures. That's why they call it the supermodel mobile phone because it's so irresistible that everyone especially men will give the look the twice at her; the same look whenever men lay their eyes on a cute girl.

LG chocolate is the goddess of all temptations!! So tell me how could I ever stop looking at her when I notice her dazzling completeness of beauty is beyond the unimaginable? Right now, all I can think is how can I catch this supermodel's eyes so she could be mine? I know, the only thing that can stop this madness is to have her, do whatever to it takes just to be near to her, and cross the line of an uncertainties so that I can hold her all the time.  

RM2,199 is her appraisal. Wow, just as I thought. She is really materialistic. Well, she deserves it. 

Making decision into buying the LG Chocolate BL40 will surely rock my marriage life, I have a vision that my wife will be mad at me when I bring the decision to our discussion (I had made an unforgiven deal with her that I have to use my phone more than 5 years before buying a new one, now I trapped myself in) . To make my wife agree, I should have strong and bold justifications to support my proposal. 

photo by: Gadgetfolder

I made a research and noted the important factors about LG Chocolate BL40, so I could give a good reason why I should have her. So made up my title proposal like this: "Why I like it longer And why You Should Not Get Jealous Of Her"   

Reason #1 Longer is beautiful.
Spellbound by her length, my day was wasted just by looking at her. She is indescribably beautiful and I shall regret for not having her for the rest of my life. You see, she is longer than any other phone

Reason #2 Longer is wealthiness.
One mile to every inch of her skin represent the wealthiness and the luxury, which most of her skin painted with elegant black and a little red coated with tempered glass. The combination of black and red illustrates money and value, where I can see that by having her reflects my personality, indirectly people will value me as a great person. 

Reason #3 Longer is prosperity
[1]Long digit of bank account, [2] long list of beautiful wives, and [3] long life are the kind of prosperities that I dreamed of. Whilst I know that my dreams will not be materialized for a 100 years especially no. 2 (or else my wife would stab me with his favorite knife), I could substitute them by having LG Chocolate BL40 which has a great criteria in longevity; her life expectancy (battery) and physical durability are beyond the definition of a normal hand phone. 

Reason #4 Longer is fashionable and stylish.
She is so one of a kind, fashionable handphone with the cutting-edge design and the quality of superior. Her stylish flash-UI (flash user interface) with classy 800 x 345 screen should not be neglected. Her body should be beneficial to everyone because it's easy to hold.

Reason #5 Longer is Sexy
I'm going to admit that I'm attracted to her physical appeal like an adrenaline rush filled up my brain. Every time I touch her, my world is trembling inside. She's hotter than Nokia 7280 [via youtube]. I mean who could resist when you see an attractive hand phone which is synonymous with a supermodel? 

Reason #6 Longer is Productivity
With the advantages of longer screen than other hand phone available in mass market, she will be used as the no.1 productivity tool for individuals students, and businesses people. With versatile applications, smooth virtual QWERTY keybooard, finger gesture shorcuts people can do more multiple tasks and getting things done. 

Reason #7 Longer is Romantic
Being longer brings more intense feeling of intimacy. Her longish design surprises me, leaves me breathless for a while. Welcoming the LG phone into my life will strengthen my relationship with my wife. Being romantic is being able to express my affection towards my love. 

Reason #8 Longer is the New Slim
Most of the people focus at her length and they forgot to look at her slimness which is very convenient, your pants will never look so bulky when you slip her right into your pocket.

Reason #9 Longer is cute. Cuter than my Amirul

Reason #10 Longer is revolution 
She will change the way people watch video playback on the phone because she is equipped with gorgeous 4-inch, 21:9 panoramic view which give more value to your watching movie experience. She revolutionizes the dual viewing screen so that you can read email easier. She also has finger friendly; smart gestures, smooth touch, need no pressure, goes like fluid, and it goes as your finger commands.


What if we bring the word longer into our practical life? and see how significant BL40 is to our daily scene. Assume that I posses this hot supermodel, and I would love everything in my life to be longer.

Why I like queue longer?

Photo By: Anif

I'd love to queue at JPN Counter (infamous with its notorious long queue) and I wish it would be a little bit longer, to be specific; 162 minutes. So can watch full-length Avatar movie in cinematic view. While I feel my life is thrilled with my LG Chocolate BL40, others feel wasted for waiting in queue all day long. 

Why Like to walk to my house longer?

I'd love to walk home and I wish it would be a little bit longer because I can hear MP3 long enough and music seems richer with Dolby Mobile Sound Enhancement. [via Philippines Tarsier]. Another thing is, I could take panoramic photos using 5 mega pixel camera on the way to home.  

Why i like to commute to work longer?
photo by:mybigbro

I take the KTM train everyday to work. Because I have such a good LG phone, I'd like to commute a little longer so that I can play games long enough before I notice everybody around looking at my new sexy technological-advanced LG phone. Accelerometer sensing technology makes the game experience much better, with measure movements such as rotation, and motion gestures such as swinging, shaking, and flicking. Hmm, I realized I have missed my station.

Why I like traffic to be longer?
photo by:Mstar

I would love to get caught in a traffic like this, and it will get more excited when it comes to total halt. So I can check my email in dual screen, easily cross checked synchronously. Then, I can view the photo of my life with true-to-life image HD display. To readers, please don't use the phone while driving. Unless you're an excellent driver like me. 

Why I like to wait my order in restaurant longer? 

Waiting in anger was the thing in the past. My life changes with the present of her. Now, I have patience to wait a little longer by surfing a complete full website; a new exciting experience of reading a websites. So exciting that my food has gone cold. 

Why I love people give me an angry look longer? 

They acknowledge at some point, they realized that they never own anything valuable. LG Chocolate is so valuable. Precious. Now I love people looking at me angrily a little longer, so that I can show my supermodel LG right in their faces. Their strings of jealousy become so tight, if I show off once again, I might get a raging uppercut from them.

My wife is a very practical person. She will not going to buy if the item doesn't appropriate with actual everyday use. To convince her, I have to show her several hypothetical situations above. I hope she will agree. 

In the end, my wife disagreed with me and suggested me not to buy that LG Chococolate BL40 (I think she's jealous, I could see it in her face). She advised me to enter Nuffnang "Why I like it longer" contest. I need to win this, to fulfill my flaming desire for a new mobile. 

Why I like it longer? Because she puts the color inside of my world.


  1. kenwooi : thanks, its my last minute entry, hope will cause me luck to have the handphone


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