Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why Husband say NO to SEX during pregnancy

Contradict with my previous entry where wife would say NO to SEX, there are husbands out there would say NO to sex too through out his wife's pregnancy; excluded my My Hubby.. hehhehhe. WHY???? why some husband turn down from intimacy during pregnancy. Is this one of the effect to their early stage of fatherhood journey??

Factors contributes men " SAY NO to SEX"
Thinking of future-to-be
  • Dad-to-be already feel the burden that they need to carry once they received their wife's pregnancy news
  • Financial burden that they will facing - child education fund, hospital bill
Sympathy for his wife pregnancy sickness
  • Morning sickness
  • Heartburn
  • Stretch Mark discomfort
  • Incontinent problem
  • Labour pain
  • Edema
Hormonal changes
  • Prolactin & cortisol - associate with the onset of parental behavior (A new nightmare begin & mix feeling overwhelm him; anger, fear, disappointment, happiness )
  • Not confident with himself either he can fulfill his wife's desire
  • Dad-to-be feel afraid her wife's love all goes to new born baby
Wife no longer attractive
  • Growing abdomen and leaking breasts may seem more messy than seducing
  • Her body less fun and sexy
  • Wife's movement becomes slow during intercourse - less excitement during intercourse
How WIFE can manage this:
  • Discussion and communication on what both of you want
  • Do same things together (find new hobby/watch TV together)
  • Do not compare you hubby current sex drive with pre-pregnancy one
  • Be patient - give time to Mr Hubby for his parenthood journey fear

    Husband out there, don't let your sperm turn to 'frog price'. hehehhe
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  1. my hubby thought I still looked sexy during both of my pregnancy periods ;)

  2. what? I agree with you. My wife still looking sexy. huhu

  3. temp.houseife : alhamdulillah when ur Hubby appreciate u no matter how you look like;rounded belly, sag breast etc.

    Natrah : same goes to my Hubby, he still give a good compliment even myself rase comot sgt.


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