Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nintendo Wii saved My Petrol Usage

There I just said it, Wii Nintendo saved my petrol usage. Playing Wii made me forget about outside world, that can make my money gone in a blink or in a fraction of seconds. Instead of collecting 90 kilometers on Saturday and Sunday, wasting my time to visit such popular malls like Midvalley, The Curve, Ikea, and KLCC, I play with Amirul by Wiimote in my hand; swinging, batting, tilting, and cooking. The Wiimote that can detect detailed movement in three dimension, gave us gaming addict which we could play Wii all day long without rest. But the price of the console is quite expensive. It was RM1299 including two Wiimote and Nunchuck plus 10 DVD games, bought it at The Curve after listening recommendation from my brother and several trusted friends, who told me that it was the cheapest price in KL.     

It's a huge expense for me. RM1299. I never bought a gaming console which cost that much. If I transformed that money into petrol RON95, I could enjoy filing petrol until full to my Saga fuel tank about 26 times. But I feel no guilty or regret buying that console because I thought as if it was an investment and it would give you returns in future but not in form of money. 

My wife and I love to outing at several interesting places on weekend, mostly at shopping Mall. Midvalley or The Curve, if we got bored, we pushed our fuel pedal to KLCC. Weekend outing was our hobby. Our obligatory activity. I remember when my wife still carrying Amirul inside her womb, we went to three different places; Sunway Pyramid Mall, The Mines, and Jusco Balakong, and then my wife broke her waterbag, which resulting the birth of our first baby. Our weekend lifestyle was cost us a fortune. The upkeep was hurting our cash flow and we did notice that however, we refuse to change our lifestyle. We loved it. Ok, Let me do the math. 

Calculation of Weekend Outing. 
Shopping Items = RM50
Lunch and Dinner x 3 [MacDonald, Nandos, everything fast food]= RM50
Petrol + Toll + Parking Fee + Others = RM30
Total = RM 130
2.5 years = 52 weeks + 52 weeks + 26 weeks = 130 week X 130 = RM16,900

The outing had been going on about 2 and a half years which the accumulated expenses was RM16,900. The outing kept going on and on, until my wife pregnant a new baby and the purchasing of a new house. That two occurrence changed our lifestyle. Consequently, we need extra savings to pool our money, gather up 10% of purchasing value to pay deposit as well as money for maternity bill and expenses. To do that we have to stay home without going anywhere on weekend. The disposal of the family outing activity seemed necessary because it consumed our money, but we had replace our weekend with something that paid our interest. And that was Nintendo Wii. 

How long this Nintendo enthusiasm last? I ask myself. Someday this toy will be abandoned. Just like we did to Dance Dance Revolution Game. But I think it may last up to three years. I hope this console will help me to save me more money in future.

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  1. thanks yayang for Wii Fit. I love it so much and addicted to it day and nite


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