Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My pregnancy diary : 24 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 24 weeks pregnant -
  • Faint red streaks, or stretchmarks on your tummy, hips, buttocks and breasts - Yes, i hate this bcoz its make my hips and buttocks ugly accompanied by itchiness at the same time.
  • Eyes are more sensitive to light, feeling gritty and dry - So far do not have this kind of problem
  • Feel tightening, contraction-like pains in your uterus. These are called Braxton-Hicks contractions, normally felt from around now till ninth month
  • Sleepless night - Not due to frequent toilet trip, but stretch mark itchiness. I wake up in the middle of the night to apply stretch mark cream
  • No more leg cramp nightmare, maybe because i drink a cup of warm milk with one tablet of calcium.(normally i only drink warm milk before sleep)
  • Back pain - I'd used pillows for support and wear comfortable shoes (crocs)
  • I went for baby scanning. Since this is 1st time scan, so the doctor do overall scanning which including fetal sex determination.
  • After overall check-up, doc explain about my vaginal discharge problem, I can have normal delivery; also depend on the time of delivery, and baby weighted 750g (but mummy already gain almost 12kg..arggg)

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Here is few natural remedies to share for leg cramp.

Note : My vaginal discharge problem due to bacteria infection and became worse after repair my perineum stitches. Its normal for pregnant lady to have vaginal discharge problem but for my case, its plenty compare to normal one. Its a relief after this check up, gynea said i can have normal delivery just like how i delivered Amirul contrary from her advised on Cesarean option for next baby

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