Monday, February 15, 2010

How to survive the itchiness of my entire body?

I HATE STRETCH MARK, that is what woman in above photo said. I think not only me, perhaps, if you ask every woman not limited to pregnant mummies, they would agreed with me and say NO to stretch mark. However, stretch mark its quite synonym to me during this pregnancy. Thigh, butts, leg are among my stretch marks affect area. Every pregnancy is different and the major problem that i have this time is itchy stretch mark.

Why stretch mark ithcy???
According to gathered info :
  • When the small red spots raised on develop stretch marks and itchy at the same time; its may be Polymorphics eruption of pregnancy (PEP) or pruritic urticarial papules and placques of pregnancy (PUPPP) - This occurs when rapid weight gain happened, skin becomes stretched, dry and inflexible
  • When they started forming, they cause intense itching and a lot of discomfort
According to my experiences:
  • Due to rapid weight gain, 51kg to 61kg within 5months, red lines appear at my thigh area and skin becomes dry and itchy.
  • Especially night time where my body always sweat, the affected area become very itchy. Night waking is common to me now where i need to wake up several time to apply stretch mark cream.
How to relief for Itchy Stretch Marks
According to gathered info :
  • Massage the areas with moisturizer. Massage the area several times a day where the stretch marks begin to appear.
  • Drink lot of water.Water will keeps skin hydrated and soft which will make it less likely to form stretch marks and at the same time, will help get rid of it.
  • Eat healthy diet, follow food pyramid recommendation especially foods rich in zinc and vitamins A and C. These vitamins and minerals are known to promote healthy skin
  • Exercise regularly help increase the health of the skin
According to my experiences:
  • I apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark cream. Not limited to night time or day, i will apply every time i feel itchy.
  • I forcing myself to drink at least 1L of water. My tummy sometimes bloated with water and my toilet trip increase. However its work for me, as i less scrubbing at the affected area.
  • I think i eat according to food pyramid.. Fruit??? green apple and mangga muda.. huhuh
  • I do exercise every weekend. Brisk walk 3rounds on track

Mummy do stretching

To read details on PUPPP/ PEP via Wikipedia

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  1. stretch mark is one of the things that irritate us during pregnancy. huhu


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