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Breastfeeding Wishlist : Choosing A Breast pump

Remember my breastfeeding wishlist?? I need to jot down every time I want to buy something, so that I wont forget. According to my breastfeeding's wishlist, the 1st item in the list is BREAST PUMP. After 6months of surveying and reviewing the available breast pumps in the market, I had made the decision to buy Medela Freestyle Hand free breast pump. Fuhh, its not an easy decision to make as the breast pump is quite pricey, though the good review have been given by users. After considering all the good sides and the drawbacks of this pump, I had bidding session on eBay US and managed to grab Medela Fresstyle breast pump; USD 349.99 including postage approximate RM1159.03

Talking about surveying and review of breast pump in the market, it's really made me feel confuse and hesitate, which breast pump is the best and worth every cent that i would spend. Of course everyone of us want the best because the price of the breastpump is not cheap. Mencecah ratusan ringgit and some ribuan ringgit.huhuh

According to my breast feeding wishlist, I'm looking for Spectra 3 or Medela Harmony. However after reviewing and surveying process, I had short listed to Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump and Medela Freestyle Hand-free Breast pump.Both pumps have their own competitive advantage. I don't want to do comparative debate of each pump, and claimed this breast pump is good, and that breast pump is better. Instead of doing that, I think it's better that I'm sharing about things that we should consider when buying a breast pump.

Before buying a breast pump, what things that we should consider :
Your Nature of Work
  • Is your work required you travel frequently ?? - If yes, you need light weight pump or pump that have car adapter where you can pump while driving ; eg : Medela, Spectra 3
  • Are you most of the time busy at work and no 'take 5' rest - If yes, you need double breastpump to save your time. eg : Medela Freestyle, Spectra 3, Ameda Purely Yours,
  • Does your bos give 1/2hrs break for pumping ?? If yes, you can choose to use manual pump or single electric pump. eg: Avent ISIS, SafetyPlus, Medela Harmony & Swing
Type of breast pump prefer
  • Manual - Use the strength of the hand or arm muscles for single pumping. Not recommended for heavy duty pumper.
  • Electric pump - Operated using electricity or batteries or plug in your car; Medela, Ameda, Spectra, Mamivac
  • Single pump - Having a cup to collect milk that sits on one breast at a time; Medela Swing, Safety Plus
  • Double pump - Have double pump extracts milk from both breasts simultaneously; Spectra 3, Ameda Purely Yours, Medela PISA & Freestyle, Mamivac
New / Used Pump
  • Used Pump - You have to considered about health issues that may rise after using the pump, how long the pump had being used in the past, maybe if you still insist on used pump, you shall consider changing few of spare parts,
  • New Pump - Compare the price, buy in-store or online, warranty, after-sales-service

After considered above tips, then check your budget. If you have enough budget, you should go for reliable and good quality breast pump like Medela, Spectra, Ameda and Mamivac. If you have limited budget, you can choose to buy manual pump like Avent . The choice is at your hand.

You can read here, where mummies sharing about their breast pump.
Read on tips on picking the right breast pump for you by Dr Sears

Note : provides sample unit of breast pump that most available in the market. Beside seeing it in real, you can try it yourself. Try it, touch it, feel it and pump it using your desire breast pump. This is good service for me as you can feel yourself how the pump is work on you. You dont have to worry about the hygiene concern as they will sterilize the breast pump after being used.

Multiple choice of breastpump to try

Medela Freestyle demo session


  1. I recommend the Ameda Purely Yours, but not the Ultra. I've heard that the Ultra is the same pump as the regular Purely Yours, but it includes more bells and whistles. You can save about $150 if you get the regular Ameda Purely Yours. If you are interested in an Ameda pump, I recommend getting it from Ameda Direct. They have good prices, free shipping, and a very cool return policy. You can try out any pump for up to 120 days, with the option to return it for a full refund.

  2. Desiree : Unfortunately, I already bought Medela Freestyle. and hopefully this decision is the correct one. :D


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