Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breastfeeding Wishlist : Registration of Lactation Class

The day i found out that I'm pregnant, i vowed to myself that i wanna breastfeed my unborn baby. Plus with the close friend of mine (Fazillah) who is also my office mate, determined and really persistent about breastfeeding her daughter, it really burns my spirit to breastfeed as well.

Everyday, i see Fazillah do her pumping session twice a day; 10am & 430pm. Without fail, she would go up to the surau and do her pumping session sampai tertido. If she had urgent matters that constraints her to surau, she would end up do her pumping session at her workstation. With her spectra 3 breastpump, she managed to pump 6oz for 30mins. I really admire her spirit to give the best nutrition to her daughter.

Me on the other hand keep telling myself that i can be like her, no matter how tired i am with daily office works and house chaos, i need to breastfeed my upcoming baby. Because to me, enthusiasm is very important, we should be stirred in us from early prengnancy that we want to breastfeed, Insya Allah, everything will be simplified. I need to prepare physically and mentally for this so called battle.. huhuh

As the 1st step to make my breastfeeding journey successful, i had registered myself to lactation class at I think the failure to breastfeed Amirul due to lack of knowledge related to breastfeeding. There are so many info that I need/want to dig; what is the benefit of brestfeeding, breastfeeding position, how to handle & stocking up my EBM, how to continue brestfeed after confinement period.. etc.

I'm cant wait to attend this class. I had prepared few questions to asked during the session:
  • The correct latching technique - i had experience where my nipple crack and bleeding for 1st week Amirul's arrival
  • How to handle EBM - last time i dont know how to handle EBM end up i'm not confident with my own milk (i thought its already steal..erhmm)
  • How to stock up EBM - do i need to freeze all my EBM
  • How about my food intake - Do i need to control my foods as do eat everything except spicy and cold foods during my confinement period.
  • How to improve milk production - Alhamdulillah i managed to breastfeed Amirul for 5months, however mix with formula milk during day time.
  • Last but not least, how to encourage ourself to brestfeed our baby - Sometimes perasan MALAS tu selalu datang.

Click above banner to check brestfeeding preparing class

Note : One of my breastfeeding wishlist is done, there are few more, read here to know what is my wishlist


  1. Bila dah ada kesempatan nk attend those class..mmg harus pergi la. I wish u all the best!!

  2. All the best to you. Bagusla ada usaha gigih mcm ni.

  3. Apash & Tem. Housewife : mmg dah plan awal2 lg nk attend lactation class ni. Eventho en suami cam mls nk teman kan, tapi Huda paksa dier, suh dier be supportive. yg untung pun dier gak nanti sbb dpt mjimatkan expenses and saving tuk baby baru & Amirul


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