Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breastfeeding Wishlist : Nursing Bra

A GOOD friend is like a BRA,
Close to ur heart and very supportive.

Bras is a must in women closet. Why women wear bras??? There are many answers to this question, however, the most answered ones is "Because Breasts need to be supported". Nevertheless, there is one answer that caught my attention; " Because I am breastfeeding and i need to wear nursing bras". Do nursing mummies need to buy nursing bra? Because i'm preparing myself to a breastfeeding journey a.k.a breastfeeding battle (It's a battle to me as i had failed to breastfeed Amirul exclusively for 1st 6months before); everything related to breastfeeding is my current concern.

After googled and browsing thru www, i think nursing bra is an option for breastfeeding preparation. It's neithes a MUST nor NEED, but rather an OPTION.It's for our convinience to breastfeed especially in public, to accomodate the changing size our breast, to accomodate nursing pad if our breast engorge, and for our comfy.

Type of nursing bra :
  • Underwire
  • No Underwire
  • Flaps
  • No Flaps
My Experince : I'd prefer flaps with no underwire bras. More comfortable if no wire, no worry of pressure on the breast or block ducts and mastitis problem. It's also convinience as I can easily unhook and re-hook the flaps, or easily pull the bra aside with one hand. I'd prefered cotton fabrics.

When should I consider to buy nursing bra???
  • Mid to late pregnancy
  • When pre-pregnancy bras no-longer comfortable or tight
My Experience : I had bought 5pcs of nursing bra during my early pregnancy. Its not because i no longer comfortable with my pre-pregnancy bras but for preparetion or there are sale went on. For my pre-pregnancy bra, i'd used bra extenders. JIMAT

Nursing Bra, RM 19.90/2pcs at Fabulous Moms

Bra Extender bought at Fabulous Moms


Read other mummies opinion on nursing bra via forum
More tips on choosing a nursing bra can be found here
If you still ambigious how to choose nursing bra, Ehow and can teach you

2 items from my breastfeeding wishlist was done, fews more to go. Do read my breastfeeding wishlist to see more details

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