Monday, February 8, 2010

Pain is Beauty

2 yrs ago, today (08 Feb 2008), i was smeared with labour pain. Its was labour pain that i did not know that it was.

Chronology of my Labour Pain

7 Feb 2008 1030pm - After mengharungi a tiring day, i've took the opportunity to have a rest and lay down on the sofa. Suddenly i feel warm water from my vaginal, opsss terkencing kahh??? Then i've told Mr Hubby. Your water bag broke he shouted.

1100pm - Took my bag and immediately went to Putrajaya Hospital. Mr Hubby panicked, he called his sister informed my condition and his parent were at Jakarta at that time.

1130pm - Once after reached Putrajaya Hospital and finished the registration, nurse on duty do particular check up accordingly, checked baby's heart beat, checked vaginal dilation measurement, etc

8 Feb 2008

1230pm -I've been warded because they need/want to monitor my condition. Labour pain is so painful, plus really got upset when Mr Hubby cannot accompany me (i need him most at that moment), shock with my early broken waterbag, ambioguous what gonna happened next, scared about the labour pain myth. Mixing feeling

0400am - Undescribable and unspeakable pain, I thought that i will give birth any minute; Informed nurse about my pain and again they seluk myvaginal to check my dilation. I was tormented in agoy.

0700am - Nobody care my pain, groans, tears. Everybody including doctor assume that i will given birth the earliest malam nanti, padahal muka aku ni dah separa mati, tertonggeng pun salah, baring pun salah, sume tak kena la

1200 noon - My lunch food served, Arggg hungry yet no appetite to eat. and doctor tgk aku lain macam jer, cam nk branak jer, so trus called the nurse to check my condition and after seluk sane sini, my vaginal dah 8cm dilate, gile la sume kelam kabut, me apatah lagi sbb pasni nk kna branak ni, Mr Hubby lak otw ke hosp, balik umh sbb nk tkr baju

1230am - Location change to labour room. cold and shivering. tukar baju, midwife kasik briefing camner nk push, (igt me nak dgr ke sume tue... ayohhhh) sbb me tak penah masuk antenatal class, mmg knowledge takder langsung, sungguh ku naive

0100pm - Started pushing drama of me, dimana when nurse asked me to push, aku pegi hembus nafas. (sungguh kelakar bler igt balik, tapi tak per xder CCTV yg record.. huhuhu) and shouting drama among the midwife bcoz me almost fainted, Sbb overdose gas kot.. wakakkakakak

0130pm : Amirul Arshad arrival.

The feeling is mixing between sad, happy,shock, unbeliable, everything happen so fast. Mesti pelik kan nper after 2yrs baru nk recall balik; nak cerita bnda ni, sbb i started blogging pun maser Amirul 15 months, so then dier punya milestones started after that, you can read his milestones
here. Eventho, dah 2 yrs berlaku, tapi this 1st time experience always fresh in my mind.

What i learn after being mother for 2yrs
  • Be patient
  • Be a good role model
  • Be more sensitive to Amirul & daddy's need
  • Have to be tough(takleh lembik2), stamina kena kuat, sbb after office hours, i need to be wife to Mr Hubby and Mother to Amirul
Why i love to be mother
  • I have Amirul to cuddle
  • Someone is depending on me , so i need to be there for him and i feel so important
  • More reasons why i love to be parent here
Not forgetting Mr Hubby experience about his fatherhood life here
You also can read about my experience to be a mother to Amirul Arshad

Happy 2nd Birthday Amirul; Semoga Amirul menjadi anak yg soleh

Note : Beauty (Amirul) is Pain (Labour Pain)

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  1. huda...setiap kelahiran mempunyai kenangan dan keistimewaan sendiri. Semoga semua selamat ya!


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