Sunday, February 28, 2010

My pregnancy diary : 28 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 28 weeks pregnant
  • My pregnancy check up have change from once a month to every fortnightly.
  • Short breath - After meals, after do 10 mins works, even i just sitting down on sofa for 30mins, its become worse if i drink plenty of water.. end up i cant eat much, enough with 2pcs of bread or 1/3 cup of rice
  • Back pain - My tummy getting bigger and rounded
  • I need to do OGTT test to check my glucose level next week. Last month i've gained 2.5kg, nurse nagged me for being 'FAT' and she suspected I'm having gestational diabetes problem;

Meet my big tummy - 28 weeks
  • Cannot stand longer than 15mins
  • Baby kicking and moving a lot. Sometimes i can feel baby strecthing and tightening and make mummy feel uncomfortable - I think this is called Braxton Hicks contractions symptoms
  • Started to list down baby and mummy's shopping list.
  • Started survey the services between Hosp Serdang or Hosp Putrajaya for my delivery hospital
Now i'm in 3rd trimester. Its just begining of 3rd trimester however, premature baby can be born. So need to be more careful. Fuhhh another 12 weeks to go and I'm nervous already. Thinking of labour pain, the contractions, labour room, nurses and midwife, Amirul's acceptance of new born baby.. argggg
  • You can read here and here to know more details about 28 week of pregnancy
  • If you want to know your baby development at 28 week of pregnancy, click here at BabyCentre
  • If your need to do OGTT like me, click here to read more details
  • Im having short breath problem, how about you?? Here is natural remedies to overcome this problem

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nintendo Wii saved My Petrol Usage

There I just said it, Wii Nintendo saved my petrol usage. Playing Wii made me forget about outside world, that can make my money gone in a blink or in a fraction of seconds. Instead of collecting 90 kilometers on Saturday and Sunday, wasting my time to visit such popular malls like Midvalley, The Curve, Ikea, and KLCC, I play with Amirul by Wiimote in my hand; swinging, batting, tilting, and cooking. The Wiimote that can detect detailed movement in three dimension, gave us gaming addict which we could play Wii all day long without rest. But the price of the console is quite expensive. It was RM1299 including two Wiimote and Nunchuck plus 10 DVD games, bought it at The Curve after listening recommendation from my brother and several trusted friends, who told me that it was the cheapest price in KL.     

It's a huge expense for me. RM1299. I never bought a gaming console which cost that much. If I transformed that money into petrol RON95, I could enjoy filing petrol until full to my Saga fuel tank about 26 times. But I feel no guilty or regret buying that console because I thought as if it was an investment and it would give you returns in future but not in form of money. 

My wife and I love to outing at several interesting places on weekend, mostly at shopping Mall. Midvalley or The Curve, if we got bored, we pushed our fuel pedal to KLCC. Weekend outing was our hobby. Our obligatory activity. I remember when my wife still carrying Amirul inside her womb, we went to three different places; Sunway Pyramid Mall, The Mines, and Jusco Balakong, and then my wife broke her waterbag, which resulting the birth of our first baby. Our weekend lifestyle was cost us a fortune. The upkeep was hurting our cash flow and we did notice that however, we refuse to change our lifestyle. We loved it. Ok, Let me do the math. 

Calculation of Weekend Outing. 
Shopping Items = RM50
Lunch and Dinner x 3 [MacDonald, Nandos, everything fast food]= RM50
Petrol + Toll + Parking Fee + Others = RM30
Total = RM 130
2.5 years = 52 weeks + 52 weeks + 26 weeks = 130 week X 130 = RM16,900

The outing had been going on about 2 and a half years which the accumulated expenses was RM16,900. The outing kept going on and on, until my wife pregnant a new baby and the purchasing of a new house. That two occurrence changed our lifestyle. Consequently, we need extra savings to pool our money, gather up 10% of purchasing value to pay deposit as well as money for maternity bill and expenses. To do that we have to stay home without going anywhere on weekend. The disposal of the family outing activity seemed necessary because it consumed our money, but we had replace our weekend with something that paid our interest. And that was Nintendo Wii. 

How long this Nintendo enthusiasm last? I ask myself. Someday this toy will be abandoned. Just like we did to Dance Dance Revolution Game. But I think it may last up to three years. I hope this console will help me to save me more money in future.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Be the First 200 Followers, Stand A Chance to Win an RM100 cash

How to win RM100?

KambingBujang has decided to give away RM 100 cash. now is at the stage of expanding, everyday the blog is getting new unique visitors and hits. We want to say a thank you for supporting us and our devoted work, without a helping hand from all of you, this parenthood blog will not be here as at today. From a normal reader to a normal subscriber, to a loyal reader and to a loyal follower, we highly appreciate this mark of confidence. 

For a present to the lucky one, mummy Amirul with a big heart, will give a cash to one of the our followers.   

Just be the first 200 followers of KambingBujang (Google Friend Connect) and we will pick one  using vote system.

Your Money And Family: Insurance

photo by: tim heffernan

For fathers out there, you have to do the right thing, the very important decision when you were gifted with a child; Buy insurance

Insurance is essential part of a family need. To live your life without coverage is like putting your family heart line on jeopardy, purposely. Since I have major in International Banking and I know what is insurance and its importance. (It was one of my major subject with 3-hour credit and of course, with an extremely lack of concentration and a deficiency of motivation, I had been rewarded a C grade)

Why I buy insurance? 
Our life has its risk that we should look into that risk and manage it. That's why insurance existed; to transfer the risk of a loss into something like guaranteed money. 

When Amirul reached year 1, I still have not decided to buy insurance for our family because [1] I didn't see insurance as a need at that moment. In fact, it's really important to buy insurance especially Life Insurance when you have dependencies below you. Well, I guess I was not thinking straight that time. Plus, [2] I really hate the insurance agents (I just couldn't get them out of my mind). I know very well about insurance like the back of my hand, but I have intolerable hatred against insurance agents.

Every time I see their eyes, I see my money. In my opinion, they are not sincerely helping me for choosing the right insurance for me, they just want my money. They're so eager to share, grab my arm like a desperate beggar and promote how nice and attractive the coverage your family will get if you buy our insurance, or how small a monthly premium you have to commit, yet you get a large coverage which you can't believe you eyes. 

And then after a while, it was clear to me that I put my family life in danger if unpredictable accident happened to me. So I decided to give up my hatred and leveled with the agent. They are a few things that I have to stick up with my decision and I swore I would not let the insurance agents blackened my decisions:
#1 Buy Life Insurance For Me and My Wife, not for Amirul. 
Life insurance is designated for providing a temporary income for beneficiaries. If something not good happened to my wife and I, Amirul should enjoy that privileges, a temporary income for him for several calculated years. Since Amirul is a toddler who has no son or dependencies, we decided not to buy life insurance for him. Are we really need extra income if something bad happened to Amirul? It's like making a profit out of our misery. Pathetic and bad idea. 

#2 Buy College Fund For Amirul, Which Has Critical Illness Coverage.
We decided to buy college fund that has covered critical illness. At least the risk of Amirul being attacked by major illness, reduced with a transfer of guaranteed money. We have a definite relief and if something happened regarding with Amirul's health, with the help of insurance money, we were able to nail down the ever-increasing cost of medical expenses.

As I mentioned above, we cannot making profit out of our miserable life. It's unethical. We should not treat insurance as revenue. The insurance agent, who never be on your side, will persuade you and turn you into believing that the insurance is really the profit maker. When you stuck with dead end, you should get help from someone with a neutral ground. A financial consultant. Or someone you know who equipped with sound financial knowledge. 

Remember this; the reality in Malaysia is quite different with other developed countries like United States, where you can trust and make your insurance agent work for you like magic. The insurance agent is not your real financial consultant. When they talk, babble, and persuade to their prospects, there is only one main objective to pursue; to gain commission percentage which directly leads to company's profit increase.  --And there are no free 2010 diaries for both of us from them. Ahh, God! I really hate our insurance agent.  

Arm yourself with proper knowledge about insurance will help you making a decision. [via alphamom].

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why Husband say NO to SEX during pregnancy

Contradict with my previous entry where wife would say NO to SEX, there are husbands out there would say NO to sex too through out his wife's pregnancy; excluded my My Hubby.. hehhehhe. WHY???? why some husband turn down from intimacy during pregnancy. Is this one of the effect to their early stage of fatherhood journey??

Factors contributes men " SAY NO to SEX"
Thinking of future-to-be
  • Dad-to-be already feel the burden that they need to carry once they received their wife's pregnancy news
  • Financial burden that they will facing - child education fund, hospital bill
Sympathy for his wife pregnancy sickness
  • Morning sickness
  • Heartburn
  • Stretch Mark discomfort
  • Incontinent problem
  • Labour pain
  • Edema
Hormonal changes
  • Prolactin & cortisol - associate with the onset of parental behavior (A new nightmare begin & mix feeling overwhelm him; anger, fear, disappointment, happiness )
  • Not confident with himself either he can fulfill his wife's desire
  • Dad-to-be feel afraid her wife's love all goes to new born baby
Wife no longer attractive
  • Growing abdomen and leaking breasts may seem more messy than seducing
  • Her body less fun and sexy
  • Wife's movement becomes slow during intercourse - less excitement during intercourse
How WIFE can manage this:
  • Discussion and communication on what both of you want
  • Do same things together (find new hobby/watch TV together)
  • Do not compare you hubby current sex drive with pre-pregnancy one
  • Be patient - give time to Mr Hubby for his parenthood journey fear

    Husband out there, don't let your sperm turn to 'frog price'. hehehhe
Read how sex life's changes as dad-to-be here

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A moment on the lips..forever on the hips

Malaysian Choice, what's yours, click here to put your vote

Big Apple - My choice

A moment on lips.. forever on the hips.

Top : Pink Twister, Rocky Road,The Alien
Below : Chocoholic, Presidential Sweet, Donutella

Note : Last week baru makan, tbe2 rase nk makan lagi..camner ni..

Friday, February 19, 2010

My pregnancy diary : 27 weeks pregnant

How my life changing at 27 weeks pregnant
  • Braxton Hicks urge - I dislike this, when uterus tighten and clench , i feel discomfort.
  • Malaysia weather is too damn hot nowadays. After bathe, after cook, even i just lay down watching TV, myself sweating all over the body. Its good as i do not need to work out yet my fat is burning.. huhuh
  • My weight 65kg meaning i had gained 14kg.. opssss. Fat distribute equally on my thigh, butts (largest portion), tummy and breast (smallest portion.. huhu)
  • Baby kicking a lot and more obvious during night time.
  • Itchy abdomen - once in a while, not as irritating as itchy on thigh area
  • Short of breath - especially after eating. Moral of the story eat little but frequent. :D
  • Incontinent - I think i need to wear diapers or cloth diaper(economical). I hate sneezing that causing little leakage.

Read more on 27 weeks of pregnant via BabyCentre and
Want to know your baby development at 27 weeks pregnant, click here
If you had incontinent problem like me, read here for more info

Thursday, February 18, 2010

RM50 voucher for best personal experience from ParenThots

I love browsing parenting blogs and websites. Thousands of info on parenting that i get and apply to my daily life as a parent. Fews website that i found interesting are,,,, ParenThots, etc, whilst too many parenting blogs to mention that i found interesting.

Talking about parenting website, I had won RM 50 voucher from Kidz Spot in Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya.; thanks to ParenThots. How i managed to get this RM50 voucher???? I'd shared Mr Hubby best personal experience in Soapbox at ParentCorner column and win RM 50 voucher from them.

Hope this small money will grow bigger one soon...

Read our feature article at ParentThots

Your Money and Family: How Cloth Diaper saves your money

My family chose cloth diaper over disposable diaper because it saves us about RM1,809 in 3 years. It has been 2 years since we're using cloth diapers on Amirul. We only spend RM30 on disposable diapers every month for Amirul when he's at babysitter's house.

Amirul never complains about cloth diapers since the cloth diaper comfort him in every way, even when he plays at playground, plus the cloth diapers have attractive colors which he feels so good when he's wearing it. Did I ever tell you about how Amirul keep on smiling every time when wears Spongebob Cloth Diaper? Oh, the sweetest thing.

The cloth diaper never fail us.

Sure it really gave us real disappointment when it leaked every 2 nights at first. We had to change our bedsheets very often and we thought we did the right way. We blamed the cloth diapers, cursing when it happened because the cloth diaper didn't do any good to us or our kid.

Yes, we were ignorant.

We knew nothing about how to wear cloth diaper the right way. Until we learned it from Suraya from Lunatots at Sara 2nd Birthday Bash at SaraKids Outlet at Shah Alam. Since then, Amirul sleeps comfortably with smile in his face every night. It really gives us a big relief in economical ways, so we can channel RM1,809 to Amirul Higher Education Fund.

Here's our blog post about cloth diapers.
The Advantages of Cloth Diapers

What is cloth diapers
#2. Cloth Diapers for Dummies

Our Stories

Although we love so much about cloth diaper, I almost fainted when I was told that we need RM1500++ to buy the cloth diapers. It's a lot of money for the people like me and I was hesitated to withdraw the money from our savings. I kept telling to myself that this is an investment that promises you a high return. It worths every Ringgit.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breastfeeding Wishlist : Nursing Bra

A GOOD friend is like a BRA,
Close to ur heart and very supportive.

Bras is a must in women closet. Why women wear bras??? There are many answers to this question, however, the most answered ones is "Because Breasts need to be supported". Nevertheless, there is one answer that caught my attention; " Because I am breastfeeding and i need to wear nursing bras". Do nursing mummies need to buy nursing bra? Because i'm preparing myself to a breastfeeding journey a.k.a breastfeeding battle (It's a battle to me as i had failed to breastfeed Amirul exclusively for 1st 6months before); everything related to breastfeeding is my current concern.

After googled and browsing thru www, i think nursing bra is an option for breastfeeding preparation. It's neithes a MUST nor NEED, but rather an OPTION.It's for our convinience to breastfeed especially in public, to accomodate the changing size our breast, to accomodate nursing pad if our breast engorge, and for our comfy.

Type of nursing bra :
  • Underwire
  • No Underwire
  • Flaps
  • No Flaps
My Experince : I'd prefer flaps with no underwire bras. More comfortable if no wire, no worry of pressure on the breast or block ducts and mastitis problem. It's also convinience as I can easily unhook and re-hook the flaps, or easily pull the bra aside with one hand. I'd prefered cotton fabrics.

When should I consider to buy nursing bra???
  • Mid to late pregnancy
  • When pre-pregnancy bras no-longer comfortable or tight
My Experience : I had bought 5pcs of nursing bra during my early pregnancy. Its not because i no longer comfortable with my pre-pregnancy bras but for preparetion or there are sale went on. For my pre-pregnancy bra, i'd used bra extenders. JIMAT

Nursing Bra, RM 19.90/2pcs at Fabulous Moms

Bra Extender bought at Fabulous Moms


Read other mummies opinion on nursing bra via forum
More tips on choosing a nursing bra can be found here
If you still ambigious how to choose nursing bra, Ehow and can teach you

2 items from my breastfeeding wishlist was done, fews more to go. Do read my breastfeeding wishlist to see more details

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your Money And Family: Hiring A Maid

There are two core tasks that functioning the jobs of housewives; (a) Daily Chorus: House cleaning and cooking and; (b) Look after the children such as babysitting the children as well as nurturing them a proper education while they at baby and toddler stage. 

Both (a) and (b) are important to maintain at satisfaction level, my opinion is tendency to task (b) especially on education needs because good kids come from the good care of their parent or their guardians

A trash compactor robot. A good candidate for housemaid

For instance, my friend who has 3 children, hired a housemaid to do only house cleaning, cooking, and clothes chores. Therefore, my friend's wife responsibility is to focus on the children; give full attention to them, feed them with love and affections, and nurture them with education and learning. In other way, you can save tadika or kinder garden school fees and other supplementary lesson such as Little Caliph and Q-Dees

That's what every mum should do and we all wish to do that for our children, what becomes a barrier is our money. 

Some of us can afford their daily expenses and manage to get some money for savings at the end of the month solely by husband's or wife's salary. But most of us cannot, so both spouse are forced to work to get more money and better savings.

Cost of Hiring a Maid
Initial or One-off payment: RM5000. (The cost may deductible from housemaid wages) 
A Maid Wages plus renewal of permit and medical fitness for one year: RM 8000 (assuming that a maid wages is RM500/month) 

Looking at Maid; from the perspective of money. 
Hiring a maid reduces a lot of daily chores responsibility especially for working mother or mummy like my wife, because that tasks are delegated to maid. A lot of advantages for a big family who has 3 - 4 toddlers need to be taking care of, because the cost of Taska or daycare service is ranging from RM200 to RM300 per month for one child. My wife and I are planning to have maximum of four kids in our family. So the cost may occurs about RM1200 per per month. That's RM 14,400 per year. Comparing between maid and Taska, there is difference amounting of RM6400 per year. Wow, what an advantage having a maid! that's what I said,  when I did the math.

Looking at Maid; from the perspective of productivity. 
Mummy can do the relaxation activity after battling the boss or colleague at work and let the stress fly away. Because the maid will do the dinner. Mummy can watch her favorite TV Show Desperate Housewives while monitoring the maid bathing for Amirul. Mummy can concentrate on her favorite activity such as blogging because the maid do the housekeeping and drying clothes.

So mummy's productivity is zero. All mummy has to do is sit back and relax. Let's maid do all the work. That is great because mummy will not having a headache anymore to do a lot of things. She can concentrate on her work, so that her productivity at office will relatively increase.

Hiring a maid is sucks, we don't believe in it. Regardless the advantages and goodness of hiring a maid, my wife and I don't buy the idea. My wife will never say yes if I suggest to hire a maid. 

"not even a thousand light years" or "you want to amirul to be like this" or "are you questioning about my competency as a good wife? Hey listen, I'm a supermum!!". These are the answers every time I bring the subject to our conversation.  

For good reasons, I agreed with her.

Reason#1 : We can do exercise. 
And burn our calories by housekeeping, drying clothes, cooking and other housekeeping. I realized it makes sense because we don't enough time for ourselves to exercise. By the time we reach home, it already 7.00 o'clock. Housekeeping and cooking are only activities we have.  

Reason#2 : Maid don't have ability to take of our children. 
Fair enough and totally agree with that. My wife don't have a confidence in maid to look after our offspring. If we have to bear the cost of daycare (Taska) or babysitter, then we have do to it. Our beliefs is beyond our money. 

Reason#3: Another human living in our house. 
My wife didn't like the idea of a stranger living under one roof with us. Because she works for us, we have to give one room for her and share our utilities. She knew where our valuable items, keys to every door, and our routines. My wife just don't trust someone who connected to us on that basis and live in our house. 

With bad news about maid's child abuse (amah/orang gaji) spreading all over Malaysia,  To reduce my wife's burden, I offered myself to assist her in doing daily chores. Tasks were delegated and I have to washing the dishes, cooking every Thursdays and Fridays, drying some of the clothes, cleaning the outside, do the groceries and other tasks which I can't remember right now. But someday I guess, we will desperately need a help from a maid if things weren't work well, which was agreed by my wife. But we will try as hard as we can to seek a part-time maid without her to live in our house, more like a domestic helper.  

Monday, February 15, 2010

How to survive the itchiness of my entire body?

I HATE STRETCH MARK, that is what woman in above photo said. I think not only me, perhaps, if you ask every woman not limited to pregnant mummies, they would agreed with me and say NO to stretch mark. However, stretch mark its quite synonym to me during this pregnancy. Thigh, butts, leg are among my stretch marks affect area. Every pregnancy is different and the major problem that i have this time is itchy stretch mark.

Why stretch mark ithcy???
According to gathered info :
  • When the small red spots raised on develop stretch marks and itchy at the same time; its may be Polymorphics eruption of pregnancy (PEP) or pruritic urticarial papules and placques of pregnancy (PUPPP) - This occurs when rapid weight gain happened, skin becomes stretched, dry and inflexible
  • When they started forming, they cause intense itching and a lot of discomfort
According to my experiences:
  • Due to rapid weight gain, 51kg to 61kg within 5months, red lines appear at my thigh area and skin becomes dry and itchy.
  • Especially night time where my body always sweat, the affected area become very itchy. Night waking is common to me now where i need to wake up several time to apply stretch mark cream.
How to relief for Itchy Stretch Marks
According to gathered info :
  • Massage the areas with moisturizer. Massage the area several times a day where the stretch marks begin to appear.
  • Drink lot of water.Water will keeps skin hydrated and soft which will make it less likely to form stretch marks and at the same time, will help get rid of it.
  • Eat healthy diet, follow food pyramid recommendation especially foods rich in zinc and vitamins A and C. These vitamins and minerals are known to promote healthy skin
  • Exercise regularly help increase the health of the skin
According to my experiences:
  • I apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark cream. Not limited to night time or day, i will apply every time i feel itchy.
  • I forcing myself to drink at least 1L of water. My tummy sometimes bloated with water and my toilet trip increase. However its work for me, as i less scrubbing at the affected area.
  • I think i eat according to food pyramid.. Fruit??? green apple and mangga muda.. huhuh
  • I do exercise every weekend. Brisk walk 3rounds on track

Mummy do stretching

To read details on PUPPP/ PEP via Wikipedia

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why I like it longer and Why You Should Not Get Jealous of Her?

My Beloved Readers, This blog post is Out Of Topic. There's no parenting element in this content. But don't worry, I promise will give you my hand phone HTC Touch if win this contest.

My temptation was burning the first time I saw LG chocolate BL40. In exhilaration, I almost dropped my tear because this time, LG phone is really making a stand out. The shinning light of the innovation illuminating every darkness corner. Consequently, the other handphones started to fade out.

LG Chocolate BL40. Yes, We talk about a handphone which is longer than usual. If we take the ratio of 11.74: 4.67: 1 (128mm x 51mm x 10.9mm), do some critical analysis, and turn the measurement into human figures, we should get our lovely Malaysia's sweetheart's Amber Chia or Nasha Aziz figures. That's why they call it the supermodel mobile phone because it's so irresistible that everyone especially men will give the look the twice at her; the same look whenever men lay their eyes on a cute girl.

LG chocolate is the goddess of all temptations!! So tell me how could I ever stop looking at her when I notice her dazzling completeness of beauty is beyond the unimaginable? Right now, all I can think is how can I catch this supermodel's eyes so she could be mine? I know, the only thing that can stop this madness is to have her, do whatever to it takes just to be near to her, and cross the line of an uncertainties so that I can hold her all the time.  

RM2,199 is her appraisal. Wow, just as I thought. She is really materialistic. Well, she deserves it. 

Making decision into buying the LG Chocolate BL40 will surely rock my marriage life, I have a vision that my wife will be mad at me when I bring the decision to our discussion (I had made an unforgiven deal with her that I have to use my phone more than 5 years before buying a new one, now I trapped myself in) . To make my wife agree, I should have strong and bold justifications to support my proposal. 

photo by: Gadgetfolder

I made a research and noted the important factors about LG Chocolate BL40, so I could give a good reason why I should have her. So made up my title proposal like this: "Why I like it longer And why You Should Not Get Jealous Of Her"   

Reason #1 Longer is beautiful.
Spellbound by her length, my day was wasted just by looking at her. She is indescribably beautiful and I shall regret for not having her for the rest of my life. You see, she is longer than any other phone

Reason #2 Longer is wealthiness.
One mile to every inch of her skin represent the wealthiness and the luxury, which most of her skin painted with elegant black and a little red coated with tempered glass. The combination of black and red illustrates money and value, where I can see that by having her reflects my personality, indirectly people will value me as a great person. 

Reason #3 Longer is prosperity
[1]Long digit of bank account, [2] long list of beautiful wives, and [3] long life are the kind of prosperities that I dreamed of. Whilst I know that my dreams will not be materialized for a 100 years especially no. 2 (or else my wife would stab me with his favorite knife), I could substitute them by having LG Chocolate BL40 which has a great criteria in longevity; her life expectancy (battery) and physical durability are beyond the definition of a normal hand phone. 

Reason #4 Longer is fashionable and stylish.
She is so one of a kind, fashionable handphone with the cutting-edge design and the quality of superior. Her stylish flash-UI (flash user interface) with classy 800 x 345 screen should not be neglected. Her body should be beneficial to everyone because it's easy to hold.

Reason #5 Longer is Sexy
I'm going to admit that I'm attracted to her physical appeal like an adrenaline rush filled up my brain. Every time I touch her, my world is trembling inside. She's hotter than Nokia 7280 [via youtube]. I mean who could resist when you see an attractive hand phone which is synonymous with a supermodel? 

Reason #6 Longer is Productivity
With the advantages of longer screen than other hand phone available in mass market, she will be used as the no.1 productivity tool for individuals students, and businesses people. With versatile applications, smooth virtual QWERTY keybooard, finger gesture shorcuts people can do more multiple tasks and getting things done. 

Reason #7 Longer is Romantic
Being longer brings more intense feeling of intimacy. Her longish design surprises me, leaves me breathless for a while. Welcoming the LG phone into my life will strengthen my relationship with my wife. Being romantic is being able to express my affection towards my love. 

Reason #8 Longer is the New Slim
Most of the people focus at her length and they forgot to look at her slimness which is very convenient, your pants will never look so bulky when you slip her right into your pocket.

Reason #9 Longer is cute. Cuter than my Amirul

Reason #10 Longer is revolution 
She will change the way people watch video playback on the phone because she is equipped with gorgeous 4-inch, 21:9 panoramic view which give more value to your watching movie experience. She revolutionizes the dual viewing screen so that you can read email easier. She also has finger friendly; smart gestures, smooth touch, need no pressure, goes like fluid, and it goes as your finger commands.


What if we bring the word longer into our practical life? and see how significant BL40 is to our daily scene. Assume that I posses this hot supermodel, and I would love everything in my life to be longer.

Why I like queue longer?

Photo By: Anif

I'd love to queue at JPN Counter (infamous with its notorious long queue) and I wish it would be a little bit longer, to be specific; 162 minutes. So can watch full-length Avatar movie in cinematic view. While I feel my life is thrilled with my LG Chocolate BL40, others feel wasted for waiting in queue all day long. 

Why Like to walk to my house longer?

I'd love to walk home and I wish it would be a little bit longer because I can hear MP3 long enough and music seems richer with Dolby Mobile Sound Enhancement. [via Philippines Tarsier]. Another thing is, I could take panoramic photos using 5 mega pixel camera on the way to home.  

Why i like to commute to work longer?
photo by:mybigbro

I take the KTM train everyday to work. Because I have such a good LG phone, I'd like to commute a little longer so that I can play games long enough before I notice everybody around looking at my new sexy technological-advanced LG phone. Accelerometer sensing technology makes the game experience much better, with measure movements such as rotation, and motion gestures such as swinging, shaking, and flicking. Hmm, I realized I have missed my station.

Why I like traffic to be longer?
photo by:Mstar

I would love to get caught in a traffic like this, and it will get more excited when it comes to total halt. So I can check my email in dual screen, easily cross checked synchronously. Then, I can view the photo of my life with true-to-life image HD display. To readers, please don't use the phone while driving. Unless you're an excellent driver like me. 

Why I like to wait my order in restaurant longer? 

Waiting in anger was the thing in the past. My life changes with the present of her. Now, I have patience to wait a little longer by surfing a complete full website; a new exciting experience of reading a websites. So exciting that my food has gone cold. 

Why I love people give me an angry look longer? 

They acknowledge at some point, they realized that they never own anything valuable. LG Chocolate is so valuable. Precious. Now I love people looking at me angrily a little longer, so that I can show my supermodel LG right in their faces. Their strings of jealousy become so tight, if I show off once again, I might get a raging uppercut from them.

My wife is a very practical person. She will not going to buy if the item doesn't appropriate with actual everyday use. To convince her, I have to show her several hypothetical situations above. I hope she will agree. 

In the end, my wife disagreed with me and suggested me not to buy that LG Chococolate BL40 (I think she's jealous, I could see it in her face). She advised me to enter Nuffnang "Why I like it longer" contest. I need to win this, to fulfill my flaming desire for a new mobile. 

Why I like it longer? Because she puts the color inside of my world.

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