Friday, January 8, 2010

Toys for Toddlers (Amirul - 23 months)

Amirul turn 23months / 1 yr 11months today, 8 Jan. Another one more month, he will turn 2. Me & Mr Hubby glad to see Amirul's positive growth eventho both of us are working 830am - 530pm. We spend time together with him less than 12hrs daily, yet he grown up to be a healthy, happy and active boy. Mummy & daddy proud of you, Amirul.

Working consumes our day. It only left us a precious 12-hour to spend time with Amirul, the time where me & Mr Hubby find it treasure for three of us. We watch movie (Up movie is Amirul most watch movie), karaoke & dancing nursery rhythm, peek a boo, bring him to playground or play indoor games together. We want to optimize our time and at the same time teach him develop new skills.

According to Baby Centre, below is the recommended games for 23months toddler
Ramp rolling - Rolling cars, balls, even empty toilet rolls down a ramp creates endless fun for your toddler. And while she is having fun, she will also be learning about Newton's law of gravity!
Skills developed: gross motor control, spatial awareness, understanding of shapes .

Hungry Teddy - A good way for your toddler to learn spoon control is to let him practice on a favourite teddy or other toy animal. Once he's practiced holding and moving the spoon to get (imaginary) food to Teddy's mouth, he'll be able to use one by himself at mealtimes much more easily.
Skills developed: motor skills, imagination, independence
Above is the recommended for 23months toddler, and below is what i bought for him,

Wooden block, books, artbox

For understanding of shapes that required stacking, sorting & stringing skills, we bought him wooden blocks. This whole set consisting 75pieces of mixture colored wooden blocks with sorter lid. By using this set of blocks, he carefully balancing one block on top of another and if he sees me / Mr Hubby stacking or building up set of blocks, he will immediately knock down it.. arghhhhh . Beside stacking, he also can sorting & stringing blocks according to colors, shapes and sizes.

For gross motor control and motor skills that required larger movements involving the arm, leg or feet muscles or the entire body, we just bring him to playground and give him ball. He knows what to do with it. He's the expert.

To enhance his scribbles skill, i bought him new set of artbox consisting; oil pensel, crayon, color pencil, water color, magic color, glue, eraser, ruler, sharpener, etc. This set actually replacing his Bancho crayon that already short.

To add more vocabulary to Amirul dictionary, we bought him books (transport , shapes & colours). Amirul blaja rajin2 ye.

To read more on toys suitable for 18 - 24 months old toddlers, do click here
Here is the suggested activity for toddler age 23 month, have fun trying new activities with your kids

Note : Thanks to Nuffnang & Friso for RM100 Toys r Us vouchers. Above toys were bought at Toys r Us, 1 Utama


  1. salam..

    good info, my child pun toddler jgk, selalu pening tak tau nak beli mainan ape utk dia..huhu..

  2. unlisted_one : for his age, normally educational learning set is the best for toddlers, dorang tgh excited nk explore new things


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