Friday, January 22, 2010

My pregnancy diary : 23 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 23 weeks pregnant
  • Suddenly addicted to Boys Over Flowers, Korean Drama series (watch online)
  • Weight gaining almost 12kg from my pre-pregnancy weight. Still comfortable with this weight. Not much back pain complaint, besides during sleep time.
  • My belly look more rounded yet i still can walk fast (faster than those who are not pregnant) - org takut tgk me jln sbb cam nk berlumba.. huhuh
  • My appetite increasing however still controlling the diet. Yet i also do have heartburn.I'm eating sandwiches+kurma+warm milk for dinner. Healthy food for the baby
  • Baby kicking and moving a lot. Mr Hubby excited since he also can feel it.
  • Leg cramp nightmare started.
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If you having leg cramp during sleep time like me, here is some info to help.


  1. Boys Over Flowers...memang best...tapi panjang sangat cerita die huda...kalau nak tgk citer sedih...tengok snow queen (korean)...nak citer lawak full house (tapi ni citer lama korea pelakon die Rain)

  2. AyuArjuna : lama ek cter tue.. actually huda tak folo dr awal cter tue.. tgk pun dh nk catch up blk huda tgk la online, so kire cpt la sbb lani dah nk abs pun cter tue.. huhuh (ending pun huda dh tau.. tapi still nak tgk gak..)


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