Friday, January 29, 2010

How Mummy & Daddy can Enjoy Sex life after Having Baby (Amirul)

After given birth to Amirul, life quite miserable and tough for both me & Mr Hubby. Both of us have to re-schedule our normal routine and activities. Our sleep time become short, our hobbies being put aside to adapt with the new parenthood's life, our daily routine mostly to fulfill Amirul's need. Nevertheless, our sex life still as usual after almost 160days of confinement (when i was 32 weeks, we stop having sex and 120days after delivered). Some couple claim they do not have time for sex, their life busy with little one need, house chaos, tired of long working hours and stress driving on road. The question is how do you reclaim your sex life after having baby??? Below is some tips that i would to share

Revive the feeling
  • Be patient with each other. Husband have to understand that their wife need time to recovery from delivery pain.
  • He have to understand that, he now sharing his wife (sexual partner) with other person; your own child (mother)
  • Speak to your partner what you want from her/him. Communication and toleration is very important as your wife still in recovery stage.
  • Give sincere compliment to your partner and don't too rush asking her to get pre-pregnancy figure.
Setting the mood & be creative
  • Just imagine yourself having the 1st night again
  • Plan your sex time (eg: send SMS to him and set the time and date)
  • Setup your bed / room - light aroma candle, turn on the light music, switch off your hand phone, turn on the dim light
  • Ensure your baby already sleep at least 1/2hrs
  • Be prepared yourself : wear sexy lingerie, wear your favorite perfume,
Easing into the mood
  • Sufficient lubricant - naturally or artificial lubricant
  • Naturally
  • Artificial lubricant - Ansell, KY Gel
Note : Feel free to share your tips/ experiences by leaving your comment in comment box.
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  1. thanks for the good article.

  2. anoymous: thanks. sharing is better than keep it

  3. Tips: change to sexy nightgowns, allure ur hubby with sexy voice, give some massages and find arrousing spots. try these as they work for us. (malu plak rasanya....hehe)

  4. Play naughty like a bitch, sure it will arise your husband desire. It's like being younger again

  5. temp. housewife : bleh try lak la camni.. huda suka try new 'things' huhu (gelak gatal)

    Kathy : always make urself young at heart.


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