Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010

Less than 24hours we will expecting year 2010. Goodbye 2009 and welcome 2010. How your 2009 goes. Was is went well or vive versa. Was is year that to remember or year full of twist. Is there any important event happened (wedding, engagement, newborn baby, death of your beloved, move to new job/house) ???

Whatever it is, hope 2009 leave you with sweet memories and hoping for better 2010.

My 2009 story - The most important one.

Jan - Celebrating Amirul + Ihsan + Eisya advance birthday party at MIL's house.
Feb -Celebrating Amirul's 1st birthday at Chillis Mid Valley. A small celebrating among 3 of us yet we really have fun.
Mar - 10/03/09 - Started blogging. Abah, Ma & Acu Mimi came to KL visiting us in conjunction with school holiday.

Apr - 2 weeks mc - sakit mata
May - Celebrating Yayang's 26th birthday & our 2nd anniversary
Jun - Yayang got his Ipod touch
Jul - Company annual bonus received. Alhamdulillah. thanks to all the boses (how about next year bonus - sambil2 garu2 kepala). Planning for 2nd baby. Stop taking Yasmin. Bought new mattress + divan + headboard +pc dance mat = spent a lot of $$$$ = No $$$$$ left.. argggg
Aug - Ramadhan was here. Planned to have berbuka @ nandos midvalley was cancel. Amirul broke daddy's spectacles. Daddy without spectacles, daddy is blind
Sept - Successfully conceive . Downloading 2nd baby. Amirul will become a big brother soon. Read my pregnancy diary to know how my life's changing. Sent Amirul ke nursery due to babysitter problem.
Oct - Company annual salary increment. Alhamdulillah, once again thanks to all the boses
Nov - 7/11/09 - Already 3yrs working at Sapura
Dec - We in the process of selling our current house and buying new house.

What is your resolution for this coming year??? Are you already think about what's your 2010 planning. Add new family members, buy new house, pursuing study,etc

Mine ???? (Resolution/Planning)
  • Family : To be a best mother to my kids, hubby, nourished them with all my love and till death do us apart. They are my life.
  • Career : I'm happy with my career now. Still not planning to have new career
  • Myself : Control my temper ( me kenkadang sgt senang naik hangin)
  • Scanning for baby gender - Jan / Feb 2010 ( 24th weeks pregnant)
  • Celebrating Amirul's 2nd Birthday - Feb 8, 2010
  • Chinese New Year @ Kelantan - Feb 2010
  • Planning to attend lactation class (Sara Kids/Lunatots), going to buy baby things - Mar 2010
  • Expecting new family member - EDD 18 May 2010
  • Moving to new house - Expected date : Jun 2010
  • Aildilfitri @ Kelantan - Sept
  • Sabah Trip for Bro-in-law wedding - Oct 2010
  • etc

Note : Happy Birthday to angah (my sister's daughther)

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  1. As per 24 Mar 10
    # Scanning for baby gender - 27 Jan 10 @ Az Zahra, She is a baby GIRL
    # Celebrating Amirul's 2nd Birthday - Feb 8, 2010 - @ MIL's house, having steamboat
    # Chinese New Year @ Kelantan - Feb 2010 - cancel, ma's house inrenovation mode.
    # Planning to attend lactation class (Sara Kids/Lunatots), going to buy baby things - 7 Mar 10 @


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