Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tupperware FreezerMate; My Freezer Bestfriend

I am Tupperware consultant, however i'm not an active one. Most of my customers either my office & Mr Hubby colleagues/my immediate family/myself. The purpose of being Tupperware consultant more on personal usage instead of making the side income which some people doing it very well as permanent job.

Tupperware is a successful global well-known brand and already established more than 73 years. Everytime people talking about food containers, people would think about Tupperware or used to called them as Tupperware eventho its not Tupperware brand. Ok enough brief introduction of Tupperware and promoting myself as Tupperware consultant.

Actually i would like to share my experience on FreezerMate Medium Set. I bought this set quite sometimes already and just got the idea of sharing my experience using this product which i think might useful to others as well.This Tupperware products range were invented purposely for freezing fresh raw food or storing frozen food. FreezerMate Medium Set come with 6pcs of 3 different sizes and designs.

FreezerMate Medium Set

The flexible lid with tab design, make opening the container easier and with one twist,I can easily remove the contents. You can imagine yourself (working moms especially), how much time consume to prepare your meals starts from identifying the raw foods , take out the containers from frozen area, defrosting , cutting the foods and lastly cooking. For non-expert mom like me, its take nearly 1 1/2 hours to prepare the foods and another 1/2 hr - 1 hours to cook. Preparing foods cost me more time than cooking. 8:30pm then my dinner is ready. Late dinner is not good as it can lead to weight gain.

Before using FreezerMate :
  • Identifying the raw foods - Oh no, which container i've put the fish,chicken, prawn, squid,etc
  • Take out the containers from frozen area - containers freezing
  • Defrosting - ice build up, I've immerse foods in water to defrost the foods. At least 30mins to defrost.
After using FreezerMate :
  • Identifying the raw foods - Easier as the clear window feature would allow me for fast & easy identification of raw foods which can make my time of preparing meals cut short
  • Take out the containers from frozen area - Easier
  • Fast Defrost - Still immerse in water, however, less ice develop around the foods.
The best part is, my kitchen time lessen and i can spend more time with Amirul. Watching his fave movies, teaching him reading, scribbles together or just sit beside him, its me pleasure.

Here is smart tips from Tupperware on how to keep the frozen foods fresh.

Note : Thanks to FreezerMate. You really help me a lot in preparing my meal. I feel like expert eventho just goreng ayam only.. :D

Note : For those yg interested to buy Tupperware products, can contact me via email at

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