Monday, January 18, 2010

Did you know how zombie I was to take care of you?

The first week amirul was born, I already googled on How much sleep does Amirul need to keep him as healthy baby, growing without any problems. I realized that the baby wouldn't has problems. In contrast, it was me who would have problems.

There were two problems that I, as a new father faced. First, Amirul needed to sleep for 15 hours. Man, I wish I could sleep that long! The second one is his unique pattern is slightly different from average person. Today he sleep at 9 am, the next day he awoke at 3 am or 4 am. In other words, I have to be there for him when he needed someone to play with.

The first three month was the hardest, her mother discovered her peace at 4 o'clock in the morning. (Amirul loved to play during night time, so her mother had to entertain him until he felt asleep). Suddenly, there's a drastic change of my sleeping pattern, from "1 am to 6 am" routine, which I'm practically comfortable with it, to "9 pm to 3 am". As soon as the alarm clock resonated through my ears, I know the worst part of my life has come; my turn to monitor and watch the baby. I know it was so easy just to watch him sleeping, but at 3 o'clock in morning, I could imagine myself on my bed, dreaming miles away about good things. Instead of enjoying the benefits of sleeping, I have to watch someone enjoying his sleep until sunrise.

He smiled at me.
3-12 months
The matter became even worst when my wife started to go to work; the off-and-on-off-and-on sleeping pattern has sponged my life. The stranger often woke up during night time, demanding milk and making an annoying voice, and he kept doing that until I wake up. Now I know why newly fathers have black rings around their eyes. They suffered from making a milk and entertaining their baby during the nights. The same thing happened to me, I often found myself couldn't concentrate during my office hour, cannot get my hand off from scrubbing my eyes, and accidentally slept when doing working paper.

While it took at least two alarm clocks to wake me up as always, I woke up easily at night when I heard my baby's voice and expecting his milk to be filled in the bottle. That's odd. Without a word, I quickly understood what I was supposed to do next.

Three times of waking up in the middle of the night enough made me felt like a zombie all day long. Thanks Amirul.

Nonetheless, I get over it after several months. No don't mind making milk my love one. I smile every time I shake a bottle of milk for you, the way you grab your bottle of milk off my hand always makes me laugh.

12-23 Months
Sleep is a natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended, I got the definition at google. According to me, sleep is the state of eye shut. During Amirul age of 12 to 23 months, I can define sleep is where I close my eyes, open my eyes. The perfect 6 hours of sleeping. No, cries and shout in middle of that. I think most of the children didn't have a gut to disturb their father's sleeping when they reached the age of 12 months and above. It's a big relief actually, I got peace of mind for not hearing my son yelling like the world's collapsing. On the contrary, I really miss shaking the bottle of milk while yawning myself to sleep, I really miss rocking and comforting my baby, and I really miss watching him sleep while enjoying his milk.

Having a newborn is really painful, especially for unprepared father like me. I always look the baby from the distance and thinking that I'm not the right person to be his father, so young and reckless. But it always the darkest hour before the dawn, eventually I get used to it and he seems to give me a light so I can have a purpose in my life.


  1. Hi.. visiting kambing yg bujang selamanya... hehehhe...

    I agree with you handling a new born was not easy.. I taking care of my new born start after bersalin (c-sec).. imagine kena bangun sendiri buat susu dgn perut yg masih berdarah2... anak menguek je.. aku terbangun mcm robot dan tempat jahitan punya lah sakit terkejut (Tindakan reflex kan..;-p)...

    ahhh sampai lah ke hari ni.. masih kena berjaga buat susu (anak dah nak masuk 4 tahun dah pun tahun ni)

    peritttt... ^_^

  2. Cath J : thanks to Mr Hubby yg byk berjasa tulun Huda bgn mlm tuk buat susu.. Yela sbb b4 Amirul minum bottle, dier menyusu bdn.. selama tue gak la Huda tersengguk2 bgn kasik susu sambil duduk (Amirul tak suka menyusu sambil baring)..

    Tapi bler dah makin besar ni, Mr Hubby yg paling sonok sbb dah tak yah bgn mlm, Huda la lak kena prepare bgn mlm tuk 2nd BB..

  3. anak maria plk ikut mood die..kdg2 dia tido 4 6 jam direct tak bgn..kdg2 setengh jam je tido pastuh bgn..

  4. Maria : kalu Amirul tido ptg, kiteorg limitkan plg lamer dlm 3jam bler dier dh setahun lbh, bkn aper, takut kalu tido lamer2 mlm xmo tdo lak.. susah gak tue


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