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Blog Titles I Wish Mummy Will Write For 2010

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2010 has anchored her January, and it's only a few days left before January set her sail away. As people wish for their new resolution to become successful, I also set for new 2010 resolution for mummy's blog. I hope when mummy read this post, she will become more serious in carrying her commitment for kambing bujang blog.

As the fireworks of 2010 sprinkled her lights all over the Kuala Lumpur sky, I squeezed my brain to work out for sprinkling new ideas of blog post tittles for mummy to write. I hope her blog will bloom with its loyal readers like, I hope she will successfully make a major breakthrough for her blog, and I hope her passion for blogging will not fade out for a 100 years.

Here the blog titles I wish she and other mum bloggers write. 

•Shopping havens for mummy?
•How do you measure the quality of baby car seat?
•Review a book or magazine per week or month.
•Should we change our lifestyle for second baby?
•DIY Project every week.

•How to make your colleague jealous of your after-giving-birth slim body?
•Feeling guilty about your husband for introducing 120 days without sex rule?
•Foods for mummy without getting fat.
•Why sex is good for pregnant mummy.
•How to survive the itchiness of my entire body?

Housekeeping and daily chores.
•Preparation of food for dinner and tapau for office lunch.
•Good and bad of hiring a maid.
•The best way to save money on groceries.
•Introduction of sandwich to our dinner.
•Should your husband help you with daily chores?
•List of daily chores your husband should help

Children Health and Development
•Summary of Amirul Milestones for Year One.
•What Indoor games amirul loves to play
•Best video for amirul for learnings.
•How do you feel to discover that amirul love to express creativity with coloring pencil
•Jenis-jenis penyakit yang patut dicegah daripada diubati.
•How to make our children genius?
•List of forbidden Junkfoods that Amirul not allowed to consume.
•List of Illnesses that Amirul had from day one to year two.
•Why sleeping early is good for Amirul development and growth.
•Sleeping problem and concern, the blog post series.
•How we teach amirul manner in public and restaurant?

•Best brands around for breastfeeding.
•How to preserve breastmilk?
•How to find time to pump your milk for working mummy?
•Things to prepare when pumping up milk.
•Breastfeed is good for baby, Is it beneficial to mummy as well?

•List of Babies' Name in Islam: From A to Z.

To all Kambing Bujang Readers please don't hesitate to give contribution to mummy, show some support and let mummy do some inspiring work by giving ideas. Her blog is so fragile without you.


  1. wow! you've got a long list. you definitely have plenty of ideas. :D

  2. wah.. u bg i idea la nak tulis ape everytime running of ideas bile nak tulis blog.. hehe

  3. Temp. housewife : ideas mmg byk. and mostly dah draft pun cume final touch blum siap2.. dat y sampai skrang dok draft.

    Azzomore : Parenting is not something we have to keep it to ourselves, but to share

    jgn luper kasik credict kt I skit.. thanks yea.. happy blogging


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