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Amirul Eating Pattern from Day 1 to 2 Years old

At the age of 23months, Amirul's weight is 13kg and he grown up as very healthy boy. He has pretty good eating habit and I'm so glad he turned out what i wanted him to be, healthy boy with no chronic illness. He does get sick but not the serious ones except jaundice which required him to be warded at a hospital for 4days and early stage of asthma. Other than that, he only had cough, fever, flu and chicken pox at age of 10months. However recently, i was quite worried about Amirul eating habit. Toddler at his age, particularly required at least 1000kcal/day

Day 1 - 2months old
From day one until 2months old, Amirul only drank Mummy's milk. Only mummy's milk. Tersengguk2 mlm-mlm kasik Amirul drink milk sbb dier xnk drink sambil baring, nak kena put on mummy's lap, br nk drink. Mmg time tue teramat la penat. Thanks to Mr Hubby who help me a lot.

3 months - 6months
When I started going to work and took contraceptive pill, my milk productions had declined. Tue la tak sabar nk kurus, so i've took contraceptive pill yg bleh kuruskan badan gak. Its work but milk production decline.. Sorry to say that im very concern about my weight.. my bad. I expressed my breast milk and can be claim as quite a lot. However, due to less info and naive about breastfeeding, at the age of 5months old, Amirul totally stop drinking my milk. I do regret and really determine this unborn baby will only drink my breastmilk at least exclusively first 6months. In the between of 2 - 5months old, Amirul drink my breastmilk at night and formula milk at babysitter's house. Mr Hubby warned me that, i cannot introduce nestum or what-so-ever solid foods to Amirul until he was 6months old since Amirul's GIT system still fragile to digest that solid foods.

6months onwards
At the age of 6months old, I eagerly started to introduce Amirul with solid foods and his 1st solid food was nestum. Nestum, instant puree, rusk biscuit among his fave. I did cook porridge for him nevertheless, he seem not interested at my porridge. I don't know either the taste is bad or its tasteless, but he keep rejecting my porridge even though i had tried variety of porridge recipes. End up, me yg kena habiskan that porridge..erhmm Then i stop giving him my porridge and continue with his fave; nestum, instant puree and rusk biscuit. At age of 9months old, his 1st teeth appeared. I vow to myself to take care of his teeth and make a rule "Amirul only allowed to eat junk foods occasionally".

Indeed, i can be said successful as Amirul only eat chocolate, ice cream or junk foods occasionally. Unless his babysitter gave him without my knowledge. However, he loves to suck his milk bottle's teat for hours and causing his teeth started to decay. The moment i saw Amirul's teeth decaying, I felt so upset.

1year old onwards
When he reach, 1yrs old, he started to eat rice. Alhamdulillah, me tak payah susah2 nak pikir nestum aper nk beli, flavour aper because what i ate, Amirul eat it. He enjoy his meal BUT, he only eat rice alone not with chicken or fish or prawn or squid or egg. He become picky eater meaning only rice and if he see any dishes in his plate, he will ask to change to new rice-only-plate. What make me concern most that, does he have sufficient nutrients. He only eat carbo with no protein, vitamins, and others.

According to food pyramid, toddler required same number of servings from each group inside the food pyramid, but in smaller than adult-size servings.

Comparison between recommended nutrients and what Amirul had daily.

Click to enlarge the image

Here can be your reference what is recommended nutrients that your toddler age 2 - 3 years old need.

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