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Amirul and The Nuffnang Friso Gold: A Letter to Grandmother

"it's that a germ behind my back, it looks like a nice boy"

Dear Eyang,

When you read this letter, I know you may be surprised that this letter was wrote by your own grandson. It was daddy who wrote it for me because my abilities have yet to reach basic writing skill and I signed this letter by my own hand, with a guidance of my daddy's hand. Before I continue my writing about Nuffang Friso Familly Day Out, Grandma, I would like to say that I love you and I'd really miss you. I would love to have breakfast with you this weekend.

As usual, we late again. All faults were lead to daddy as he was failed to wake us up in proper time. Even though he was the first human who woke up in our home, he continued his laziness by playing Nintendo Wii for an hour. Daddy got scolded by mummy, who woke up in fury and anger, that she couldn't believe the time showed 9.20 AM and daddy still got Wii remote on his hand. His world panicked! Mummy alerted daddy to shower me, wear outing clothes on me, and apply a drop of olive oil on my lovely hair.

It was the fastest breakfast of my life. We need to be there at 10 o'clock. At last we manage to get to One Utama in a blink, thanks to daddy's skill of driving. "Mummy, have you done yet? It's my turn to throw up. Daddy laju sangat."

Event: Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out -Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside!

Location: Kizsports & Gym, Old Wing, One Utama.

Date: 2nd Jan 2010, 10 am - 2pm

"we, mum bloggers"

Family Day Out - It's a very long line. Mummy, why don't you cut the line? I know it's unethical, I'm just testing you.

I stood upon the camera, backgrounded by Friso Family Day Out Big Poster and I put a smile when daddy said 1,2,3-smile. I could see mummy from here, waiting in queue line, waving her hand to me and I waved back. That day was a good day to play.

I love speculation. And I would love to speculate the purpose of everyone's here

The Purpose of The Friso Family Day Out

  • Mummy's Purpose to come: [1] To receive her prize. [2] Develop networking among mum bloggers community. [3] Take Photos of Me
  • Nuffnang and Friso Objective to hold the event: [1] Organize a healthy event to spark expansion of blogging industry in Malaysia [2] Promote Their Quality Product Using New, Effective, and Efficient Tools, instead of marketing it through TV Channel, they turn to Bloggers, [3] To Maintain its sustainability as The Asia-Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community.
  • Why Daddy Came Here: [1] Nothing, [2] As per instructed by mummy

-Click to Enlarge-

My beloved grandma, the magnitude of the event was so huge, crowded with unrecognized faces, made me as a toddler of 23 months, a little bit afraid. To ease the feeling, I hug my daddy so tight I felt like a little kangaroo inside the pocket. Unknown people has just made my stranger anxiety escalated.

Let me picture the highlight of the event holistically:

  • The event started with a long queue registration
  • a short introduction of the event,
  • play, play, play
  • Friso Nutrition Talk
  • Playing
  • Lunch Time (I felt like a millennium waiting for this slot!)
  • Playing, they should put another slot of ..playing!
  • Announcement of Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out Winners
  • play, play, play.

The Introduction of The Event.

I just assume that Mr. Marcus as the master of ceremony (MC) because he held the microphone and gave the brief about the event. As soon as participant applaud, he handed the microphone over Mr. Nicholas Chay, The Nuffnag Country Manager. He delivered his speaks in highly respectable manner, underline the objective of the event. Not to forget a lovely representative from Dutch Lady gave speech after that, quite a brilliant speech. As soon after I heard Mr Marcus' voice said the word 'play', I hesitantly ran to the playground, I still felt strangers anxiety inside me because I couldn't get along strangers around me at that moment. I just need more time.

The Friso Nutrition Talk

Mummy is a shy person. She found it hard to build up friends among mum bloggers and of all the efforts she could do is smile. So, Mummy grabbed the SLR camera from daddy as a tool to penetrate the barrier of shyness inside her, approaching other mum bloggers by taking photos together. Not long after that, mummy took me from playground and carried me to a classroom. She said she wanted to attend The Friso Nutrition Talk on How to Develop Children Immune System.

We came up late, the talk already started and I couldn't get the name of the Dutch Lady representative. She talked nicely, the important points that she stressed out were very clear, the colorful slide presentation was easy to understand - I really loved it. She elaborated the the importance of good bacterias (2P which are Prebiotics & Probiotics) in increasing our child's immunity. I saw Mummy got mesmerized by her speech and I loved teasing Mummy when she got something important to listen. So I threw my tantrums so she could pay attention to me rather than the talk. My feet's hammering the floor and asking for a drink so she could be distracted. Consequently, Mummy has missed the opportunity to answer the questions in a quiz session because of me. (I heard if you got the right answer, you got a reward)

"Mum, Is it Prebiotics more important than me?"

"That's it, I've had it with you!!", said mummy as I saw fire in her. "I'm just teasing you mummy," I spoke language that she didn't understand. She hand over me to daddy, politely asking him to play with me at the playground that she need to centralize her attention to the next speaker, Ruth Liew, representative from The Star Newspaper, Parenting Columnist and the agenda is Immunity System of Toddler and Babies. Her speech was excellent and admirable, important points could be stored so easy in my mind, and everyone was listening to her in silence. And because my mummy loves me, she told me everything about new things that she learned; it's all about me, about how to develop and maintain a strong and firm immunity system, so I could not fall sick easily, winning every battle against gems and bacteria.

Photo By: Shaolin Tiger


"For the kids with orange tag, please proceed to the gym", My heart was racing when I heard Mr. Marcus made that announcement. There must be a great playground over there, I have a great felling about this. How come he knew my tag's color? Is it because I'm cute? Nevertheless, my stranger anxiety didn't subside at that time and guess what? My head was still on daddy broad shoulder. I really wanted to play, I think they're playing at gym room, but I'm so shy. Daddy, please do something!

"OMG, I'm so excited! Am I doing anything wrong?

Then why everybody's looking at me?"

So instead of going to gym, I entertain myself by playing football, driving car, throw the ball, and sliding. I felt my sweat came out of my body after 30 minute of non-stop playing ; a little bit of excitement and a little bit of afraid. Still not familiar with the surroundings. Bored and exhausted, I continue my enthusiasm at Sand Art Corner and tried my best in coloring. I was so in love with my sand art card I brought it along everywhere I went. Grandma, You should see my Sand Coloring Artwork, very cool.

"I will bring home The World Cup Trophy, that's the spirit of 1Malaysia"

For the kids who are 3 and above, they were playing dance-and-stop game which I found it interesting. The game was very amusing that all I could hear was laughter and giggling, although I'm not fully understand what they're playing, I'm very thankful that they're happy. After that, they're playing the-balloon-on-legs game, they have to pierce out the balloon, and the sound of popping really scared me. Without a second thought, I ran off to find my daddy's shoulder. Again.

"Mouse? I'm not suppose to ride the one that I always afraid of"

Eating Time.

11.30, someone put an announcement,"it's time to lunch, Kids!" I was so excited and-- "Daddy, lunch time for kids only! Not you!! You have to wait and watch me eat this delicious lunch. Nyum Nyum!!" Daddy just watched me in a closed distance while waiting for mummy to come to join him. Well, I should say that the lunch meal was superior, surprisingly there's no sign of food left on my table and I would like to show to daddy how big my tummy was. All stuffed.

"Hmm..Table for Kids, Food for Kids, Better than Hotel Restaurant"

The Magician Hafidz Osman

There're two things emphasize the life of the kids, especially me, [1] Playing and [2] Magic. At that time, I was eager to see the magic and it was the slot I've been waiting for. Mr Hafidz Osman performed his magnificent show to everyone, the first trick he did was trying to tame the flying table and it was cool. Mr Hafidz Osman is a great magician, he always demonstrate element of surprise in every tricks - the tied-up hand, emerging of merpati putih, playing with fire. And one thing that he's good at is dealing with a large audience. He even invited several kids and parents to assist him in performing the tricks. How beautiful was that?

"There is a great disturbance in the Force,

I have no doubt this man is the offspring of Anakin Skywalker"

The magic performance ended with roaring applaud, it was so great . But I was burst into tears, I wanted to see it again. Whoa, Daddy please hug me.

Winner Announcement

Mummy looked so anxious waiting for announcement, a group of kid still dancing, dancing, dancing. It felt like forever until MC Marcus spoke about winner announcement. She was so confident that she's gonna win the grand prize. She said to me before we entered the Kidz Sport that her post will fly us to Hong Kong and she was very sure of that because others are informative and definitive, hers is creative. I prayed to god that I wanted to see her happy. But I really afraid of flying.

Then Mr. Marcus proceed with the announcement.

It was an exhilarating moment when mummy carried me along when her blog was announced by the MC. Applause of mum bloggers echoed on every corner of the Kidz Sport and Gym as mummy received the prize. Mummy keep on smiling and always keep her cool when she confronted with flashes of camera lights. It's like the happiest day of her life, the curve of her smile adored me every second. In spite of winning a consolation prize, she felt like this was a giant leap for her parenthood blog.

photo by: shaolinphoto

Congratulation to other consolation prize winners; Sawanila, Sumijelly, Beskotkeras, Tripleplusone, Submerryn, Reiko67 and the other 3 bloggers. [photo via shaolinphoto]

Grand Prize.

Eyang, the truth is I already knew that mombloggersplanet would win the grand prize. I just read first line of her blog post and I was 100% sure that it would fly a family of Nor Rosmini, the blog's owner trip to Hong Kong for 3 Days, 2 Nights. Her post distinguished from others as well as maintained the elements of Creative, Informative, and Definitive.

"All of her hard works were finally paid off"

"Hmm..Looked nervous. Relax Mummy, don't get intimidated by her reputation"

Playing has just begun.

At the period of everyone leaving for home, my determination of playing exponentially increased, of course, it only brought headache to both Mummy and Daddy. I saw the surroundings was different now, all energy inside me has been maxed out out when I was sliding my way down into a pool of balls. "I want to play all day long, Daddy, all day long", he frowned. No more stranger anxiety, scary thought and hesitation. My tendency to play has reached the highest level. This is what I call the State of Euphoria. Mummy and Daddy sat down and leaned on the wall, keep on waiting until my energy totally drained out. Then we're off to Toy R Us.

-click to enlarge-

Toy R Us

Mummy is a very good shopper and her skill always in her blood, inherited from her lovely mother. She fully utilized the RM100 voucher to buy my toys. Read her article to know about what toys she has bought for me. I love you, Mummy.

"Mummy, There's not much we can do with RM100 these days compared

to pop-yeah-yeah age, it's inflation"


I opened my mouth as big as I can, let the air filled me inside. I felt so sleepy. My eyes couldn't stand anymore, my vision was blur as well as my hearing, and I tried to stay awake but I couldn't. At last, my eyes were shut and I began to snore.

"Mummy will buy me Friso for a hundred years"

Grandma, before I put down my writing pencil, you should know that this is the first time Mummy attended bloggers community event and she was very grateful to god for being invited. She have a vision for her blog and she will continue writing in her blog about parenthood journey. Friso Gold Family was very meaningful to a family like us. It was so alive and happening, I'd like to give 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

I love you a thousand times. I hope this letter finds you and finds you well.

Your Beloved Grandson,


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