Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amirul 23 months old milestones

Most children can do :
  • Can make a tower of four bricks - Amirul does

  • Can name a simple picture in a book - Amirul doesn't talk so much, but he finger-pointing so much. Everytime you name things and ask him to show the picture, he recognizes it, by correctly pointing at the picture.
  • Can use 50 single words - I've suspected that Amirul has a delay in his speech ability and went to pead for check up. This is what his pead said "I think your son is quiet person and may grown up as macho boy".. ayohhhh
Half of children can do :
  • Can make two or three word sentences - Amirul? Nope (however his vocab increasing) - Daddy, a' nak (tak nak), ti chin (chicken), ish (fish),
  • Can sing simple tunes - Amirul do not sing but he dances..
  • Takes more on an interest in playing with other children - Amirul needs time to socialize with other children
A few children can do :
  • Can walk down stairs - Yes he can walk down the stairs steadily
  • Talk about self (likes , dislikes) - If he wants what we offer him, he took it, if he dont, he said no
  • Ask "why" - Nope
Amirul other skills & development
  • He can draw straight lines using ruler..
  • He pronounce 'chicken' when he saw chicken.. yea, Amirul is going to talk later -
  • He can hold drink cup steadily, he mastered his eating skills using fork & spoon, (less food scattered under his high car)

  • He know how to smile in front of camera

  • Amirul pandai mengelat . bler dier buat salah, mummy asked him which hand just now, dier akan kasik left hand, yg sbnrnya right hand yg dier guna...tgk.. pandai kan xnk kena jentik
  • Sorting blocks accordingly - without my assistant
  • Amirul is a fast learner. He learns through his mummy daddy's acts - Really need to watch out our words and attitudes soon.
  • Can call his father " Daddy" - Mr Hubby feel so proud, bcoz Amirul still calling me "Ma" instead of mummy
  • Discipline (he knows when his sleep time, eating time,)
  • Amirul is Daddy's Best Friend

Things they do when Mummy doing her window shopping

Read more info for your toddler devopments at 23 months at BabyCentre

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