Friday, January 29, 2010

How Mummy & Daddy can Enjoy Sex life after Having Baby (Amirul)

After given birth to Amirul, life quite miserable and tough for both me & Mr Hubby. Both of us have to re-schedule our normal routine and activities. Our sleep time become short, our hobbies being put aside to adapt with the new parenthood's life, our daily routine mostly to fulfill Amirul's need. Nevertheless, our sex life still as usual after almost 160days of confinement (when i was 32 weeks, we stop having sex and 120days after delivered). Some couple claim they do not have time for sex, their life busy with little one need, house chaos, tired of long working hours and stress driving on road. The question is how do you reclaim your sex life after having baby??? Below is some tips that i would to share

Revive the feeling
  • Be patient with each other. Husband have to understand that their wife need time to recovery from delivery pain.
  • He have to understand that, he now sharing his wife (sexual partner) with other person; your own child (mother)
  • Speak to your partner what you want from her/him. Communication and toleration is very important as your wife still in recovery stage.
  • Give sincere compliment to your partner and don't too rush asking her to get pre-pregnancy figure.
Setting the mood & be creative
  • Just imagine yourself having the 1st night again
  • Plan your sex time (eg: send SMS to him and set the time and date)
  • Setup your bed / room - light aroma candle, turn on the light music, switch off your hand phone, turn on the dim light
  • Ensure your baby already sleep at least 1/2hrs
  • Be prepared yourself : wear sexy lingerie, wear your favorite perfume,
Easing into the mood
  • Sufficient lubricant - naturally or artificial lubricant
  • Naturally
  • Artificial lubricant - Ansell, KY Gel
Note : Feel free to share your tips/ experiences by leaving your comment in comment box.
Thanks to Google for the photo.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Amirul Eating Pattern from Day 1 to 2 Years old

At the age of 23months, Amirul's weight is 13kg and he grown up as very healthy boy. He has pretty good eating habit and I'm so glad he turned out what i wanted him to be, healthy boy with no chronic illness. He does get sick but not the serious ones except jaundice which required him to be warded at a hospital for 4days and early stage of asthma. Other than that, he only had cough, fever, flu and chicken pox at age of 10months. However recently, i was quite worried about Amirul eating habit. Toddler at his age, particularly required at least 1000kcal/day

Day 1 - 2months old
From day one until 2months old, Amirul only drank Mummy's milk. Only mummy's milk. Tersengguk2 mlm-mlm kasik Amirul drink milk sbb dier xnk drink sambil baring, nak kena put on mummy's lap, br nk drink. Mmg time tue teramat la penat. Thanks to Mr Hubby who help me a lot.

3 months - 6months
When I started going to work and took contraceptive pill, my milk productions had declined. Tue la tak sabar nk kurus, so i've took contraceptive pill yg bleh kuruskan badan gak. Its work but milk production decline.. Sorry to say that im very concern about my weight.. my bad. I expressed my breast milk and can be claim as quite a lot. However, due to less info and naive about breastfeeding, at the age of 5months old, Amirul totally stop drinking my milk. I do regret and really determine this unborn baby will only drink my breastmilk at least exclusively first 6months. In the between of 2 - 5months old, Amirul drink my breastmilk at night and formula milk at babysitter's house. Mr Hubby warned me that, i cannot introduce nestum or what-so-ever solid foods to Amirul until he was 6months old since Amirul's GIT system still fragile to digest that solid foods.

6months onwards
At the age of 6months old, I eagerly started to introduce Amirul with solid foods and his 1st solid food was nestum. Nestum, instant puree, rusk biscuit among his fave. I did cook porridge for him nevertheless, he seem not interested at my porridge. I don't know either the taste is bad or its tasteless, but he keep rejecting my porridge even though i had tried variety of porridge recipes. End up, me yg kena habiskan that porridge..erhmm Then i stop giving him my porridge and continue with his fave; nestum, instant puree and rusk biscuit. At age of 9months old, his 1st teeth appeared. I vow to myself to take care of his teeth and make a rule "Amirul only allowed to eat junk foods occasionally".

Indeed, i can be said successful as Amirul only eat chocolate, ice cream or junk foods occasionally. Unless his babysitter gave him without my knowledge. However, he loves to suck his milk bottle's teat for hours and causing his teeth started to decay. The moment i saw Amirul's teeth decaying, I felt so upset.

1year old onwards
When he reach, 1yrs old, he started to eat rice. Alhamdulillah, me tak payah susah2 nak pikir nestum aper nk beli, flavour aper because what i ate, Amirul eat it. He enjoy his meal BUT, he only eat rice alone not with chicken or fish or prawn or squid or egg. He become picky eater meaning only rice and if he see any dishes in his plate, he will ask to change to new rice-only-plate. What make me concern most that, does he have sufficient nutrients. He only eat carbo with no protein, vitamins, and others.

According to food pyramid, toddler required same number of servings from each group inside the food pyramid, but in smaller than adult-size servings.

Comparison between recommended nutrients and what Amirul had daily.

Click to enlarge the image

Here can be your reference what is recommended nutrients that your toddler age 2 - 3 years old need.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog Titles I Wish Mummy Will Write For 2010

source: MichaelKPhoto

2010 has anchored her January, and it's only a few days left before January set her sail away. As people wish for their new resolution to become successful, I also set for new 2010 resolution for mummy's blog. I hope when mummy read this post, she will become more serious in carrying her commitment for kambing bujang blog.

As the fireworks of 2010 sprinkled her lights all over the Kuala Lumpur sky, I squeezed my brain to work out for sprinkling new ideas of blog post tittles for mummy to write. I hope her blog will bloom with its loyal readers like, I hope she will successfully make a major breakthrough for her blog, and I hope her passion for blogging will not fade out for a 100 years.

Here the blog titles I wish she and other mum bloggers write. 

•Shopping havens for mummy?
•How do you measure the quality of baby car seat?
•Review a book or magazine per week or month.
•Should we change our lifestyle for second baby?
•DIY Project every week.

•How to make your colleague jealous of your after-giving-birth slim body?
•Feeling guilty about your husband for introducing 120 days without sex rule?
•Foods for mummy without getting fat.
•Why sex is good for pregnant mummy.
•How to survive the itchiness of my entire body?

Housekeeping and daily chores.
•Preparation of food for dinner and tapau for office lunch.
•Good and bad of hiring a maid.
•The best way to save money on groceries.
•Introduction of sandwich to our dinner.
•Should your husband help you with daily chores?
•List of daily chores your husband should help

Children Health and Development
•Summary of Amirul Milestones for Year One.
•What Indoor games amirul loves to play
•Best video for amirul for learnings.
•How do you feel to discover that amirul love to express creativity with coloring pencil
•Jenis-jenis penyakit yang patut dicegah daripada diubati.
•How to make our children genius?
•List of forbidden Junkfoods that Amirul not allowed to consume.
•List of Illnesses that Amirul had from day one to year two.
•Why sleeping early is good for Amirul development and growth.
•Sleeping problem and concern, the blog post series.
•How we teach amirul manner in public and restaurant?

•Best brands around for breastfeeding.
•How to preserve breastmilk?
•How to find time to pump your milk for working mummy?
•Things to prepare when pumping up milk.
•Breastfeed is good for baby, Is it beneficial to mummy as well?

•List of Babies' Name in Islam: From A to Z.

To all Kambing Bujang Readers please don't hesitate to give contribution to mummy, show some support and let mummy do some inspiring work by giving ideas. Her blog is so fragile without you.

5 Reasons why I chose The National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN)

Saving money for my child college fund is one of our financial goals that I want to achieve with no hassles and disruptions. I adjust my budgeting plan so I can place a new category for my child savings which means that my expense will decrease to grant a path to save money for college fund.

Here I put 5 reasons why SSPN is the most suitable for savings for my child higher study.

1. The dividend or return is consistently from 3% - 4%.
The return is not quite high and might not interest some of the people, but I’m satisfied with that because it is consistent. I don’t have to worry if the economy is down.
Consistency is beneficial for mid-term investment.

2. My child is eligible for taking a student loan if my savings exceed RM3000.
This is the best reason why I chose SSPN to be my child college fund. What if my financial is facing problems by the time my child goes to university? What if I’m broke in 2028? My child still can pursue a degree in college.
Tax relief on savings is up to RM3000 per year. Technically, I save more just by deposit monthly savings here. Tax relief is applicable for this fund.

3. It offers automatic debit transaction mode.
Using automatic debit gives you no choice but to save. It is a good way to save money for people who seems hard to save money out of their salary. Every month, I set out RM 50 auto debit for the first year and RM100 for the next years to come.

4. Free insurance coverage up to RM 50000.
It is valid for account holder who has balance of RM1000. The death compensation for depositors is RM1000 and beneficiary is RM500.It covers maximum RM50000 for general insurance and RM100 000 for trust insurance.

5. The fund is backed up by Malaysian government.
There’s very low risk and it guaranteed by the government. Every year you will gain dividend as promised but it is not significant like other financial provider. But the stability and the consistency of the fund favours me more than the dividend payout

I will never know if I can financially support my children in 20 years from now. I will help my children by put money into savings. It would be better for me to save some of money today for greater tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy day and Amirul's fishing experience

Its weekend and time showed 6pm. Its our outdoor activities time, time where Amirul play football and time where my body get sweat. Ready we go and OPPSSS. Outside weather showed cloudy and is going to rain in any minutes. 1 minute later, heavy rain pour on earth and Amirul showed bored face to us. Mummy daddy knew Amirul getting bored with his bundle of toys and hoping for something more interesting. Does you toddler feel the same way when exciting outdoor actvities had been planned ahead being cancel. Here I would like to share what we did and its DIY project you can involve you bored toddler.

Its My Hubby idea - Fishing in your house

What you need :
  • String
  • Cardboard and magic pen for drawing
  • Unused key
  • Magnet
  • Wooden / plastic stick
  • Small basket
  • Cellophane tape

What you do
  1. Draw fish on cardboard and color it nicely, create it as many as you can. I found unused 5 fishes in Amirul's basket of toys.
  2. Take any unused keys you find in your house to use it to stick at fish body. You can use .Now you have fishes with a key on each of fish's body.
  3. Take string and tied on wooden/plastic stick. Make as a fish rode. As for me, I use Amirul's sword I bought last year.
  4. At the end of the fish rode, tied magnet on it
  5. Now you are ready for fishing activity.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amirul 23 months old milestones

Most children can do :
  • Can make a tower of four bricks - Amirul does

  • Can name a simple picture in a book - Amirul doesn't talk so much, but he finger-pointing so much. Everytime you name things and ask him to show the picture, he recognizes it, by correctly pointing at the picture.
  • Can use 50 single words - I've suspected that Amirul has a delay in his speech ability and went to pead for check up. This is what his pead said "I think your son is quiet person and may grown up as macho boy".. ayohhhh
Half of children can do :
  • Can make two or three word sentences - Amirul? Nope (however his vocab increasing) - Daddy, a' nak (tak nak), ti chin (chicken), ish (fish),
  • Can sing simple tunes - Amirul do not sing but he dances..
  • Takes more on an interest in playing with other children - Amirul needs time to socialize with other children
A few children can do :
  • Can walk down stairs - Yes he can walk down the stairs steadily
  • Talk about self (likes , dislikes) - If he wants what we offer him, he took it, if he dont, he said no
  • Ask "why" - Nope
Amirul other skills & development
  • He can draw straight lines using ruler..
  • He pronounce 'chicken' when he saw chicken.. yea, Amirul is going to talk later -
  • He can hold drink cup steadily, he mastered his eating skills using fork & spoon, (less food scattered under his high car)

  • He know how to smile in front of camera

  • Amirul pandai mengelat . bler dier buat salah, mummy asked him which hand just now, dier akan kasik left hand, yg sbnrnya right hand yg dier guna...tgk.. pandai kan xnk kena jentik
  • Sorting blocks accordingly - without my assistant
  • Amirul is a fast learner. He learns through his mummy daddy's acts - Really need to watch out our words and attitudes soon.
  • Can call his father " Daddy" - Mr Hubby feel so proud, bcoz Amirul still calling me "Ma" instead of mummy
  • Discipline (he knows when his sleep time, eating time,)
  • Amirul is Daddy's Best Friend

Things they do when Mummy doing her window shopping

Read more info for your toddler devopments at 23 months at BabyCentre

Friday, January 22, 2010

My pregnancy diary : 23 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 23 weeks pregnant
  • Suddenly addicted to Boys Over Flowers, Korean Drama series (watch online)
  • Weight gaining almost 12kg from my pre-pregnancy weight. Still comfortable with this weight. Not much back pain complaint, besides during sleep time.
  • My belly look more rounded yet i still can walk fast (faster than those who are not pregnant) - org takut tgk me jln sbb cam nk berlumba.. huhuh
  • My appetite increasing however still controlling the diet. Yet i also do have heartburn.I'm eating sandwiches+kurma+warm milk for dinner. Healthy food for the baby
  • Baby kicking and moving a lot. Mr Hubby excited since he also can feel it.
  • Leg cramp nightmare started.
Read about 23rd week pregnant at Parenting.Com and
To know how your baby development at 23rd weeks, read here
If you having leg cramp during sleep time like me, here is some info to help.

2D Ultrasound, 3D Ultrasound or 4D Ultrasound for Pregnancy

By next month baby will turn to 24weeks/6months and we plan to have baby scanning.. All this while, i haven't do any the baby scanning because my monthly pregnancy check up was done at Klinik Kesihatan and they only do the normal procedure (baby scanning) for 1st baby, nope for 2nd one, especially if you had normal delivery with no complication. Very seldom for 2nd baby as they assume your pregnancy will go smooth like 1st ones. There is few options of baby scanning nowaday compare back to last time where 2D is the only option.

What we can get by doing baby scanning????
  • The doctor can identify baby's position.
  • To know amount of amniotic fluid around the baby (the more the better). If less may danger the baby.
  • To know the amount of tissue (skin, fat and muscle) between the probe and the baby - do they can count my fat as well, huhuhu
  • To detect developmental defects before birth
What you can see during baby scanning :
Early Pregnancy Scan -
  • 4 1/2weeks of gestation - gestational sac can sometimes be visualized
  • 5 weeks of gestation - yolk sac can be visualized
  • 5 1/ 2 weeks of gestation - embryo can be observed and measured
  • 6 weeks of gestation - heartbeat may be seen as early as 6 weeks
Dating & Growth Monitoring Scan-
  • Between 7 and 13 weeks of gestation - estimating gestational age
Fetal Sex Determination Scan -
  • After 16 weeks of gestation weeks- as most infants are the same size at this stage of development
Abnormality Screening Scan -
  • 18 to 20 weeks of gestational age - detect fetal organ anomaly (spina bifida, autism,

However, there are few options of ultrasound scanning which we can choose to :
2D ultrasound Scan
  • 2-D black-and-white images - look almost old-fashioned yet the most chosen baby scanning by mummies
  • Can viewing the foetus within the mother's womb
  • Cheapest at price range RM 80 - RM 100

Photo from Google
3D ultrasound scan
  • Its a high-definition color pictures
  • Allow mummies to see your unborn baby in extraordinarily high detail
  • Price range from RM 180 - RM 250

Photo from Google

4D ultrasound scan
  • Extension of 3D which they show fetal movements in "real time"
  • Mummies can see the fetus smile, yawn, suck on his or her fingers, scratch his or her nose and exhibit many other behaviors of a newborn baby
  • Price range from RM 200 - RM 300
Note : 1st pregnancy, i only had 2D scanning at 24weeks and found out, baby is a boy,(we can clearly saw his 'bird') . Mr Hubby is the most happiest person as he said baby boy can take care of his mummy. But yayang dont forget baby boy also make mummy headache with house chaos like his daddy. huhuh.

For more info on ultrasound scanning during pregnancy, do click here
Here is the the the details on 2nd trimester scans (18 - 23 weeks)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to handle The Earthquake of Amirul

Usually my routine day at the office is pathetic and stressful. Overload and underachieved. At 5 o'clock I already waiting in line to punch out attendance, to get away from the work and go home. In the car while driving, I'm unable to reach the full potential of my car speed because i'm getting caught in usual spot of heavy traffic. I always contribute swearing and yelling and not to forget, long honking like teenager with no self-esteem. Who cares actually, we Malaysian. It's a stress and I'm not like it. The only remedy to ease my work-related stress is to see my Amirul's face. Some people said that seeing your children face is like seeing the heaven and if you want to smell the heaven, just smell your children face. Well, it's true. Seeing my child is the key to release all the stress I have from work, but seeing what happen to your home when you open the door of your house, just make you more unbearably stressful. 

There are four unlikely situations that I would not like to see when I get home, but it happens very often: 
  1. Earthquake version 7.0 is when the toys, well-organized books, and all small things go scattered and distributed on the floor. Then I see the smiled face at the corner of the living room.   
  2. His tantrum starting to get control over his body and all I see is a zero gravity of my iPod and HTC Touch phone and then they hit the floor. 
  3. Amirul crying out loud, asking to be hugged and lift-off while I'm desperately need for relax and unwind.
  4. My Amirul smells funny (probably because he sweat too much) and he needs someone to get him showered

Stress is the way your body responds to situations, circumstances, and other similar aspects to life. Situations pictured above often produce increasing in body temperature, heartbeats twice faster than usual, and temporary loss of strength and energy.  To manage the stress, I always follow the below steps:

  1. Take a deep breath and sit back for 5 minutes is the first step that I take if the usual scene happened when I get home. It is the most traditional way of stress relief and widely practiced by people around the world. Get myself Istighfar and manage the stress easily. Sit down, do nothing, and someone will come like a sunrise, cleaning up the mess; Amirul's mummy. 
  2. Before I let my emotion darkens my mind and soul and react blindly to the situation, I always thinking rationally why it happened and how to solve the problem. Usually if scene number 2 happens, I will bring Amirul to the playground in front of our house, let him play by himself until he's cool down.
  3. Sometimes, Amirul need someone to play with. Since his unborn sibling is still yet to born, he don't have anyone but me. Routinely, he yells at me as soon as I open my door show the sign of playing In spite of exhaustion I got from my work, I let go of everything I had in mind just to play flying-plane game with him.  
  4. My thoughts are playing with my brain, "I have a bad day, I deserve to relax" or "Let your mum taking care of you". Think too much will only corrupt me. If my Amirul needs to be showered, I, as a father have to act with responsibilityReact to the situation rather than thinking too much about my restlessness. 
  5. There is a behavior of Amirul that I really inspired. He loves to help someone. He loves to help mummy cooking even though he couldn't. He loves to help mummy hanging up the washed clothes. He loves to take TV remote for me. I notice that he actually want to assist his daddy and mummy when we ask him. If child-made earthquake version 7.0 has happened in our living room, I ask him nicely to help me cleaning up the mess and he is really helpful in that situation. 

Amirul is a cheerfully active toddler and it takes a lot of stress taking care of him. What I need now is a healthy mind to carry on responsibility to be a decent father.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Did you know how zombie I was to take care of you?

The first week amirul was born, I already googled on How much sleep does Amirul need to keep him as healthy baby, growing without any problems. I realized that the baby wouldn't has problems. In contrast, it was me who would have problems.

There were two problems that I, as a new father faced. First, Amirul needed to sleep for 15 hours. Man, I wish I could sleep that long! The second one is his unique pattern is slightly different from average person. Today he sleep at 9 am, the next day he awoke at 3 am or 4 am. In other words, I have to be there for him when he needed someone to play with.

The first three month was the hardest, her mother discovered her peace at 4 o'clock in the morning. (Amirul loved to play during night time, so her mother had to entertain him until he felt asleep). Suddenly, there's a drastic change of my sleeping pattern, from "1 am to 6 am" routine, which I'm practically comfortable with it, to "9 pm to 3 am". As soon as the alarm clock resonated through my ears, I know the worst part of my life has come; my turn to monitor and watch the baby. I know it was so easy just to watch him sleeping, but at 3 o'clock in morning, I could imagine myself on my bed, dreaming miles away about good things. Instead of enjoying the benefits of sleeping, I have to watch someone enjoying his sleep until sunrise.

He smiled at me.
3-12 months
The matter became even worst when my wife started to go to work; the off-and-on-off-and-on sleeping pattern has sponged my life. The stranger often woke up during night time, demanding milk and making an annoying voice, and he kept doing that until I wake up. Now I know why newly fathers have black rings around their eyes. They suffered from making a milk and entertaining their baby during the nights. The same thing happened to me, I often found myself couldn't concentrate during my office hour, cannot get my hand off from scrubbing my eyes, and accidentally slept when doing working paper.

While it took at least two alarm clocks to wake me up as always, I woke up easily at night when I heard my baby's voice and expecting his milk to be filled in the bottle. That's odd. Without a word, I quickly understood what I was supposed to do next.

Three times of waking up in the middle of the night enough made me felt like a zombie all day long. Thanks Amirul.

Nonetheless, I get over it after several months. No don't mind making milk my love one. I smile every time I shake a bottle of milk for you, the way you grab your bottle of milk off my hand always makes me laugh.

12-23 Months
Sleep is a natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended, I got the definition at google. According to me, sleep is the state of eye shut. During Amirul age of 12 to 23 months, I can define sleep is where I close my eyes, open my eyes. The perfect 6 hours of sleeping. No, cries and shout in middle of that. I think most of the children didn't have a gut to disturb their father's sleeping when they reached the age of 12 months and above. It's a big relief actually, I got peace of mind for not hearing my son yelling like the world's collapsing. On the contrary, I really miss shaking the bottle of milk while yawning myself to sleep, I really miss rocking and comforting my baby, and I really miss watching him sleep while enjoying his milk.

Having a newborn is really painful, especially for unprepared father like me. I always look the baby from the distance and thinking that I'm not the right person to be his father, so young and reckless. But it always the darkest hour before the dawn, eventually I get used to it and he seems to give me a light so I can have a purpose in my life.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Amirul and The Nuffnang Friso Gold: A Letter to Grandmother

"it's that a germ behind my back, it looks like a nice boy"

Dear Eyang,

When you read this letter, I know you may be surprised that this letter was wrote by your own grandson. It was daddy who wrote it for me because my abilities have yet to reach basic writing skill and I signed this letter by my own hand, with a guidance of my daddy's hand. Before I continue my writing about Nuffang Friso Familly Day Out, Grandma, I would like to say that I love you and I'd really miss you. I would love to have breakfast with you this weekend.

As usual, we late again. All faults were lead to daddy as he was failed to wake us up in proper time. Even though he was the first human who woke up in our home, he continued his laziness by playing Nintendo Wii for an hour. Daddy got scolded by mummy, who woke up in fury and anger, that she couldn't believe the time showed 9.20 AM and daddy still got Wii remote on his hand. His world panicked! Mummy alerted daddy to shower me, wear outing clothes on me, and apply a drop of olive oil on my lovely hair.

It was the fastest breakfast of my life. We need to be there at 10 o'clock. At last we manage to get to One Utama in a blink, thanks to daddy's skill of driving. "Mummy, have you done yet? It's my turn to throw up. Daddy laju sangat."

Event: Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out -Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside!

Location: Kizsports & Gym, Old Wing, One Utama.

Date: 2nd Jan 2010, 10 am - 2pm

"we, mum bloggers"

Family Day Out - It's a very long line. Mummy, why don't you cut the line? I know it's unethical, I'm just testing you.

I stood upon the camera, backgrounded by Friso Family Day Out Big Poster and I put a smile when daddy said 1,2,3-smile. I could see mummy from here, waiting in queue line, waving her hand to me and I waved back. That day was a good day to play.

I love speculation. And I would love to speculate the purpose of everyone's here

The Purpose of The Friso Family Day Out

  • Mummy's Purpose to come: [1] To receive her prize. [2] Develop networking among mum bloggers community. [3] Take Photos of Me
  • Nuffnang and Friso Objective to hold the event: [1] Organize a healthy event to spark expansion of blogging industry in Malaysia [2] Promote Their Quality Product Using New, Effective, and Efficient Tools, instead of marketing it through TV Channel, they turn to Bloggers, [3] To Maintain its sustainability as The Asia-Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community.
  • Why Daddy Came Here: [1] Nothing, [2] As per instructed by mummy

-Click to Enlarge-

My beloved grandma, the magnitude of the event was so huge, crowded with unrecognized faces, made me as a toddler of 23 months, a little bit afraid. To ease the feeling, I hug my daddy so tight I felt like a little kangaroo inside the pocket. Unknown people has just made my stranger anxiety escalated.

Let me picture the highlight of the event holistically:

  • The event started with a long queue registration
  • a short introduction of the event,
  • play, play, play
  • Friso Nutrition Talk
  • Playing
  • Lunch Time (I felt like a millennium waiting for this slot!)
  • Playing, they should put another slot of ..playing!
  • Announcement of Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out Winners
  • play, play, play.

The Introduction of The Event.

I just assume that Mr. Marcus as the master of ceremony (MC) because he held the microphone and gave the brief about the event. As soon as participant applaud, he handed the microphone over Mr. Nicholas Chay, The Nuffnag Country Manager. He delivered his speaks in highly respectable manner, underline the objective of the event. Not to forget a lovely representative from Dutch Lady gave speech after that, quite a brilliant speech. As soon after I heard Mr Marcus' voice said the word 'play', I hesitantly ran to the playground, I still felt strangers anxiety inside me because I couldn't get along strangers around me at that moment. I just need more time.

The Friso Nutrition Talk

Mummy is a shy person. She found it hard to build up friends among mum bloggers and of all the efforts she could do is smile. So, Mummy grabbed the SLR camera from daddy as a tool to penetrate the barrier of shyness inside her, approaching other mum bloggers by taking photos together. Not long after that, mummy took me from playground and carried me to a classroom. She said she wanted to attend The Friso Nutrition Talk on How to Develop Children Immune System.

We came up late, the talk already started and I couldn't get the name of the Dutch Lady representative. She talked nicely, the important points that she stressed out were very clear, the colorful slide presentation was easy to understand - I really loved it. She elaborated the the importance of good bacterias (2P which are Prebiotics & Probiotics) in increasing our child's immunity. I saw Mummy got mesmerized by her speech and I loved teasing Mummy when she got something important to listen. So I threw my tantrums so she could pay attention to me rather than the talk. My feet's hammering the floor and asking for a drink so she could be distracted. Consequently, Mummy has missed the opportunity to answer the questions in a quiz session because of me. (I heard if you got the right answer, you got a reward)

"Mum, Is it Prebiotics more important than me?"

"That's it, I've had it with you!!", said mummy as I saw fire in her. "I'm just teasing you mummy," I spoke language that she didn't understand. She hand over me to daddy, politely asking him to play with me at the playground that she need to centralize her attention to the next speaker, Ruth Liew, representative from The Star Newspaper, Parenting Columnist and the agenda is Immunity System of Toddler and Babies. Her speech was excellent and admirable, important points could be stored so easy in my mind, and everyone was listening to her in silence. And because my mummy loves me, she told me everything about new things that she learned; it's all about me, about how to develop and maintain a strong and firm immunity system, so I could not fall sick easily, winning every battle against gems and bacteria.

Photo By: Shaolin Tiger


"For the kids with orange tag, please proceed to the gym", My heart was racing when I heard Mr. Marcus made that announcement. There must be a great playground over there, I have a great felling about this. How come he knew my tag's color? Is it because I'm cute? Nevertheless, my stranger anxiety didn't subside at that time and guess what? My head was still on daddy broad shoulder. I really wanted to play, I think they're playing at gym room, but I'm so shy. Daddy, please do something!

"OMG, I'm so excited! Am I doing anything wrong?

Then why everybody's looking at me?"

So instead of going to gym, I entertain myself by playing football, driving car, throw the ball, and sliding. I felt my sweat came out of my body after 30 minute of non-stop playing ; a little bit of excitement and a little bit of afraid. Still not familiar with the surroundings. Bored and exhausted, I continue my enthusiasm at Sand Art Corner and tried my best in coloring. I was so in love with my sand art card I brought it along everywhere I went. Grandma, You should see my Sand Coloring Artwork, very cool.

"I will bring home The World Cup Trophy, that's the spirit of 1Malaysia"

For the kids who are 3 and above, they were playing dance-and-stop game which I found it interesting. The game was very amusing that all I could hear was laughter and giggling, although I'm not fully understand what they're playing, I'm very thankful that they're happy. After that, they're playing the-balloon-on-legs game, they have to pierce out the balloon, and the sound of popping really scared me. Without a second thought, I ran off to find my daddy's shoulder. Again.

"Mouse? I'm not suppose to ride the one that I always afraid of"

Eating Time.

11.30, someone put an announcement,"it's time to lunch, Kids!" I was so excited and-- "Daddy, lunch time for kids only! Not you!! You have to wait and watch me eat this delicious lunch. Nyum Nyum!!" Daddy just watched me in a closed distance while waiting for mummy to come to join him. Well, I should say that the lunch meal was superior, surprisingly there's no sign of food left on my table and I would like to show to daddy how big my tummy was. All stuffed.

"Hmm..Table for Kids, Food for Kids, Better than Hotel Restaurant"

The Magician Hafidz Osman

There're two things emphasize the life of the kids, especially me, [1] Playing and [2] Magic. At that time, I was eager to see the magic and it was the slot I've been waiting for. Mr Hafidz Osman performed his magnificent show to everyone, the first trick he did was trying to tame the flying table and it was cool. Mr Hafidz Osman is a great magician, he always demonstrate element of surprise in every tricks - the tied-up hand, emerging of merpati putih, playing with fire. And one thing that he's good at is dealing with a large audience. He even invited several kids and parents to assist him in performing the tricks. How beautiful was that?

"There is a great disturbance in the Force,

I have no doubt this man is the offspring of Anakin Skywalker"

The magic performance ended with roaring applaud, it was so great . But I was burst into tears, I wanted to see it again. Whoa, Daddy please hug me.

Winner Announcement

Mummy looked so anxious waiting for announcement, a group of kid still dancing, dancing, dancing. It felt like forever until MC Marcus spoke about winner announcement. She was so confident that she's gonna win the grand prize. She said to me before we entered the Kidz Sport that her post will fly us to Hong Kong and she was very sure of that because others are informative and definitive, hers is creative. I prayed to god that I wanted to see her happy. But I really afraid of flying.

Then Mr. Marcus proceed with the announcement.

It was an exhilarating moment when mummy carried me along when her blog was announced by the MC. Applause of mum bloggers echoed on every corner of the Kidz Sport and Gym as mummy received the prize. Mummy keep on smiling and always keep her cool when she confronted with flashes of camera lights. It's like the happiest day of her life, the curve of her smile adored me every second. In spite of winning a consolation prize, she felt like this was a giant leap for her parenthood blog.

photo by: shaolinphoto

Congratulation to other consolation prize winners; Sawanila, Sumijelly, Beskotkeras, Tripleplusone, Submerryn, Reiko67 and the other 3 bloggers. [photo via shaolinphoto]

Grand Prize.

Eyang, the truth is I already knew that mombloggersplanet would win the grand prize. I just read first line of her blog post and I was 100% sure that it would fly a family of Nor Rosmini, the blog's owner trip to Hong Kong for 3 Days, 2 Nights. Her post distinguished from others as well as maintained the elements of Creative, Informative, and Definitive.

"All of her hard works were finally paid off"

"Hmm..Looked nervous. Relax Mummy, don't get intimidated by her reputation"

Playing has just begun.

At the period of everyone leaving for home, my determination of playing exponentially increased, of course, it only brought headache to both Mummy and Daddy. I saw the surroundings was different now, all energy inside me has been maxed out out when I was sliding my way down into a pool of balls. "I want to play all day long, Daddy, all day long", he frowned. No more stranger anxiety, scary thought and hesitation. My tendency to play has reached the highest level. This is what I call the State of Euphoria. Mummy and Daddy sat down and leaned on the wall, keep on waiting until my energy totally drained out. Then we're off to Toy R Us.

-click to enlarge-

Toy R Us

Mummy is a very good shopper and her skill always in her blood, inherited from her lovely mother. She fully utilized the RM100 voucher to buy my toys. Read her article to know about what toys she has bought for me. I love you, Mummy.

"Mummy, There's not much we can do with RM100 these days compared

to pop-yeah-yeah age, it's inflation"


I opened my mouth as big as I can, let the air filled me inside. I felt so sleepy. My eyes couldn't stand anymore, my vision was blur as well as my hearing, and I tried to stay awake but I couldn't. At last, my eyes were shut and I began to snore.

"Mummy will buy me Friso for a hundred years"

Grandma, before I put down my writing pencil, you should know that this is the first time Mummy attended bloggers community event and she was very grateful to god for being invited. She have a vision for her blog and she will continue writing in her blog about parenthood journey. Friso Gold Family was very meaningful to a family like us. It was so alive and happening, I'd like to give 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

I love you a thousand times. I hope this letter finds you and finds you well.

Your Beloved Grandson,


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