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Widad is crawling

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Widad so excited with Camera


She was trying to push forward me to catch the camera.

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Working without Weaning - Part 3

Last few chapters from Working without weaning book.

All Kinds of work Arrangements

Photo by : GBWN

Pumping for teachers
Are you a teacher ??? You want to breastfeed your baby, BUT, there is no privacy place to pump, packed with teaching schedules,rushing here and there with school activities. Here are some tips for teachers in order to pump the breastmilk for their babies :
  • Planning ahead before the baby is coming - find the place to pump, re-adjust the schedules to fix the pump session,
  • Talk to school principal about your plan to breastfeed your baby before maternity leave so that she could understand your situation.
  • Tendem pump - Pump one side of the breast while your baby feed to another breast in the morning where prolactin level is high.
  • Pump after the baby goes to bed at night
  • Pump during weeknd to store up more milk
  • Encourage more nursing at night

Photo by : GBWN

Pump when travel
Your work required you to travel, however you want to breastfeed your baby. You now in dilemma either to continue breastfeed or give formula milk to your baby. Your good intetntion wont stop and give you much problem if you follow below tips;
  • Find the proper/suitable/ private place to pump;
  • Freeze all the pump breast milk, You can to use the hotel freezer
  • You need to stock up a bunch of milk before you go travelling.
  • Do pump your milk as your normal routine so that you milk supply wont drop drastically.
Concerns Outside of Work
Besides, common problem regarding supplying breast milk to the baby, some doctor do recommends weaning or supplementing with formula. But why???? Common issue when doctor recommends weaning or supplementing with formula :
  • Poor baby's weight gain.
  • Falling off the growth curve; click for more detail on growth curve via WHO & About.com
Exercise, weight loss and milk supply
  • Plan a proper weight loss regime which won't distrub your milk supply . Here is few tips from the book: [1] Express out your milk before started the work out, [2] drink plenty of water, [3] wear a good sport bra and [4] start your work out slowly, 1 pound per week is good enough.
  • Eat healhty foods; eat the right food rather than less food, just follow foods pyramid, 
Common Concerns the 2nd 6months
Troubleshooting later breastfeeding problems - part 2, the later months
You will also facing similar breastfeeding problem for 2nd 6months besides thrush problem during 2nd 6months. You can read here for 1st 6months problems.
  • Thrush - dreaded fungal infection at nipple area, the ducts of your breast, baby's mouth. Breast nipple become red, sore, itchy, and pain during or after feeding 
  • Thrush treatment - [1] Doctor prescription of anti-fungal liquid  to baby. [2] Regular sterile bottle nipple or pacifier. [3] Put few drops of breast milk on nipple after breastfeeding 
Normal developmental issues in the 1st year
Below is list of developmental issues in the 1st year which effected breastfeeding:
  • Staring solids : When your baby started to eat solid foods, they would less drink milk and your milk production will drop
  • Growth spurts : During baby growth spurt (first few days at home and around 7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months (more or less)), they nurse more often than usual (sometimes as often as every hour) and often act fussier than usual
  • Biting - Baby started teething and bite mummy's nipple and you yell at your baby also affect breastfeeding.
  • Nursing strikes - Baby refuses to drink milk due to teething, ear infection, over bottle feeding, etc
  • Sleep pattern - 

The end of the line
Breastfeeding you baby is the most enjoyment moment for mothers and babies. To breastfeed or not is all you choice. 

Note : Hope informative info that I've shared here would benefit me and mummies. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bolt & Amirul new ride

Penny & Bolt; Photo by : Zap2it.com

Amirul & his new ride

Amirul is a good imitator aka parrot who loves to imitate whatever he think can be imitate. Tv play important factor besides us where he watched and imitate some of the actions in the scene. That why, to avoid bad influential from the Tv, only cartoon are allowed and me & Mr Hubby become a role model to Amirul. Both of us really need to watch out and be careful with our words and acts.

Recently, we bought him blue scooter for his 2nd birthday present, tue pun after we gave him an option between, tricycle and scooter, then he choose scooter which i think not suitable for his age. I refused to buy him that scooter, however, Mr Hubby said followed as what he want, he want Amirul to do his own decision. To me, bukan senang pun nak main benda tue, have to balance and be very carefully or else, jatuh tergolek la. But, its ok, see how things goes.

However, Amirul seem to enjoy his new ride and everyday he will practising riding it. Comel lak tgk dier main scooter tue. Lagi comel bler tgk dier main scooter sambil watching 'Bolt'. Siap ngn gaya lagi.. Berangan la kunon nya naik scooter hebat.. Alahai kecik2 dah pandai berangan.. tak per la.. its a good sign if toddler suka berangan ni. High imagination, creative thinking.. huhuh


Monday, April 12, 2010

My pregnancy diary : 34 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 34 weeks pregnant
  • My back and pelvis pain is due to loosen muscle at the area and this is a preparation for babybirth. My gynea said its normally and will disappear when baby is born
  • We are moving to new house soon yet the packing thingy still not started. Somebody who want to help me packing are most welcome.. uhukssss
  • Baby things and mine are done, will update my hospital bag photo later.
  • Amirul??? I think he ready to be a brother. He is more independent, boleh di suruh buat itu ini, eventho terlebih manja recently, tapi layan je sbb after this, more attention is to his new sister/brother.
  • Office's work load make myself fatigue and hardly do cooking. Thanks to Mr Hubby who very very helpful not only cook for us, but also do housework. Thanks Yayang, you just so lovely.
  • I've read this book "Preparing for Childbirth". Its a thin and concise book which contains informative topic about childbirth.

Bought this book at Amcorp Mall flea market for RM 1
  • Practicing breathing technique for relaxation during baby birth, hopefully I won't forget this technique during the real labour time.. uhksssss
  • I think the water retention is starting now. My feet getting bigger, my blood vain i think expending. My body is expending and I looked so big even some people claim i looked small at 34 weeks pregnant. Take is as compliment instead of condemnation.
Read about 34 weeks pregnant via BabyCentre & Parenting.com
Read how your baby development at 34 weeks pregnant here

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What is Cesarean Delivery???

Normal delivery and Cesarean/ C-section ?? Why should i come out with this topic. Its just a preparation for me or for those mummy out there to Cesarean delivery. I had normal delivery for Amirul and hoping for the same for this coming baby. However, giving birth is an unexpected event. We are expecting normal vaginal delivery, nevertheless, cesarean is the option when complication occurred that risky to mother and baby's life. What is basic things that i should know for Cesarean delivery??

What is Cesarean / C-section
Is the delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the mother's abdomen and uterus.

Why C-section is needed????
  • Baby in breech position
  • Fetal distress when baby received insufficient oxygen
  • Failure to progress in labour where the cervix dilation take longer.
  • Overly large baby where baby can't pass through mother vagina when baby's head is too large and mother pelvis is too small
  • Multiple birth : twins, triplets
  • Mother have diabetes or pre-eclampsia or others complications
Recovery from C-section
  • Its take longer hospital stay compare to vaginal delivery; 3 - 5 days hospital stay
  • Recovery time also longer compare to vaginal delivery which take 4 weeks the minimum.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things(heavier than your baby), intense exercise,
  • Grab a pillow and place it over your incision and hold it firmly when you cough or sneeze
  • Rest, rest and rest however do not just lay down with doing nothing. Walk and slow moving can faster healing process
Breastfeed and C-section
  • Yes you can breastfeed after C-section operation
  • You need to find one comfortable position to breastfeed your baby. Its all depend on you which is the best for you and baby. However, lying on your side may be easier than sitting up and plenty of pillow would ease the process
  • Read Pn Suraya tips how you can breastfeed after having C-section delivery
Read more on cesarean/ C-section via webmd.com

Note : Any mummy who have experience of C-section, do share your experience especially on breastfeed part. Me just want to prepare myself in case unexpected delivery needed.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Attack of The Notorious Varicella Zoster Virus

Photo By: Paratiger

I remembered when Amirul had a nightmare fever, his body ached after 10-minute playing with his toys and he was physically tired in unusual way. He wasn't smile a lot, and frowning all day only made me worry. I have done all preliminary steps to cool down his body such as bathing him, gave him water to drink, and sticked Kool Fever. Yet, his temperature was very high and unacceptable. In an instant, my wife and I rushed to private clinic to get advice from a doctor.

On the way to the clinic, I had noticed there were red spots on every inch of Amirul skin. It had been simply noticed by me because Amirul wore a sleeveless t-shirt, the same kind of t-shirt that Amirul wears everyday because he tends to getting sweat easily. We're not preferred any short sleeves or long sleeves t-shirt during the days, Amirul only wears it by night.

So I have suspected Amirul was experiencing Chickenpox fever at that time. His temperature became high again as his cries were getting longer when we neared the clinic. After thorough diagnose and inspection, we were told that Amirul had Chickenpox infection.

The next day, the red spot had turned to angry rashes, all over his body. His sneeze and cough were getting worse, and he drank a lot water. He was so tired, laying on the bed with tears raining from his eyes.

I always make sure that Amirul gets what he deserves, like:
1} Proper Hygiene
It's so easy to love Amirul. Bathing him is the thing that he loves. I find it no trouble to bath him three time a day, if he's with me, on Saturdays and Sundays. And I wish I could take care of him every day. Only I have to quit my day job and become a full-time dad. And mummy will be the sole breadwinner.

He washes his hand, without being asked, before and after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It really amazes me. I train him to wash his hand before he enters our house, every time he finish playing outdoor.

2} Love and Laughter
To make him laugh is such an easy job, sufficient sedative of love and laughters have been injected into Amirul's body, to keep his strength from going down . I have given him all the love he needs (He needs more, and he deserves it) and he can have me to share his laughter.

3} Exercise and Relaxation
Routine exercise makes Amirul less risk of potential and harmful disease attack, and more contribution to his growth and development. Relaxation such as playing Wii is really gives me a relief when I'm dealing with stress from office, and put Amirul in happy state of mind.

4) Mental Stimulation
Amirul loves organizing blocks, and I think it's good for baby stimulation. Puzzle is really good for development of mental stimulation but he isn't ready for it yet. There are more things that excellent in developing mental stimulation such as music, creative DIY Project, and educational games, as well as iPod games.

5} Good Nutritious Diet
Not to forget Amirul needs carbohydrate; rice and bread, protein; meat, egg, and milk, fibre; vegetables, and fruit. Sometimes I feel Amirul is eating less vegetable and fruit. Could Vitagen be the replacement for it?

6} Immunization
I've just read an article released by Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia regarding children health. So I have to make sure Amirul get this vaccines;
  • BCG (Tuberculosis Vaccine)
  • DTap (Diptheria, tentanus and pertussis combination vaccines)
  • Polio
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hib (Haemophilius influenza b vaccine)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox Vaccine)
Click here for Amirul's immunization booklet.

Amirul was getting better 3 days after we gave him medicine prescribed from our last visit.
I have never expected Amirul will get the infection as early as 8-month old. It really scared me though the infection is rarely fatal in children as it can be in adult. Although the infection had worried me, but I'm glad that the infection will develop permanent immunity from Amirul to get infected from the decease, ever again. I hope.

Amirul 10months on chickenpox

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unhide The True Potential of Your Kids

Amirul is good at hiding things, but can't hide himself. He's just too fat. 

I came across the article about the theory of Multiple Intelligences, and it got my attention. Our child's brain is not a straight line like a Komuter railway station (I wish Komuter service gets better soon, I hate to see my attendance card being red). It's more like you resumed your punches on Double Cheeseburger and the chili sauce spread all across dining table. Your child intelligences spread in randoms rather than a straight line.   

The Theory of Multiple Intelligence
These are the important point, including my opinions on the article Multiple Intelligences
  • Howard Gardner suggested that I.Q test is far too limited.  
  • There's many intelligence should we look. The least intelligences that people in Malaysia prefer are naturalist, dancers, and designers. 
  • Most of the current syllabuses in Sekolah Rendah are focused on mathematical and logical. Not all our kids can excel in our limited standard of educations. 
  • Some of our kids tend to love doing art and music. Some of them are good in interpersonal skill. Thus, these unique kids are labeled as underachievers, non-performers, and learning disabled. 
  • Howard also suggest we should revolutionize the way we teach our younger generations. No more boring structured lectures from teachers and get rid of dull textbook and worksheet.
  • We should apply the 8 intelligences into the process of learning valuable lessons from a teacher to students. That's when creativity comes into play. 
  • The theory of multiple intelligences broaden our horizon of available teachings/learnings tools

Let see what are the potential intelligences in children:
1} Words (Linguistic Intelligence)

2} Number or Logic  (Logical-Mathematical Intelligence)

3} Picture Smart (Spatial Intelligence)

4} A Physical Experience (Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence)

5} Music (Musical Intelligence) 

6} Self-Reflection (Intrapersonal Intelligence)

7} A Social Experience (Interpersonal Intelligence)

8} An Experience In The Natural World (Naturalist Intelligence)

Identify the potential in Amirul
Amirul is unable to speak except for 'Ma'. It worries me. But through experiences of my mother, my little brother was unable to speak until he reached the age of three. Now he is the most successful sibling among us. He successfully completed his studies in Medical. Everyone in our family is proud of his achievement. From my point of view, Amirul will be the next best thing. 

Amirul able to drawing round shape, and not many children at the same age can do that. Maybe his potential is tendency to spatial intelligence. It's hard to identify the naturalist intelligence inside him because it's too early for that. 

Amirul is good at entertaining himself, he just doing his thing alone. He unfold a large white sheet (kertas putih mahjong) and do the drawings all by himself. He can play fishing using his DIY fishing rod while I'm doing writing this blog post. He play sorting the blocks without disturbing his mummy preparing the lunch. 

At his age (2++ years), I have identified that he doesn't want to share his things including toys with his beloved friends and cousins. At first, I was angry at him and I thought he deserved a punishment of his behavior. But then I was wrong, it's silly to punish him. Not sharing things is the way the children are at this age

It's rather unfair to make a justification on Amirul at this very early age. He may or may not show his potential because he has yet to establish his true skill. His brain and physical form are still finding a fundamental. All I have to do is wait until he reaches 3.5 years, identify the potentials of intelligence, and what should I do to nurture them.  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breastfeeding Lesson : Working without Weaning Part 2

Continuation from Working without weaning Part 1, Part 2 emphasising on common concern for 1st 6 months of you baby's life. This chapter basically on the difficulties breastfeed mummy would face during 1st 6 months being a nursing mother.

Finding Support
Supports from family especially husband, relatives, friends and colleagues is really make working and pumping much easier. Internet also can be source of information about breastfeeding beside support group.

This book gave list of lactation counselor and support group outside Malaysia. Below is the list of support group or lactation counselor that you can contact if you having / facing problem in Malaysia:

Pn Farah from Sara Kids
Pn Suraya from Lunatots
Pn Rita Rahayu from Nurturing Concepts SB
Pn Vivian Foo from Fabulous Mom
Pn Zatul Hijanah from Baby&Me

Persatuan Penasihat dan Pakar Laktasi Malaysia
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action

Common Concerns in the 1st 6 months

Troubleshooting supply issue
You pump your milk, not only once, but twice and for 30 minutes, however, only few drop of milk come out. You feel stress and lost confident in nursing your baby exclusively??? That the normal problem facing by breastfeed mummy and you are not alone. There are few factors contribute to this problems such as : stress, illness, decongestants/cold, return of menstrual cycles, birth control pills consuming. Read below tips to fix the supply problem and try which one is the best for you

Take a nursing holiday
Take yourself and baby to bed and set up a nursing station. Spend a few days nursing entirely on demand, let our body rest from stresses of work and sleep when your baby is sleeping. Just imagine yourself during confinement period. Stress-free and relax !!!!!

Nurse More
The more you nurse your baby, the more your milk will be produces. Remember Demand Vs Supply Concept

Don't overfeed at day care centre
Talk to your care provider to feed your baby when they hungry; depend on feeding cues. Yes, in real world care providers are very busy people and underpaid, however be gracious, buy gifts, and be friend with them to show that you really appreciate their hard works. And in return, they would take care our baby nicely.

Pacifiers can help overfeeding your baby
You baby loves to suck and your care provider thought that they hungry. To avoid this wrong assumption, maybe you can introduce pacifier to your baby. If after giving pacifier, your baby stop crying, meaning they just need to suck instead of hungry. However only used pacifier at day care centre not when your baby with you. To keep your milk supply, you should nurse as much as possible when both of you are together.

Reduce bottle need at the beginning and end of the day
Nurse your baby when you drop-off and fetch them. So that, less bottle feeding session and more direct feeding session would occur. When more direct feeding session happen, your milk supply will boost up.

Pump more often
You either add a morning pump session or before bed. Prolactin level are higher in the morning and many mummy reported their pumping output is the best if they pump in the morning. Or you can choose to pump before bed or during the night.

Tandem Pump
Nurse your baby on one side and pump on the other side of breasts.

Power Pumping
A power pumping session simulates a baby lolling at the breast for a long time and should result in a boost in supply within few days.

Milk booster Diet/ supplements
Galactogogues & herbs - Substances that cause an increase in milk production and supply. Eg: Oatmeal, B vitamins, Fenugreek; side effects : increase anti-coagulant effect of warfarin, exacerbate asthma. Alfalfa : high in Vits B & K

Overfeeding at daycare
How to avoid overfeeding
  • Find out how your care provider is soothing your baby. Crying doesn't mean baby is hungry. Just remind them about feeding cues.
  • Use the slowest flow nipples teat.
  • Never let your care provider to encourage to finish a bottle once baby stopped sucking. Un-finished bottle can be re-use.
  • Send slightly smaller amounts in bottles.
Help.. I'm so forgetful about my...
You can substitutes with any bottle that can fix with your pump flanges. eg: Mineral water bottle

Ice packs
If you forgotten to bring your ice pack, store the breast milk in the office's fridge or just buy ice and put into your cooler bag

Use your hand as a pump or keep one manual pump at your office as back up.

The 6 months slump
Your baby now 6 months old and started to eat solid foods. At the same time, your milk production decrease and your freezer stash is your option instead of fresh milk. It's common enough and here is among the factor contributing to a supply drop :
  • Baby's 6 months growth spurt - crawling, rolling, etc
  • Return of menstrual cycles
  • Baby is learning to move - they actively move here and there
  • Mummy's schedule - you started to be full speed at work just like before you had a baby
  • Less taking care of yourself - lack of protein and water for milk production
  • The Supermummy syndrome - you juggling between house works and office works
  • Dieting - started to get back pre-pregnancy weight
  • Supplementing from freezer stash
How to overcome above problem????
  • Try not supplement more from your freezer stash
  • Take care of yourself - Eat healthy diet, stress- free, relax
  • Start solid food
  • Add pumping session
  • Nurse as much as possible in the evenings and nights.
Smart Supplementing
Choosing a formula milk
Do not buy in bulk or in big packing. Maybe you can have few sample and try to your baby, so that you know which milk your baby prefer.

Note : I need to continue this book for Part 3, keep reading mummy !!!

The Balloon And The Endless Screaming

Amirul wanted a balloon so much. Only god knows how tormented I was to hear his screaming, an inch close my ear. He couldn't speak, so he just pointing to where the balloons were. To keep everything from going wrong, I had to hug the 13 kg toddler to keep his cool down. All I could do, to keep everyone from staring at me because my toddler started to annoy everyone else at Pasar Malam, was to carry him as long as I could. And then, I whispered to him that he would get the balloon with one condition. 

When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me that if you wanted something you wish like a toy or a chocolate, you have to behave like a good boy. My mother keep on warning me that if you fail to behave as she told me to do so, I would get nothing. So when I become a father, I want to do the same with my toddler. Good behavior leads to good reward. Amirul, you will get nothing for free. You have to be a good boy. 

I thought when told him that he had to behave to get that balloon, he would stop crying. I was wrong. His screaming shrieked into my eardrum, like a thunder spread a sharp crack into the night.  

Usually these are the things that I will take, before his power of tantrum lifts me up 50 feet high above the ground:

1} Catch His Attention.
"Look Amirul, What is that? An elephant maybe." Amirul loves elephant, and everyday he shows the picture of elephant we put on wall . When the zombie-like tantrum happens, I have to show him that there is an elephant over there although there is none. I just want to distract him. 

2} Accept That Our house Will Never Get Tidy And Clean. Permanent. 
I have to lower my expectation and accept that our house is mess with Amirul toys, or I will become crazy to keep the high standard of cleanliness. I can't blame my son because at this stage his curiosity is at the top, and he needs explore as much as he can. With his toys occupied every space, now we can't walk in the straight line to our kitchen. We have to dance.  

3} Don't fight with Amirul over small stuff
If Amirul wants to watch Garfield 2 in morning or 8 p.m where the prime news aired on TV3, then let him watch. No need to get angry with him because it's useless. 

4} Engaged the Pinch Missile.
This is my mother's old and conventional way, and still useful until today. When I'm completely lost and have no idea how to solve the puzzle of his tantrum, I engaged the pinch on his leg. He cries out loud. After that, he becomes a good boy again.  

5} Praise
Praise him like "you're so good today" brings his mood to explore, play, and even listen to every word I've said. Praise is like an invisible fuel of energy that keeps Amirul straight on the line. Magically, Amirul's tantrum gone after I give him hugs, kiss him on both cheeks, and praise him.

6} It's your time to be a kid. Again.
Amirul needs a friend to play with. So I suspect that most of his tantrums are because he needs someone to accompany him. So I join him to play ball, drawing, and fishing. 

8} Karma Concept. 
You do good things, you get yourself good things. I learned it from my used-to-be favorite TV series, My Name is Earl. So I've practiced the concept in my life, and I channel it to my son. So if he wants something, I'll ask him to be behave like a good boy. At the end of the day, he gets what he wants. 

9} Just ignore him.
You have set your mind that there will be endless screaming for 30 to 60 minutes when you decide to ignore every request. Just say NO! and ignore him. At first, I was losing hope on this long-lasting ignoring game with Amirul. Eventually, I got immune to his horror screaming. And now when I say NO, he understands that he will not get anything even when he delivers the wildest whining on me. 

Pasar Malam was getting crowded with people. So I was begging Amirul to behave, and yet he ignored. He continued screaming at the top of his voice. At that moment, Amirul left me with no choice but to pinch him. He slowly began to cry when I'm starting to press both my index and thumb on Amirul white-porcelain skin. When cries turned into screams, I took the pinch off his leg. Automatically, he behaved. 

He never got the balloon that day. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

My pregnancy diary : 33 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 33 weeks pregnant
  • My weight increase 700g from 69kg. No wonder I easily feel tired. Makin ari makin berat la aku ni.. ishhh. Baby's weighted 2.2kg and once again, after scanning here and there, doctor claim that baby Insya Allah is a GIRL. yuhuuuuuuuuu.
Baby 33 weeks
  • Back pain cum pelvis pain - Its so bad as i cant sit more than 1/2 hrs. I need to stand up do some streching then felt relief.. fuhhhh
  • Feet, hands, face, and ankles have become a bit swollen (water retention sign) - Still no sign of water retention

    No sign of water retention - managed to wear wedding ring

  • Eating isn't as enjoyable as it once was - Sengkak perut. (breakfast only 2 pcs of bread, lunch - rice + vegie+ chiken/fish, dinner - sandwiches/ oat/ homemade burger/ egg benjo)
  • Constipation - Once, i ate apple then solve the problem.
  • Shopping - Almost done for baby items and left few more items for me (jamu + bengkung).
  • Exercise - Cooking and housework now are my exercise. However,last week, I managed to do one big round at Pasar borong, Stadium Melawati Shah Alam and continue another round at Ampang Point.. fuhhhhh.. after that, complaint lenguh kaki, masa jln2 td xder la complaint sakit kaki.. uhuksss
  • Sometimes, i feel numb at feet, calf & thigh area. Any suggestion to overcome this problem.
  • Baby moving accordingly (more than 10 times within 12 hours) eventho the space inside the womb getting small. Keep active baby
Read your 33 weeks pregnant via BabyCentre & Parenting.com Read your baby development at 33 weeks pregnant at BabyCentre

Side view jer, nampak la kurus skit, if not tak sanggup nak amik gmbar, penuh screen

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Amirul in actions

" Mummy & daddy enjoy the foods, I want to sleepy "

Cheeky face

I want to be a doctor like Om Jabar

"sedapnya mummy punya sotong ball ni "

He love cake especially candle blowing part.

Dinner time - he just like me. Gelejoh bler makan.. uhuksss

This is zebra

" Meet my new scooter, this is my birthday pressie from mummy & daddy "


Thanks Yayang

Thanks Yayang,

I love you so much.

A small gift from Mr Hubby

Cute Bear & Chocolates

Beryl's Chocolate

Note : There is a story behind this small surprised aka gift.. Lets it be my sweetest moment for me. Mr Hubby bukan romantic orangnya, so bler he gave me something, its really make my day.

Baby Clothes

After choosing and sorting process, this is Amirul's clothes that can be used for our newborn baby. Newborn and 0-6months old size clothes, booties & mitten, hats and bibs.

Mittens & Booties


Abang Amirul's Clothes for baby


Unfortunately, this clumsy mummy soak all the clothes including coloured one into clorox and this is what happen ;

From purple colour to ?????? colour

Sayangnya bcoz, this is among my faverourite cloth for Amirul.. sobsobsob.. However,a good excuse to buy ones. Uhuksssss.. Bukan sengaja tau Yayang

and this is among the new clothes that i bought for new baby..

Not much, after confinement boleh beli lagi.. :P

Check my post on baby items listing if you have no idea what to buy for your coming soon baby.

Friday, April 2, 2010

9 Steps To Keep Your Child Healthy

Photo By: Aldo Risolvo

Amirul had recovered from ulcer illness. Now he's at full energy and no one can pursues him because he's too fast. His healthiness really gives me a great relief. Five days earlier, Amirul complaint a lot, often crying out of nothing. His tantrum grew more than ever. It was weird because Amirul had never acting strange like this. It's not like i was not experienced of his tantrum. His previous tantrum was worse than this. But this time, he was screaming on top of his voice when I was trying to calm him down. I decided to seek assistance from the nearest clinic and found out that Amirul was having an ulcer illness. After Amirul resumed his condition, I always take extra careful by following this 9 steps that my mother had taught me:

1} Check Growth & Development Regularly 
I regularly check his temperature, height, and weight. Proper records is important because it can monitor the growth and development. For now Amirul is still on track and no sign of sluggish development. He's grown up like other normal kids did.

2} Eat Well  
Every food that went into Amirul's stomach must be enriched with carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, and high fiber. There's no such things as Twistys, Pringles, and  jajan. To protect him, avoid jeruk and junk food from Amirul. Prevent from buying it. Treat it like a poisonous food. If you have addicted to the junk food like me, hide yourself at the back of the door or under the bed and eat it until your mouth swelling.   

3} Drink Well
Milk: This is the kind of drinks that Amirul refuse to let go off his mouth all the time, which is good for healthy child like Amirul consuming many bottles of milk per day. But ugly side is the act of anchoring the bottle of milk inside his mouth all day makes the teeth rottens. Now his teeth looks like an unfinished bridge. 
Water: Amirul needs a lot of plain water especially after he sweats his body out with running and kicking the ball. 
Cultured Milk Drink: Every morning, Amirul grabs my hand vigorously, leading me to our refrigerator. With his smile, he stands in front of opened refrigerator and his index finger is pointing to where the Vitagens have been placed.  

4} Taking Bath
This activity makes him laughing a lot. I've never seen he's so happy like this when he does other activities. Every time I announce "Let take a bath" or "Jom mandi", he will be jumping and running while lift off his right foot an inch above the floor and followed by his left foot. Just like this. On Saturdays and Sundays, I let him decide on how long he want to take a bath. Just drop him into the ocean of baby tub bath and wait until he gets bored. 

5} Brush Your Teeth
Thank God, Amirul loves to brush his teeth; and loves to imitates what people are doing. So when it comes to brush teeth, he just imitates what I'm doing. 

6} Wash Your Hand.
If I didn't stop him, he will wash his hand for a hundred times. A minute after he washed his hands clean, he rushes back to kitchen sink and washes again. Then, he forgot to turn the piper down. He loves to wash and I am the one who have to stop him from getting our house in flood. 

7} Keep on Playing 
Since we bought his birthday present, he just couldn't stop playing. His energy is 15 times more than me. While I was getting exhausted and try to catch my breath, he just keep on playing his scooter, ignoring everyone else.

8} Go To Sleep Please!
Every night, 8.30 sharp, we go inside the bedroom and tuck him in. We are very concern about Amirul's sleeping schedule. We have to make sure that Amirul gets his 10-hour sleep at night to stay healthy and full of energy during the day. But lately, Amirul finds falling asleep is slightly hard. He hardly close his eyes for two hours, just stares at the ceiling and waiting for sleepy feeling to come. Until 11 o'clock, Amirul has yet to close his eyes. Because of that, we have to change the sleeping schedule; Get him to sleep a little late at night, but make sure that he will get 12-hour sleep in 24 hours/day circle, including a day nap.

9} Let the sunlight brightens your world.
Do we really need the sunlight to give us Vitamin D? My answer is yes. Why not? It sounds intelligently logical. But after reading this, we really only need 5 - 30 minutes, twice a week. More than that, being exposed to the sunlight develops risk of getting skin cancer, even in a hazy day. But my Amirul needs Vitamin D for his own healthy bones. Besides, he loves to play with his scooter. And I think the brilliant sunlight on Sunday morning won't do any harm to him. It's good to see his balancing on the scooter gets better.  

Bonus Point
10} Arms wide open and pray to Allah
I believe in 80:20 concept. To make anything possible, I believe that 80 percent is our effort and the rest of it is our prayer to the creator. 

I wish amirul could immune to any gems attacks, bacteria rebels, and virus invasions. But I have to accept that he will get sick anytime soon. It's just a matter of time. To prevent it, I will push all my efforts to the top so that he will be always be a heathy boy. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Compilation of My Pregnancy Diary

I love being pregnancy lady, even tho my tummy rounded like soccer ball, my face having acne problem and look chubbier,my body getting heavier now, somehow, Mr Hubby do say i look sexy..Which part yang sexy pun, I'm not sure.. huhuhu. What a nice compliment I think. Of coz, i do really appreciate and demand for compliment as i think myself looked so comot and disorganize at this moment.

This is my Pregnancy Journey for my 2nd Baby.

My Pregnancy Diary : 32 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 31 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 30 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 29 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 28 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 27 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 26 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 25 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 24 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 23 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 22 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 21 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 20 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 19 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 18 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 17 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 16 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 15 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 14 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 13 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 12 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 11 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 10 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 9 weeks pregnant
My Pregnancy Diary : 8 weeks pregnant

Lets read my craving madness, breastfeeding wishlist, tips and practices during pregnancy, diet & supplementation and any pregnancy related things here.

Note : I will update this blog post on weekly basis, do catch it up
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