Sunday, December 13, 2009

When daddy and son work as a team

When mummy do house works, daddy need to take care of Amirul. Me bukan supermummy yang boleh handle semua hal. Luckily, Mr Hubby tersangat ringan tulang to help me. Doesn't matter what activities they do, as long as they do not disturb mummy. While mummy finished hers, daddy & Amirul work as partner. They neither sepahkan rumah nor playing hide & seek this time around, but they washed our cars.

Yes,they washing our cars. Kali terakhir, we washed our cars during Aidilfitri. Tue pun sbb MIL bising Mr Hubbay's car kotor sgt. I mean white colour car, what do you expect if you seldom wash it.Musti la kotoran degil.. huhuh..Almost 3 months, our car tak berbasuh and we seldom send to car wash. What for you send your car to others, tho you can wash it yourself. Perhaps,this is one type of exercise.. Good for health..Tapi bukan everyweek la berbasuhnya.. huhuh

Daddy & Amirul washing my car. keretaku yg banyak berjasa

Tumb up for Amirul.

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