Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 18 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 18 week pregnant
  • I started to wear more maternity clothes. (ramai yg tegur me dah melebar ngn jayanya.. adussss)
  • Akhirnya me dapat makan apa yg di idamkan.. lama kan nk kna tunggu en suami belanja. Thanks yayang
  • I can feel baby moving more obviously.
  • My weight now 59kg. beratkan.. adussss
  • I still can wear my sandal. (kakiku blum lagi swelling)
  • I sleep a lot. and Mr Hubby naik penin sbb me slalu tido. (sori yayang, Huda tak cukup tido la, that y huda kena tido byk) - factor kenapa me jd gemok
  • Kuat berangan. (adakah BB pun akan kuat berangan cam mummy)
  • Started to do exercise; eg: brisk walk, housework is exceptional.
  • Amirul too attach with his daddy, mummy sedih..sobsobsob
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