Friday, December 4, 2009

Little Bean: Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack - My Review

Actually this entry was drafted 7/7/09 and i almost forget about this entry until one of my reader asked me about Little Bean : Sterilizer & Warmer combo. I thought that i already post this entry, rupanya still draft. Adakah saya sudah tua or saya terlalu buzy or saya pemalas.. huhu..

Previous on my
bottle warmer & sterilizer entry, i had bought Little Bean : Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack. Since im using this, Amirul no more sore throat & swallowing problem. Its a a relieve to me & Mr Hubby. Kalu tak asyik ke doctor jer tuk check up.

  • RM 159.2- after 20% . (if not mistaken normal price was RM199.90)
  • Cheap - compare to other brand that almost Rm200++
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Fast sterilizing (approximately 8mins for 6bottles)
  • Have alarm (bip bip sound after finish sterilizing)
  • No handle. Difficult to take out the bottle rack after sterilizing finished
  • Right after you finished sterilize the bottles, you need to dry up the sterilizer, bcoz i once forget to dry up, end up the sterilizer not functioning. (tapi bukan rosak trus, boleh di repair di electrical shop)

This is how i do sterilizing work

Note : i've just used sterilizer at this moment , review on warmer would be after my 2nd baby come out.

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