Thursday, December 17, 2009

Constipation Is Beyond The Definition of Normal

Dear Amirul,

One fine day, I was having breakfast with sandwich and you were, as usual, eating your yummy cheese with smile.

I realize now that I always in 'the bullet mode' in the morning, almost everyday:
  • At full speed, my shower finishes in 3 minutes, without applying any shower foam or soap.
  • Approximately 3 minutes, I'm able to dress out my office attire properly.
  • Then your mom yells that I forget to tidy up the bed, take about 2 minutes
  • Eat breakfast and drink coffee in 7 minutes.
It is because every time when I wake up, I realize that have to chase my punch card before it turns to red.

But that one fine day, you have broke the chain of my 20-minute routine events before I was about to go to work; You were squatting at the edge of the wall.

What are you doing Amirul? Ohh, I saw you cried out in pain while stretching out your hand, trying to hug me.

I sniffed your butt and yes! I suspected something came out of your butt.

It smelled funny. From that moment, I know that my punch card will be RED, for the third time of that month. (I've sniffed my red punch card and it smelled funny too!).

Ok. Relax.

I immediately took off your diaper and saw your hard stool hanging, my mouth opened so wide because I didn't know what to do. In an instant, I quickly thought what to do with this abnormality. Nothing came out of my mind. Ok now I'm panic!!

You struggled to pass your stool that your lovely face turned to red, your tears echoed within the four walls of our bedroom and I could felt your tummy were tight like a stone. As your cry grew louder, I knew I had to do something. Without a second thought, I jerked out the hard stool out of your butt, using my pinky finger. My face was poured with sweat when I heard your voice grew even louder.

Eventually, the hard stool came out and your tear came to a stop. You were smiling again.

Then, I kissed you three times and off to office.

8.16 am, Red, as I expected. Well at least I have your smile.

Now I knew that you have experience a baby constipation by reading this two articles:

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