Thursday, December 24, 2009

Amirul 22 months old milestones

Most children can do :
  • Can kick a ball forward - Amirul almost mastered most of ball kicking style.
  • Follows two-step requests (get you doll and bring it here) - Amirul less talk attitude really give me worry, however, in term of this skill, he almost in phase 2, meaning he almost undertsand most of my instructions. (make my life easier)
  • Imitates others behaviour . - Being a mother really teach me to be a good role model. I need to be good all the time as Amirul is my observer. He is trully my little parrot. In one case, me switch off TV plug with my leg, and the next day Amirul pun try to 'help' me by doing the same thing, switch off TV ngn kaki dier.. adussss.. bad mummy
Half of children can do :
  • Can do simple puzzle -
  • Can do stright line - not too straight, circle is the best can describe
  • Can identify several body parts - pusat, mata, nose, head, leg, hand
A few children can do :
  • Can put on clothing - still with my assistant
  • Might ready for big bed - Amirul's own single bed. see this post
  • Understand for opposite (tall & short)
Amirul's other skills & development
  • When i said, lets take a bath - he automatically gulung2 baju, and dok depan toilet
  • He recognize people around him - mummy,daddy, atok, eyang, maklong, makngah, om jabar
  • He recognize animals - cat, fish, girrafe, monkey, chiken, (thanks to Baby Genius animal safari & underwater adventure CD)
  • Amirul's vocab increase. His words of the month - daddy = dadu, mummy = ma, nak = nak ei, tak nak = a nak
  • He hug me one minute and push me away in minute later. sobsobsob, sedih. Me & Amirul pernah ade mom-anak teruna- day out. and amirul sungguh behave and hold my hand all the time. Sungguh bangga time tue sbb kuar ngn anak teruna yg comel. huhuh
  • His hand & finger coordination is getting better - he can hold & press bidet spray steadily
  • I think Amirul is picky eater. asyik makan nasik putih kosong jer, lauk makan ikut mood. fruit pun ikut mood, camner ni.
  • His teeth makin rosak. Really make me worry. gosok gigi dah dua kali sehari, sweet foods mmg jarang skali makan, ke sbb me slalu kutuk my younger sister gigi rongak maser dier kecik.. erhmmm

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