Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dinner at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya

Being a preggy mummy for 9months really give me privilege. Mr Hubby treat me like princess (i am princess to my two guys in my family, huhuh). Whatever i wish for, he will try to full in it, including my foods craving. Please take note yang En Suami saya sgt control my food intake. Breakfast; bread, Lunch; nasik, Dinner; bread lagi.Dier mahu saya kelihatan sentiasa kurus dgn berat hanya 53kg the max dgn ketinggian 158cm. ish..ish..ishh..However, i already use to this control thingy and this is the time for me to ask whatever I want to eat. huhuhuh. After deliver baby, Huda will automatically start diet, dont worry yayang. I'll get my pre-pregnancy weight & body.. Yayang just prepare for money tuk Huda beli Herbalife.. :D

We had dinner at Kelab Tasik, Precinct 8, Putrajaya. Seronok dapat makan.. Dah makan menyesal sbb takut gemok.. Huda yg ngok ngek.. :D

Makanan yg di order, sungguh banyak tuk 3 perut

Abs semua kiteorg makan. Tak baik membazir.. huhuh

Amirul & daddy.. mummy??? bz amik gmbr ngn enjoy the foods.. :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've been invited to Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out

After posting my post for Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out contest on 19 Dec,2009, everyday i am waiting for phone call or email from Nuffnang. Hopefully, i will get the invitation to Family Day Out event on 2 Jan, 2010. After few days waiting and reading other participants comments about receiving invitation to Family Day Out event, i felt quite upset. Ala, tak dapat join Family day out kat One Utama, sedih.. Cam budak-budak kan. Me suka join event like this (parenting event); dapat expend knowledge and share experience with other participants. However, Mr Hubby being so supportive and cakap, jangan risau, nanti dapat la tue email.

On 28 Dec 2009, I received below email :

Alhamdulillah, i'll be joining this event.

Note : Ader sesaper join this event, nanti tegur2 la me ek.See you there.
There also gentle reminder from Nuffnang to all the parent;

Playing kite at Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan - My Experience

Me bersiaran dari Kelantan Darul Naim from Friday to Tuesday. Tanah tumpahnya darahku. Kelantan is well-known for its foods, fishing villages, palm-fringed beaches and verdant paddy fields. Me are not going to promote all those beatifull places and delicious food famous in Kelanatan, but i would like to share my experince playing kite at Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB) or some people known it as Pantai Chinta Berahi.

Pantai Cahay Bulan is just 20 minutes from my house and since its still in musim tengkujuh, i can see the mud and flood aftermath effect everywhere along to PCB. Actually, my house situated near to the river and only 5km away from Sg Kelantan. Its an annual event for us to face with flood thingy. Its a pesta air for us. (masa kecik2 syok la main air, tolak selut, as time passing by, and me dah grown up, pesta air is something that me and family want to avoid). To read more about Pantai Cahya Bulan, do click here

Its so much different bler main kite di bangi compare to PCB ni, bangi angin dier bersepoi-sepoi bahasa, kat PCB ni angin dier kencang giler. Kat bangi bler nak naik kan layang2 ni, alahai kena berlari2 anak gitu, baru la layang2 naik ngn jayanya, kt PCB ni, tak payah susah2 nk berlari2 bagai, pegang-lepaskan layang2, trus jer naik. mmg best sgt. Tapi since layang2 yg me brought along ni, yg murah and biasa aje, mmg ssh sgt nk control. Enjoy my photos.

Daddy in action

Me in action

Acu, Daddy@MrHubby, Amirul, Mummy

Visit Travel Malaysia Guide for more info on Kelantan
More info on Kelantan at Wikipedia

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Amirul 22 months old milestones

Most children can do :
  • Can kick a ball forward - Amirul almost mastered most of ball kicking style.
  • Follows two-step requests (get you doll and bring it here) - Amirul less talk attitude really give me worry, however, in term of this skill, he almost in phase 2, meaning he almost undertsand most of my instructions. (make my life easier)
  • Imitates others behaviour . - Being a mother really teach me to be a good role model. I need to be good all the time as Amirul is my observer. He is trully my little parrot. In one case, me switch off TV plug with my leg, and the next day Amirul pun try to 'help' me by doing the same thing, switch off TV ngn kaki dier.. adussss.. bad mummy
Half of children can do :
  • Can do simple puzzle -
  • Can do stright line - not too straight, circle is the best can describe
  • Can identify several body parts - pusat, mata, nose, head, leg, hand
A few children can do :
  • Can put on clothing - still with my assistant
  • Might ready for big bed - Amirul's own single bed. see this post
  • Understand for opposite (tall & short)
Amirul's other skills & development
  • When i said, lets take a bath - he automatically gulung2 baju, and dok depan toilet
  • He recognize people around him - mummy,daddy, atok, eyang, maklong, makngah, om jabar
  • He recognize animals - cat, fish, girrafe, monkey, chiken, (thanks to Baby Genius animal safari & underwater adventure CD)
  • Amirul's vocab increase. His words of the month - daddy = dadu, mummy = ma, nak = nak ei, tak nak = a nak
  • He hug me one minute and push me away in minute later. sobsobsob, sedih. Me & Amirul pernah ade mom-anak teruna- day out. and amirul sungguh behave and hold my hand all the time. Sungguh bangga time tue sbb kuar ngn anak teruna yg comel. huhuh
  • His hand & finger coordination is getting better - he can hold & press bidet spray steadily
  • I think Amirul is picky eater. asyik makan nasik putih kosong jer, lauk makan ikut mood. fruit pun ikut mood, camner ni.
  • His teeth makin rosak. Really make me worry. gosok gigi dah dua kali sehari, sweet foods mmg jarang skali makan, ke sbb me slalu kutuk my younger sister gigi rongak maser dier kecik.. erhmmm

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Here is articles on your toddlers development at

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 18 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 18 week pregnant
  • I started to wear more maternity clothes. (ramai yg tegur me dah melebar ngn jayanya.. adussss)
  • Akhirnya me dapat makan apa yg di idamkan.. lama kan nk kna tunggu en suami belanja. Thanks yayang
  • I can feel baby moving more obviously.
  • My weight now 59kg. beratkan.. adussss
  • I still can wear my sandal. (kakiku blum lagi swelling)
  • I sleep a lot. and Mr Hubby naik penin sbb me slalu tido. (sori yayang, Huda tak cukup tido la, that y huda kena tido byk) - factor kenapa me jd gemok
  • Kuat berangan. (adakah BB pun akan kuat berangan cam mummy)
  • Started to do exercise; eg: brisk walk, housework is exceptional.
  • Amirul too attach with his daddy, mummy sedih..sobsobsob
For more details on pregnancy at 18th week, click here.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside

Dear Amirul, 

Why are you wearing armor like viking people going to war? Is it a sword or lightsaber? I see you're holding real lightsaber right now.

To be honest, I just don't know what are you trying to do. So you want to be a fighter; slashing enemy front line, breaking the wave of attack, and the battlefront. Good, you're just like me when I was kid; a fighter with
sword colored crayon, ready to draw your nenek wall. 

Have you plan carefully before going to war? No? that's what I thought. Are you good at delegating commands to your comrades?

No? Are you going alone?

Actually, can you tell me who is your enemy, that you're obviously so eager to battle with?

Ok. You're fighting gems, with swords and armor? You know it ain't that easy.

Remember Amirul, everything good comes from inside of you, it will help you to do good things to other people. If you want to combat gems, bacterias and virus, you have to be good to others, especially to your own father, for example; 1. Take a cold drink from fridge and some snacks for me, while I'm watching TV all day long with my lazy eyes. 2. Try not to pass poop while I'm enjoying the freshness of Sunday morning.  

The truth is, I don't know how to build up and boost your immune system. All I know is that if you want to be great, awesome kid who has unlimited energy to play all day long, you have to be tough from inside. Curious kid like you must have a total strength, injecting you 

I'd have to SMS your mummy in order to end this war. Ok, We have to wait for mummy's reply.

"The Secret Lies Within The Macy Box " --Mummy. 

Oh, my! your mother wants us to play a riddle game this time. I don't have a time to think when it comes to a critical scene like this, she should provide us straight answer. Wait Amirul, Let me think a minute while I'm squatting on our sofa. Your mom, as usual, acquire me to use my brain so I can prevent Alzheimer's disease when I get older.

--Three Hours Later--

What? 3 hours you said? Ok, I believe I have the answer, The Secret Lies Within The Macy Box is the ottoman at our living room, we bought it at Macy's Sale last year.

Don't be too excited, Amirul. It's not like what you think it is. Like I've said, you don't need to be tough from outside; wearing armor and swinging lightsaber when confronting with an army of the germs aren't enough, instead, you have to be strong from the inside. Follow this mind map that mummy has drew for us:

Click to enlarge image

All of these points will help you in constructing your immunity system. By creating the strongest one, a father like me doesn't have to worry when flu, especially H1N1 Swine flu, attacks a son like you. You have the exceptional ability to fight back. Having a strong immunity system gives you benefits; you rarely getting high fever, ear infection is only a history in our healthy family, and you will never ---

   --wait, what is the question mark doing here? There's another page;

That's not an alien language, Amirul! It's simply a language code. I'm not sure why mummy doing this, but I guess mummy wants us to highlight of how important this is.

I know this code! It is Pigpen Cipher, also known as Freemason Cipher, and Robert Langdon has experience the same code when he deciphered the legendary Masonic Pyramid.

Ok, Amirul. After three days of deciphering the code and at last, it says


Pakai duit awak du--.

--Ha?!! I only have RM7 in my pocket, thank god I bring my VISA credit card. One plastic to rule them all.

Now I remember, the formulated milk that has combined two important elements such as prebotics and healthy live bacteria. Doing some research, here I quote a paragraph from Friso Official Website

When moms are working, kids are playing. And kids being kids, they love exploring new things. This at times could be a matter of deep concern for moms. Which is why, we decided to arm mothers with Friso backed with Frisoshield ™ with P2 Dual System™.
Frisoshield ™ with P2 Dual System™ is a combination of key nutrients together with prebiotics and healthy live bacteria.
Prebiotics such as combination of GOS and FOS help increase intestinal bifidobacteria1 and maintain good intestinal environment1Bifidobacterium lactis may help in reducing diarrhea cases.1 
Friso® Gold 3 also contains DHA, AA, SA and other essential nutrients that aid a growing child's overall development.
With Friso® Gold Frisoshield™ P2 Dual System™, you can allow your child to explore
his world and at the same time, giving you peace of mind at work

From now on, as your mummy's unquestionable suggestion, your milk is Friso Gold, of course that has 3 vital nutriens DHA, AA, SA as well for your exponential growth. Go to playground, daddy got a tin of milk to pay.  

link to boost your immune systems [via Macrobiotics via Parents via Babyzone

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Culture Shock - Lets laugh together

I received this email from my officemate.. and its so funny.. Lets laugh together .. huhuh

Tipah budak kampung, tapi bekerja di Kuala Lumpur .

Biasalah bila sudah duduk 'town', mula lupa asal usul. Pakaian seksi maut, bercinta pula dgn lelaki mat saleh. Ke hulu ke hilir menayang boyfriendnya yg bermata biru.

Punyalah eksyen si Tipah, hinggalah suatu hari dia ternampak lelaki Inggeris tadi dgn wanita lain yg lebih cantik dan bergaya daripadanya.

Tipah menangis tiga hari tiga malam.! Pada malam ke empat, Tijah mengambil sehelai kertas dan menulis surat untuk memutuskan perhubungannya dgn lelaki mat saleh tadi yg baru sebulan dikenalinya.

Begini bunyi surat yg ditulis oleh Tipah binti Kulup Kecil, yg berjaya 'dicuri' ..

************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********


I have think about this very cook-cook. I know I clap one hand only. Correctly, I have seen you and she walk-walk together at town with eyes myself. You grab hand she. You always ask for apology back-back. I don't trust you again! You are really crocodile land. My friend speak you play wood three. First-first I think my friend lie me. But now I know you correct-correct play wood three. So, I break connection to pull my body from this love triangle. I know this! result I pick is very correct, because you love she very high from me. So, I cut this connection to go far from here. I don't want you to play-play with my liver. I have been crying until no more eye water thinking about you. I don't want banana to fruit two times.

Safe walk..

Note : me tergelak terbahak2 especially part "
I don't want banana to fruit two times" . Lawak je bunyi

Constipation Is Beyond The Definition of Normal

Dear Amirul,

One fine day, I was having breakfast with sandwich and you were, as usual, eating your yummy cheese with smile.

I realize now that I always in 'the bullet mode' in the morning, almost everyday:
  • At full speed, my shower finishes in 3 minutes, without applying any shower foam or soap.
  • Approximately 3 minutes, I'm able to dress out my office attire properly.
  • Then your mom yells that I forget to tidy up the bed, take about 2 minutes
  • Eat breakfast and drink coffee in 7 minutes.
It is because every time when I wake up, I realize that have to chase my punch card before it turns to red.

But that one fine day, you have broke the chain of my 20-minute routine events before I was about to go to work; You were squatting at the edge of the wall.

What are you doing Amirul? Ohh, I saw you cried out in pain while stretching out your hand, trying to hug me.

I sniffed your butt and yes! I suspected something came out of your butt.

It smelled funny. From that moment, I know that my punch card will be RED, for the third time of that month. (I've sniffed my red punch card and it smelled funny too!).

Ok. Relax.

I immediately took off your diaper and saw your hard stool hanging, my mouth opened so wide because I didn't know what to do. In an instant, I quickly thought what to do with this abnormality. Nothing came out of my mind. Ok now I'm panic!!

You struggled to pass your stool that your lovely face turned to red, your tears echoed within the four walls of our bedroom and I could felt your tummy were tight like a stone. As your cry grew louder, I knew I had to do something. Without a second thought, I jerked out the hard stool out of your butt, using my pinky finger. My face was poured with sweat when I heard your voice grew even louder.

Eventually, the hard stool came out and your tear came to a stop. You were smiling again.

Then, I kissed you three times and off to office.

8.16 am, Red, as I expected. Well at least I have your smile.

Now I knew that you have experience a baby constipation by reading this two articles:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yeo's Yogurt Drink - Original flavor, I Like

Do you familiar with this ice cream?? Tropicana Ice cream from Nestle. Do you know how it taste?? Soury flavour of lime when you bite outer layer and sweet taste when you bite vanilla filling.

This past few days, my colleague drank this drink and recommended us to have a try. However we just don't bother her recommendation until today, after 1st slurp of this drink.. ohhh gosh.. the taste really reminded me to Tropicana ice cream. Sedap la wei.

So yummy and very nutritious. Contain only 0.5g of fat , 60kcal for energy, total sugar only 12.3g, carb only 13.5g and 0.4g for protein for every 100ml. Its good for those on diet, another choice of yogurt drink beside Nestle Bliss, Marigold, Lassi yogurt drink etc.

Note: Kat cafe office jual RM1.50, sungguh sedap and rase nak minum lagi after drink satu kotak.. huhuh

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

‘ – as Easy as 1, 2, 3’

Me : Yayang, Christmas ni jom balik kelantan, rase cam lama je tak balik (padahal last balik Ramadhan ari tue.. huhu
Mr Hubby : Ok
Me : Erhm,, nak balik ngn kete ke ngn flight
Mr Hubby : Yayang kena outstation sampai 24 Dec, so kalu nak balik pun 25 Dec la baru bleh balik.
Me : ooo yeke, yayang tak penat ke nanti nak drive balik kelantan ni, kalu cam penat, Huda book flight je

Mr Hubby : suka Huda, Huda sponsor..

Me : akrjjkkk (takpe la as long bleh balik). ok Huda check filght ticket

While browsing MAS website, i saw this feature..wah. With this new launching, we can book our flights and check all necessary details from our mobile. This a good news for all of us, we can book our flight ticket anywhere and anytime. Its so convenience. Just access and we be able to navigate our way through it easily as the site is built for mobile access! Thanks to Malaysia Airlines.

With, they provided 8 services to ease us through out our trip.As easy as 1,2, 3, you can :
  • Book your ticket
Book your flight for the cheapest fares available. You can also hold your booking and proceed to pay using a credit card. What’s cool, share your itinerary on social media with friends.
  • Check your booking
With one click access you can check in via SMS. With high-end phones (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices) you can choose your preferred seat that links to the mobile boarding pass.
  • Check in
Shove the computer and printer aside and go paperless! Board your flight with the boarding pass on your mobile.*
  • Flight status
Find out if your flight is on time quickly and easily with the real-time flight information status facility.
  • Contacts
Get in touch with our offices worldwide and find your way there with ease via Google Maps.
  • Baggage trace
Should anything go amiss, you can check the status of your lost baggage instantly from anywhere in the world on your mobile.
  • Deals & offer
Bargains that go wherever you go. Enjoy huge savings with exclusive mobile-only deals and offers offered daily. services
In conjunction with this new launching, Nuffnang & MAS has organize a Blog and Win a Trip Down Under with – as Easy as 1, 2, 3 contest and had offered 3 interesting prizes to be won.

For more details, do click below banner :

This is my flight summary, proceed with the payment and tada,,, my flight ticket is ready

Sunday, December 13, 2009

When daddy and son work as a team

When mummy do house works, daddy need to take care of Amirul. Me bukan supermummy yang boleh handle semua hal. Luckily, Mr Hubby tersangat ringan tulang to help me. Doesn't matter what activities they do, as long as they do not disturb mummy. While mummy finished hers, daddy & Amirul work as partner. They neither sepahkan rumah nor playing hide & seek this time around, but they washed our cars.

Yes,they washing our cars. Kali terakhir, we washed our cars during Aidilfitri. Tue pun sbb MIL bising Mr Hubbay's car kotor sgt. I mean white colour car, what do you expect if you seldom wash it.Musti la kotoran degil.. huhuh..Almost 3 months, our car tak berbasuh and we seldom send to car wash. What for you send your car to others, tho you can wash it yourself. Perhaps,this is one type of exercise.. Good for health..Tapi bukan everyweek la berbasuhnya.. huhuh

Daddy & Amirul washing my car. keretaku yg banyak berjasa

Tumb up for Amirul.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 17 weeks pregnant

How do your life's changing at 17 weeks pregnant :

According to BabyCentre,
  • I can start to feel the baby moving. - i can fell fluttery sensation since last 3 weeks if not mistaken.
  • Safe to have sex - our sex life do not change in fact we do have sex until my 32th week pregnant during Amirul's time.
  • Areola, the darkish area around nipples, is getting larger as your breasts expand - yes my breast getting larger..opsssss
  • Still love cooking.. huhuh..1st time me cooking ikan bakar portugis. 1st trial Mr Hubby puji sedap. sungguh bangga
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cutest with nice smile baby contest

Contest Title : Cutest with nice smile contest by Ita Maternity
Contest Last Date : 23 Dec 2009
Prizes :



for more detail of the contest, do click below banner for more info :


MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest

Amirul Arshad Mohd Mujahid
08 Feb 2008

Contest Title : MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest
Contest Period : 1st - 15st Dec 2009
Prizes sponsor by :

1st Prize x 1
  • One Medium Landscape Hardcover or Medium Portrait Hardcover Photobooks by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM144)
  • One bag of his/her choice from AliceWonders (worth from RM50-RM200)
2nd Prize x1
One Medium Portrait Softcover or Medium Portrait Classic Softcover by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM80)

3rd Prize x 1
One Large Landscape Poster by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM68)

Consolation Prize x 3
One PurseHook from AliceWonders (worth RM20)

Term & Condition
  • Get a photo of your baby SMILING - Done
  • Write a blog post about this contest with title MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest -Done
  • Include your baby’s photo in the post and mention his/her name and date of birth. - Done
  • Write why you love to see your baby smiling. - Done
  • Include a link to this contest page, PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders in your entry. - Done
  • Leave a comment here with link to your blog post - Done

Why you love to see your baby smiling
  • Amirul akan sambut kepulangan daddy dengan senyuman - daddy happy & hilang semua kepenatan bekerja bler tgk Amirul senyum
  • Bler Amirul buat salah, mummy/daddy akan marah - Amirul senyum tuk kurang rasa marah mummy/daddy - terus sejuk hati mummy/daddy
  • Amirul bangun tido - perkara pertama adalah memberi senyum kepada kami berdua - bahagia rasanya hidup ini
  • Bler Amirul senyum/gelak - Mummy/ daddy rase syukur sbb Amirul sihat, cergas, tak de masalah, dan gembira
  • Bler Amirul senyum - Mummy/daddy automatic akan senyum. kenapa senyum, sbb kami melihat Amirul senyum. Perasaan itu tidak dapat digambarkan dan hanya senyuman yang dapat kami berikan.
Last but not least, jom nyanyi lagu Senyum..

Senyum seindah suria
Yang membawa cahya
Senyumlah dari hati
Duniamu berseri

Senyum umpama titian
Dalam kehidupan
Kau tersenyum ku tersenyum
Kemesraan menguntum

Senyum... kepada semua
Senyumanmu amatlah berharga
Senyum... membahagiakan
Dengan senyuman terjalinlah

We need to fill up our Family MediKit

Dear Amirul, 

You are always in excellent condition, you laugh a lot, you want me hug you goes on like ''wee, flying plane round and round'' and I think your mom plays a big part of your excellent condition by giving you a spoon of Scott Emulsion. When you're sprinting to playground like a 100-meter athlete, which I thought your energy is unlimited, I always hope that you're always stay the same; cheerful and never feel sick. 

But you're just a boy, Amirul. You get sick sometimes.

So when we talk about not feeling so well such as sniffles, fevers, and other common ailments, you can put the word 'worry' aside because daddy is in process of preparing the medicine chest to get ready whatever unfortunate possibilities you'll face in future. 

Where to get? Lets find that medicine at Guardian, Watson, or Apex. 

You know I have been reading the list this article three times but I cannot remember all of them. Back in school ages, I can remember SPM Tingkatan 5 History book--a whole book.  Yes Amirul, when people gets older, they ability to remember slowly gone, inline with their age.  

No, I will not forget you. I will recognize you for rest of my life.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A gift of love

I heard yayang car's engine and told Amirul daddy came back already. Amirul ran to the sliding door and excitedly waited for his daddy to hug, kiss and carry him. Cam setahun tak jumper tau kalu tgk dorang. I love to see both of them laughed and happy. They are my life.

When yayang step into the house, he told Amirul :

Mr Hubby : Amirul, give this paper bag to mummy. (handling his lunch box paper bag to Amirul)
Amirul : Took the paper bag and trying to open it.
Mr Hubby : Amirul, give to mummy first. Lets mummy open it
Amirul : Before Amirul give me the paper bag,he took out a small plastic bag from inside and gave me
Me : I saw sox world's plastic bag with astonishing face. Thanks yayang. The moment Amirul gave me the plastic bag, i'm speechless. How much i love sock and its so cute. sayang nya Huda nak pakai.

Note : Its a small gift but its full of love. Sometimes we do not need to buy something expensive to amuse our beloved one bcoz small & cheap thing do means a lot.

Thanks yayang, Huda suka sgt sock ni..comel

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Me & Amirul & Mr Hubby - Bandung, 9 Jun 2009

Contest Period : 8th December 2009 to 28th December 2009
Giveaway : Up to RM 1500 prizes to be giveaway
  • Grand Prize (RM500)
Beauty Hamper Worth RM80 from My Dressing Barn
BAG worth RM99 from Gin & Jacqie
VOUCHER RM150 from Little Princess Wardrobe
VOUCHER RM50 from TeaRoom by Bel Jee
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe
VOUCHER RM50 from Pixmoment Photography
VOUCHER RM50 from Aivee-emart
  • 1st Prize (RM250)
Book Hamper worth RM60 from Little Red Reading Nook
Native Pua Kumbu worth RM70 from 328 Gallery
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe
VOUCHER RM50 from Pixmoment Photography
VOUCHER RM50 from Everything For U From Me
  • 2nd Prize (RM200)
VOUCHER RM50 from ComfyBebe
Baking HAMPER worth RM50 from Sassezz
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe
VOUCHER RM50 from Aivee-emart
VOUCHER RM30 from The Baby Bliss
  • 3rd Prize (RM150)
Tudung worth RM85 from Lemari Ummi
Jewelleries Set worth RM50 from Jewelleries by S
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe
  • 4th Prize (RM100)
VOUCHER RM50 from ComfyBebe
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe
VOUCHER RM30 from The Baby Bliss
  • 5th Prize (RM80)
VOUCHER RM60 from Little Cutie World
VOUCHER RM20 from Cupcake Chic Boutique
  • 6th Prize (RM70)
VOUCHER RM50 from ComfyBebe
VOUCHER RM20 from Cupcake Chic Boutique
  • 7th Prize (RM70)
VOUCHER RM50 from Mrs Baby Cool
VOUCHER RM20 from Cupcake Chic Boutique
  • 8th Prize (RM50)
VOUCHER RM50 from Branded Baby Closet
  • 9th Prize (RM50)
VOUCHER RM50 from Aivee-emart Simple steps to enter the contest :
1. Find your
BEST FAMILY photo (must include at least one parent and one child, extended families welcome too) - DONE
2. Blog about it with the title
"MOBS END OF YEAR CONTEST" (other title will be disqualified) - DONE
3. Mention about the contest in your blog with links back to
contest page. -DONE
4. Add our contest banner on your blog's sidebar/top page -
5. Be
MOBS follower on blogspot, tweeter and/or Facebook (either one or all) -DONE
Leave a comment HERE with blog link + email address (no email will be disqualified) -DONE
(blogspot & twitter)

or you can click below banner to check the detail of the contest.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 16 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 16 weeks pregnant
  • backpain.. tak suka sbb susah nk tido. i either need to sleep on right or left side and put bolster to ease my sleep
  • my eating pattern go up and down. sometimes malas nk makan, sometimes makan tak hengat
  • saya suka kemas rumah, make-up (i mean pakai lipstick, compact powder, eyes liner - me tak suke pakai bnda2 ni b4 ni. sbb leceh la) - org ckp maybe BB inside my womb ni girl-girl.. huhuhuh if dpt laki pn ok gak
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If you having backpain like me, do read here for more info

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Amirul, tell me who changed my life again?

Dear Amirul,

I remember when you still swimming inside your mom's belly, every once in a while you kicked me whenever i lay my cheek on my wife's tummy. I knew you are Amirul (No, Not Aminah! I'm not going to name you a girl's name even if you like that name, because you're a boy) when the doctor showed your 'banana' on the screen. They call it ultrasound in medical world.

37 weeks and 4 days, and kapish!!!

You were covered with white slimy thing, still struggling to breathe when the first time i saw you. In the state of shocked, i couldn't believe what i see, you're really came out of my wife's womb when i heard you cry. "a girl or a boy?", a nurse questioned. "boy", i said.

I wonder how do you feel when the first time you saw me? Did you see me as a father? Please open your eyes, Amirul, I gave you an opportunity to hear Azan, so you will be a healthy baby that blooms our lovely life. You are obviously a boy because of a big bird, which obviously big and attached in between your legs. And I don't know why the nurse asked me again about your gender. Maybe she was colorblind.

Your face.

I remember your face like a japanese baby, pearl white and reddish skin, you were sleeping so peacefully. While i was watching you in endless? slumber, a tonne of nightmare questions hit me at 110 km/h.

"Am i responsible enough to be your father? Am i brave enough to be your guardian? Am i mature enough to be your crying shoulder? Am i lovable enough to hug you all day? Am i wealthy enough to feed you so can be a better person?"

I felt a thin air and my breath shorten more than usual, i almost have a tear in my eyes that I couldn't believe that I am a father at that moment. Yesterday I was a self-absorbed, wasted young boy that didn't care about people around, but that day I was holding a baby, that his blood running through his veins is my own blood and I felt like I want love you more than anyone else.

Well, when I say love, still your mother is the no.1, and you're no. 2. That thing will never change. Hmm..

That day has changed me to new person.

That day has changed my life foverer.

The Day that you were born.

Little Bean: Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack - My Review

Actually this entry was drafted 7/7/09 and i almost forget about this entry until one of my reader asked me about Little Bean : Sterilizer & Warmer combo. I thought that i already post this entry, rupanya still draft. Adakah saya sudah tua or saya terlalu buzy or saya pemalas.. huhu..

Previous on my
bottle warmer & sterilizer entry, i had bought Little Bean : Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack. Since im using this, Amirul no more sore throat & swallowing problem. Its a a relieve to me & Mr Hubby. Kalu tak asyik ke doctor jer tuk check up.

  • RM 159.2- after 20% . (if not mistaken normal price was RM199.90)
  • Cheap - compare to other brand that almost Rm200++
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Fast sterilizing (approximately 8mins for 6bottles)
  • Have alarm (bip bip sound after finish sterilizing)
  • No handle. Difficult to take out the bottle rack after sterilizing finished
  • Right after you finished sterilize the bottles, you need to dry up the sterilizer, bcoz i once forget to dry up, end up the sterilizer not functioning. (tapi bukan rosak trus, boleh di repair di electrical shop)

This is how i do sterilizing work

Note : i've just used sterilizer at this moment , review on warmer would be after my 2nd baby come out.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maternity Jeans I Love

Generally when you getting pregnant, your body size will increase and some mummies feel inferior and some do neglect their appearance for almost 1yrs plus (9months pregnant plus 2 months confinement). You no need to worry about your appearance and you deserve to look and feel good throughout your pregnancy. Comfortable clothes is very important for preggie mummy.

Jeans lover like me, jeans is a must have outfit in my closet. I feel more confident in jeans. (apa kaitan pun tak tau). Since, 9th week pregnant, i can't wear my Levis jeans, and perasaannya seperti: "aku kelihatan tak cantik, gemok dan malasnya nk kuar jalan2 sbb jeans tak muat". Tapi tak der me dok terperuk dlm umh, ader gak jln2.. huhu

Then i found this online shop , MumDreams Boutique . This boutique selling maternity outfits and breastfeeding items. You can either buy online or go their main branch showroom at Bangi or for those from east coast, they have one branch at Kelantan. I bought Gap Maternity jeans size 2 and i really loves the jeans. This jeans has pouch to protect my cute tummy.. huhuh

  • You can read this tips when buying maternity clothes on tight budget.
  • When you feel down about your appearance during pregnancy, read this , it will help you.
  • Visit Fabulous Moms or MumDreams Boutique for your choices of maternity clothes for your closet.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Amirul 21 months old milestones

Most children can do
  • Can walk up steps - Amirul go up & down sesuka hati and pernah langkau 2steps skaligus.. adui anak mummy nasib tak tergolek
  • Enjoys helping around the house - Help me in term of mess up the house and very seldom he help me to clean the house.. he is daddy's boy, like to mess up the house.
  • Can set simple goal - He is. in order to pull up the kite, he need to pull up the string or run and he did that.. sgt comel
Half of children can do
  • Can throw the ball underarm - Anything related to football, he can do it except dribble

Look at me.
  • Can kick a ball - his fave sport. Daddy teach me football since I turn 1yr old.

  • Can make building brick tower - no yet
A few children can do
  • Can name a cat/dog when you showed a picture - since Amirul less word coming from his mouth, this on in pending status.. huhu..
  • Can make short sentence (me go) - No yet
  • Can walk down the stairs - Indeed he loves to climb up & down the stairs
Amirul climb up & down the stairs
Amirul's other skills & development
  • Lipat kain in his version - gumpal2 kain then letak atas kain yg mummy lipat.
  • Loves to scribbles using crayon/pen - he almost make my house wall as his drawing paper
  • He easily to catch up every times i teach him new things/new rules - Alhamdulillah, eventho he talk less, but he understand what i said.
  • He know his own bed. and before sleep need to recite doa tido.. bagus
  • He's using fork & spoon perfectly, now less foods fall down. Keep a good work Amirul
  • He can differentiate his left & right hand. However sometimes ader gak tertukar2..
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