Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 12 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 12 weeks pregnant
  • Now I just entering 12 weeks of pregnancy and its mean almost end of 1st trimester
  • Sometimes i feel my breast engorge, do my mammary glands starting to produce milk???
  • I feel myself heavy, arkkddjsh do i look so fat???

    Zoom Out - Tummy and uterus getting bigger

    Zoom In

  • The weird thing happened, acne appeared on my back.. lucky on my back not face.. Is this one of the hormonal instability effect.
  • Sometimes i can feel like baby is moving, is he/she move this early???
For more detail on 12 weeks pregnant, you either click here or here.
and you can check you baby development here at Baby centre by click here.


  1. mine is 28 month but seems like the same size as yours...

  2. 28 months or 28 weeks??? 2 la pasal. besar kan perut itu.. adussss

  3. takpe huda..lantak la nak berat mane pun.. tak kesah ..lepas ni ko kejar 2 anak kurus gak ..takyah risau skg baby nak makan

  4. rsau gak sbb takut ssh nk kurus. tp time amirul bjaya kurus dlm amser 4 mths. alhamdulillah.. kali ni cam rsau lebih lak.. huhuh


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